The Crew 2 Live Event Reward Guide

The Crew 2 Live Event Reward Guide
The Crew 2 rewards open exploration with Live Event Rewards. This The Crew 2 Live Event Reward Guide explains the basics of the Live Rewards feature including tips on tracking them down and how to ensure you get upgrades for the vehicles and cars you use the most.

Live Event Rewards can happen at anytime when you are exploring the game world. As long as you are not in a race of event, there is a small chance of locating one. As you drive, fly and boat around the United States, you’ll want to listen for a beeping noise. It’s not overly loud and with the default settings, the music can sometimes drown it out. Lowering the music by a couple of notches isn’t a bad idea.

There is another clue, a visual one. As you get closer to the Live Event Reward, the beeping gets quicker and a small flash around the radar begins to pulsate. As you drive or fly around, it will either in get quicker as you get closer, or get slower.

A plane is usually the best bet until you are close and then switch to a ground vehicle. If you are stationary, it doesn’t work so keep moving. Once you locate the crate you can open it or switch vehicles. The rewards inside are based on the vehicle used when opening the crate. You can switch to any vehicle you own and the rewards you get inside will be for that specific vehicle.

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