Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Guide
Spirits offer a great way to customize your favorite Fighters in the new Super Smash game. This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Guide will walk you through the basics of the different kinds of Spirits you can find, including rarity, abilities, how to Enhance (evolve) them and more.

In Spirit Mode you can complete various activities such as Adventures and Spirit Board Battles to unlock and improve various Spirits. Spirits act as a sort of equipment item for your Fighters. Once added to a Fighter they bring additional stat benefits, offering starting weapons, and many more effects.

Primary Spirits & Support Spirits

Primary Spirits & Secondary Spirits
There are two different types of Spirits in the game. Primary Spirits and Support Spirits. Primary Spirits are marked by a small triangle next to their names while Support Spirits are marked by a small hexagon. There are many differences between the two different types of Spirits.

Primary Spirits come with their own level of Rarity, Attack and Defense. They can be leveled up, some can be Enhanced (evolved at level 99, and each can support a single passive ability and up to three Secondary Spirits. You can tell if a Primary Spirit can be Enhanced as it will be displayed in the ability area of the information on the Spirit.

Support Spirits are less potent. Each takes up a certain number of slots when equipped, marked as the Cost, and each offers a passive ability. These can vary greatly, from starting with a specific weapon to increasing a certain stat.

When combining certain Primary Spirits and Support Spirits, you can greatly enhance a Fighters strengths or attempt to minimize its weaknesses. Both Primary and Support Spirits also have a certain Type attribute, these function as a trinity of strengths and weaknesses.

Leveling, Dismissing & Summoning

Leveling, Dismissing & Summoning
There are several options in the Spirits Menu that you can explore. First, it’s leveling. Primary Spirits earn experience points through battle, win or lose, but they can also be leveled up much quicker using Cores & Snacks, I’ll explain cores in a moment. Snacks are items often given as rewards for winning battles. The lower your power level compared to your opponents, the greater rewards you will receive. You can use any of the three snacks to inject a huge amount of Experience Points into your favorite Primary Spirits. As they level up, they get increased Attack and Defense stats. Some can Enhance at level 99, which resets their level to 1, gives them a passive ability and adds a star on the rarity.

Another option is Dismissing. Using this option recycles selected Primary and Secondary Spirits in Exchange for Spirit Points and Cores. Cores can be used to Summon new Spirits and also give experience points to existing Spirits. For example, if you use a Red Core on a Red Spirit, you get a bonus in the Experience Points given. Be careful when you use the Dismiss option as some Spirits such as Kapp’n and Pico, give you special abilities. These two in particular allow you to use the boat and use the Wild Goose. Without those, certain parts of the map are cut off.

Finally, Summoning. You can Summon new Spirits through this menu. All Spirits require Spirit Points and Cores to Summon. Spirit Points are earned through battle but Cores can only be obtained by Dismissing that particular Spirit. For example, if you require a Balrog Core, you must Dismiss a Balrog.

That wraps up our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Guide. If you have any additional questions, please post a comment below.

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