The Crew 2 Vehicle & Race Types Explained

The Crew 2 Vehicle & Race Types Explained
Certain activities require you to use a specific car for a specific race, but some of these abbreviations can be confusing. Our The Crew 2 Vehicle & Race Types Explained guide will cover the basics of the different vehicles types you can buy so you can be sure you are using the right tool for the job.

Whilst a lot of the activities in the game will force you to purchase a specific vehicle before being able to participate in a specific race, other tasks do not. If you’re trying to complete all the Photo Ops for example, certain photographs will require a racing plane or a drift car. The information is all readily available in the abbreviations placed on each cars information screen but they can seem a little confusing at first.

Every vehicle has a two letter abbreviation that can be seen on the vehicle screen near the Performance Level. This represents the vehicle type, what races it can participate in and what activities it can complete. Make sure, when completing challenges for racing planes for example, that you use an AR plane and not a AB plane. One is for Air Race and the other, Aerobatics.

The Crew 2 Vehicle Types

Street Racing Vehicle Types

  • Street Races (SR)
  • Drift Races (DF)
  • Drag Races (DR)
  • Hyper Car (HC)

Offroad Vehicle Types

  • Rally Cross (RX)
  • Motocross (MX)
  • Rally Raid (RR)

Freestyle Vehicle Types

  • Jet Sprint (JS)
  • Monster Truck (MT)
  • Aerobatics (AB)

Pro Racing Vehicle Types

  • Touring Car (TC)
  • Air Race (AR)
  • Power Boat (PB)

That’s every type of vehicle in The Crew 2. If you have any further questions, post a comment below.

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