How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Wildlands

How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Wildlands
After slaughtering near endless droves of enemies in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, have you by chance caught yourself looking over the wrong shoulder? This guide will tell you How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Wildlands on every platform for the game including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Wildlands On PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC

Typically a third-person game will automatically place the perspective in favor of the right shoulder. This places your character slightly off center of the screen to the left. It’s a familiar technique that has been used since shortly after the conception of the third-person shooter genre. However, some players prefer the ability to switch between the left and right shoulder perspectives, especially when trying to peer around corners or spot enemies past obstacles. Below is the exact method of switching between left and right shoulder perspective on each platform.

  • PlayStation 4 – Tap R1 Button
  • Xbox One – Tap RB Button
  • PC – Press Middle Mouse Button

Make sure to just tap the button. Holding R1 or RB will bring up the Rebel Support menu, so you just need a quick tap.

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