What Skills To Learn First In Metal Gear Survive

What Skills To Learn First In Metal Gear Survive
Metal Gear Survive features a robust skill tree with a variety of skills available. This guide covers What Skills To Learn First In Metal Gear Survive as it can be a little overwhelming at first and there are some skills that are far more useful at the start of the game.

For nearly the entirety of the first several hours of the game you will be engaged in melee combat. While a bow is available, and you can get a gun very early, your bread and butter is going to be your melee attacks and weapons. Many of the skills are down to personal preference as they related to certain types of weapons – such as a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon.

It’s a good idea to stick with the one handed weapons at first. The larger weapons are very slow and have a huge swinging arc, making it difficult to hit enemies along fences or other obstacles. With that in mind here are some good choices for skills to learn when you start Metal Gear Survive.

STR Boost
STR Boost does exactly what it says on the tin. It directly influences and improves your close-quarters attack damage. As much of Metal Gear Survive is attacking enemies at melee range, this is a great skill to invest in early on.

Combat Step
While your goal is usually to attack from behind a fence or above your enemies, it’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll get a bit too close for comfort. Combat Step allows you to dodge in any direction while preparing to attack with your weapon. This simple ability can often be the difference between life and death.

Thrust Combo
Most of your early combat will involved a spear-like weapon. The ability to thrust through fences and other defensive obstacles allows you to attack with near invincibility. Additional combo attacks with Thrust Combo increases your damage output.

Dive Attack
Wanderers are stupid. Really stupid. They are unable to climb obstacles higher than 2-3ft off the floor. As such, retreating to a higher platform as means of escape is often the best course of action. So it’s only natural that you pick an ability that lets you land with authority. Not advisable when attacking the special Wanderers but for the stumbling chumps, it works wonders.

Stick with those for the initial few levels and you shouldn’t struggle to take down the majority of enemies you encounter.

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