The Division 2 Backpack Trophies Location Guide

The Division 2 Backpack Trophies Location Guide
Backpack trophies in the Division 2 are just one of the ways you can customize your character. The trohpies are hard to find and are easily missed if you don’t know where to look. Check out this The Division 2 backpack trophies location guide to find them all.

The Division 2 Backpack Trophies Location Guide

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill The Division 2

The Capitol Hill backpack trophy was for those who played during the Open Beta. You can claim it from your stash box.

Gold Bar
Gold Bar The Division 2
The Gold Bar can be found during the story mission Bank Headquarters in the Downtown West area, it is a level 18 mission. While you are going through the level you will eventually end up in a vault. When you get to the vault, there are a ton of opened deposit boxes and two doorways on the left and right. Go through the right doorway and look at the wall with a ton of opened deposit boxes. Stay for a moment and the button will pup up for you to loot it.

Gold Bar spot The Division 2

Space Shuttle
You can find this trophy at the Air & Space main mission in the East Mall area. About halfway through the level, a space ship will crash while you are fighting bad guys. You can’t climb on the ship, but you can interact with the front of it. When the bad guys are dead, go to the nose and a loot button will pop up.

Space Ship Division 2

Space Ship Division

Spaceship The Division 2

The Skeleton can be found during the main mission DCD Headquarters in the White House area. While you fight your way through enemies you will be working your way down to a morgue. When you get down there, there will be two armor guys who rush you with Sledge Hammers. In this room there are also a few skeletons around and one of them can be inspected. For me, it was in the back left corner of the morgue.

Morgue The Division 2

Skele The Division 2

Skeleton The Division 2

Hippo Keychain
You get this one for recruiting everyone in the Theater District. You can find it up on the roof, near where everyone eats in a small box. We have a recruitment guide here if you need a hand finding everyone.

Hippo The Division 2

Speaker Gavel
This one cannot be missed. You get this for completing the main mission where you help out the President.

Speakers Gavel The Division 2

Plush Flower
Plush Flower Location
You need to have access to The Campus Settlement. Head inside then turn left up the stairs. Follow the walkway to the end, up another set of stairs. There’s a small box next to some Sunflowers.
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