State Of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide

State Of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide
Once you complete State of Decay 2 you get special rewards in the form of Legacy Boons. This State Of Decay 2 Legacy Boon Guide will explain the basics of the Legacy rewards system including details surrounding each of the Legacy Boon’s you receive when completing the game.

When you choose a leader in State of Decay 2 they have one of four legacy personality types. Sheriff, Builder, Warlord and Trader. Each require you to complete different objectives in order to complete the game, and each provides a different bonus. Once you have completed the final mission for your Legacy Leader, you will be rewarded with a Legacy Boon. You can take up to two Legacy Boon’s into a new game with you at a time.

These offer huge bonuses and really add to the replay value of State of Decay 2. Check below for all the Legacy Boon’s we’ve uncovered so far.

Builder Legacy Boon – Amenities

Builder Legacy Boon - Amenities
This Legacy Boon gives you base-wide Water and Power without any daily costs. The noise it generates, which increases threat in the area, is also removed.

Sheriff Legacy Boon – Charity

Sheriff Legacy Boon - Charity
Receive a pile of high-quality loot from old friends once a day

Warlord Legacy Boon – Mobilization

Warlord Legacy Boon - Mobilization
Receive a giant pile of guns, ammo and grenades when you settle your first home.

Trader Legacy Boon – Favors

Trader Legacy Boon - Favors

That’s all of the Legacy Boons for State of Decay 2. A huge thank you to Zharlie for providing information and screenshots for two of the boons.

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