Tales Of Zestiria Guide: Key Location Guide

Tales Of Zestiria Guide: Key Location Guide
Tales Of Zestiria has chests scattered throughout the world that will take certain keys to unlock. The keys are hidden in various ruins around the world and defiantly worth finding. Use this Tales Of Zestiria Key Location Guide to find all of them as you go!

Tales Of Zestiria Key Location Guide

The first key really isn’t missable but I will add it anyways.

Copper Key – This key is used to open Copper Chests and certain doors in the world. You will find this key in the Viva Subterranean Aqueduct after you kill the Slime eating the worker. You can’t miss this one because it is related to the story.

How To Open The door To The Aqueduct

Royal Dagger – This is another item you can’t miss but it is used to open the door to the Aqueduct Ruins. When you are at the seal, use R1 to switch to treasures and use it from there, not sure what the button is on PC. Now you can sell the Dagger early for 1000g but I didn’t do that. If you sold it, check the traveling merchant guys near the church to get it back.

Silver Key – This one is about 6-8 hours after you get the Bronze Key. You can find the key in the Tintagel Ruins in a Bronze chest. These are the ruins where you get the Wind Seraphim on your team and Rose. After you defeat the Dragon Knight, go to the lower levels and you will find 3 tiles you can step on. Each of these tiles will ad a platform near the Dog Seraphim that you can air dash to. Once you get all three, air dash across to the chest and collect your key.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for updates!