The Crew 2 Starting Location Choice Guide

At the start of The Crew 2, you will have to choose which area you want to go to first. There are four to choose from and they are all different from each other. Check out this guide to find out which area you should start with in The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 Starting Location Guide

After your first big break and your first race there will be four areas for you to choose from.

The Street Racing area starts you off Near LA and you get a free vehicle and some cash for starting there. These races include drifting, drag races and street races. The streets are normally cleared but there is a lot to run into on the road, so I don’t recommend this for new drivers. There are three options for a car here. A Mazda MX-5 with easy handling a top speed of 132 MPH, a Mustang GT Fastback with medium handling but a top speed of 155, or a Audi Couple with medium handling and a top speed of 155. Handling is the biggest issue for new players and the difference between medium and easy is big. If you are bumping into stuff when racing stick with the Mazda.

The Freestyle Trial area is up near Vegas on this map. Here you will play around in different vehicles such as the plane, boat and monster truck. This are is all about scoring some points. You do get a free vehicle and cash for starting here. The first set of races here is in the sky so your free vehicle is a plane. You get the Zivko Edge 540 V3 with medium handling and a top speed of 264 MPH. If you want to start in the skies then you will want to start here.

The Offroad Trial is pretty self explanatory, you do off road events and races here. Here you will use Rally Cars, Dirt Bikes and Trucks to travel along dirt paths and backwoods areas. Again you get a vehicle and cash for starting here. The free Vehicle you get is called the Proto Buggy with easy handling and a top speed of 118 MPH. You are just going to have to put up with the giant RED BULL logo on the side of the car.

Lastly you have the Pro Racing Trial. Here you will do races up near New York and you will use all vehicle classes in the game. The car, boat and airplane are used for the various races here. As normal you get a vehicle for starting here and some cash. The pro circuit starts you off in boats which are pretty easy to race in. Not everyone is going to like this but for those of you struggling with the car driving, start here. You get the Proto Offshore MK1 boat as your reward here. It has medium handling and a top speed of 146 MPH.

Personally I’d go with the Pro Racing or Freestyle area if you aren’t used to driving games. They are a lot easier in my opinion and the areas are much more open. After you do a starter race at any event you can switch to another event on the map instantly. Check back soon for more The Crew 2 Guides.

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