The Sims Mobile Daily & Life Goal Guide

The Sims Mobile Daily & Life Goal Guide
Got a long line of Daily Goals you’ve yet to complete? Or maybe you’re struggling with your Sims’ Life Goals? Check out our The Sims Mobile Daily & Life Goal Guide for a list of all the Daily & Life Goals we’ve come across as well as information on how to complete them quickly, general tips and tricks, and more.

The Sims Mobile is still in very early stages so there are only a few different Daily & Life Goals, and many depend on the equipment in your house and your current friendship meter. Below is a list of the current list of The Sims Mobile Daily & Life Goal’s alongside information on how to complete each of the goals. We have categorised each Goal within a specific section.

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The Sims Mobile Daily Goals

Social Daily Goals

Tell Dramatic Story
You have to have a Deep Friendship with a Sim and then choose the Tell Dramatic Story option in conversation.

Do A Romantic Interaction With A Sim
Simply do any Romantic option in conversation, Flirting works and can be done without any prior friendship.

Be Friendly With A Sim
Use any 3 Friendly actions on a Sim. Remember, not Romantic, has to be friendly so make sure you’re in the Friendly conversation options when you talk.

Slap A Mean Sim
You have to be Mean to another Sim until they reach Rival stage. Slap should become available at Level 3 “Friendship” with them.

Career Daily Goals

Socialize With Co-Workers And Reach The Next Level Relationship With Them
Head to work but don’t actually start work, find your co-worker and talk with them until you increase your friendship level.

Hobby Daily Goals

Earn At Least 1 Star In Cooking Hobby Event
Simply start a Cooking Event at home by interacting with the Stove and reach at least 1 star rating.

Shopping/Object Daily Goals

Grab A Nice Coffee
Make a Coffee at home using the Coffee Maker machine

Find A Hobby Object That Makes Me Happy
This Daily Goal is encouraging you to buy a Hobby object that suits your Sim’s personality. My Sim enjoyed music so naturally I grabbed the Guitar Hobby.

Buy A Food Mixer
Once you reach level 4 in the Cooking Hobby. You can buy a Food Mixer in the shopping menu.

Watch TV
Simply watch something on the TV

The Sims Mobile Life Goals

Social Life Goals

Comfortable Chat With A Close Friend
For this Life Goal you need to activate the Comfortable Chat inside the social options when speaking with someone. You must have first used the “Become Friends” option then continue to build the Friendship until you have the option to “Deepen Friendship”.

Confide In A Best Friend
This one can be time consuming depending on your current friend options. You must have already made “Friends” with someone, moved to “Deepen Friendship” and then the next level of “Great Friends” and finally “Best Friends”. This option then becomes available.

Blow A Kiss To A Sweetheart
You need to first have a Romantic Interest with another Sim. Once you do, keep progressing the Relationship and eventually you will get the “Ask to go Steady” option. After that you should be able to use the action you need.

Reminisce With A BFF
For this Life Goal you need to increase your friendship with another Sim to “BFF”, this is the next stage following the “Best Friend” Social Event. Once you have reached that level of friendship with a Sim you can use the Reminisce option to complete this Life Goal.

Push Buttons Of An Enemy
Simply make an enemy of another Sim using “Mean” interaction options and the Push Buttons option will appear. You have to reach Enemy relationship status first using Declare Disdain once you reach Level 4 relationship with them.

Comfortable Chat With A Close Friend
Use the Comfortable Chat option with a friend. Note: They have to be a friend, not a Romantic Interest.

Career Life Goals

Diagnose A Rare Disease
You must reach Level 5 in the Medical Career (Doctor) and then use the chair to diagnose a rare disease

Create Your First Design In The Fashion Career
You need to reach Level 3 in the Fashion Career to use this action at your place of work.

Design The Perfect Outfit In The Fashion Career
You must first reach Level 5 in the Fashion career before you can use this action at the Fashion building

Treat The Untreatable In The Medical Career
You need to reach Level 7 in the Medical Career and then use the action whilst you’re at work.

Hobby Life Goals

Dinner Is Served
For this Life Goal your Sim needs to have the Cooking Hobby. You need to raise your Cooking Hobby to Level 5 before you’re able to Cook a Steak to Perfection. Once you reach Level 5, use the Stove to make the Steak.

Make Award-winning Home Cooked Meal
You need to reach Cooking Hobby Level 7 to be able to create this item. Once you are Level 7 you are able to complete the objective using the Stove.

Create A Killer Riff In The Guitar Hobby
You must reach Guitar Hobby Level 3 and then use the Guitar to Create a Killer Riff.

Show Off Rocking Skills In The Guitar Hobby
You must reach level 5 in the Guitar Hobby and then use the Guitar.

Write A Brilliant Poem In The Writing Hobby
You need to have a Sim with the writing Hobby and then continue until you reach Level 3 Writing. Then you can use this action.

Write Award-Winning Novel In The Writing Hobby
You need to progress through the writing Hobby until you reach Level 5.

We’re adding more to this The Sims Mobile Daily & Life Goal Guide as we progress through the game so be sure to check back soon for updated information.

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