Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Shenmue 1 Capsule Set

Showing Where To Get The SD Ryo Forklift Capsule
A throwback to the original in the Shenmue 1 set. This Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Shenmue 1 Capsule Set tells you everything you need to know to complete the set including where to find each of the items, the rarity of the items, and whether it’s a viable source of income.

Shenmue III has two main different types of collectible sets. One type of set can only be traded for Money (like the Tennis Set) while other sets can be exchanged for money or for a valuable Skill Book (such as the Heavy Machinery set). This particular set from the 1st chapter of Shenmue is one that can be traded for both money and for a Skill Book.

Shenmue 1 Capsule Set

Collecting the complete Shenmue 1 Capsule Set can be a very expensive task. Each turn costs you 10 Money and this can be an incredibly expensive one. The SD Ryo Forklift was a nightmare to find but I can verify that it is indeed inside the machine, honest. It is random so there’s every chance you will have much better luck than me but it took me 180 turns, 1800 Money, before I was able to complete the entire Capsule set.

Collectible NameRarityLocation
SD Ryo ForkliftWTF RareBailu Village Square
SD ChaiRareBailu Village Square
SD IneUncommonBailu Village Square
SD Nozomi HarasakiCommonBailu Village Square
SD Chen GuizhangCommonBailu Village Square

Once you have the others, it’s not a terrible idea to get 200-300 Money and then just save before spending it all each time. Will likely save yourself a lot of wood cutting time.

It sells for 600, which is much more than most of the other sets, but that’s with a potential for a huge loss. I would suggest trading it in for the Backfist Skill Book and never touching this machine again.

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