The Division 2 Bounty Guide

The Division 2 Bounty Guide
Hunting down bounty targets is very rewarding in The Division 2. This The Division 2 Bounty Guide explains the basics of Bounty missions as well as including information on how to unlock each of the bounties and some tips and tricks on taking down the more powerful targets.

Bounties are a special side mission activity in The Division 2. They involve identifying and taking down a high profile hostile target. They are usually much stronger than typical enemies, so it’s suggested you bring a friend or attempt to find other players via matchmaking.

When you receive a Bounty you are often forced to pursue it straight away as a time limit is imposed. Make sure your weapons are up to par with your current level and that you have all explosives and skills readily available. These are tough enemies. Focus on taking down the primary target before worrying about anything else, depending on your remaining time available.

Each area in the game can be liberated. You do this by visiting a safe house in the region and interacting with the desk. Once liberated, certain regions will unlock more Bounties. Advanced Bounties are available later in the game.

The Division 2 Bounty Guide

Meatwagon Bounty
You receive this bounty by completing one of the safe house objectives in Final Epiphany Safe House in Downtown East.

12th Street Spicelords Bounty
Complete all objectives in the Federal Triangle Liberation from the Federal Triangle Safe House.

Jefferson’s Legacy Bounty
Complete East Mall Liberation for the East Mall safe house, The Ring.

Lafayette’s Regulars Bounty
Successfully complete the Southwest Liberation objectives.

Embers Movement Bounty
Liberate the Constitution Hall region.

The Bully Buzzards Bounty
Liberate West Potomac Park

The Peacebreakers Bounty
Liberate Foggy Bottom

Kindled Front Bounty
Liberate West End

Wolf Pack Bounty
Complete Judiciary Square Liberation

If you fail a bounty, don’t worry about it. You are able to restart bounty missions and try again. We are working on updating this The Division 2 Bounty Guide as we continue to progress through the game and unlock more bounties.

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