The Division 2 Brand Set Bonuses Guide

The Division 2 Brand Set Bonuses Guide
Brand Set Bonuses are unique beneficial effects that are applied through wearing certain pieces of equipment. This The Division 2 Brand Set Bonuses Guide lists all of the different Brand Set Bonuses we’ve discovered so far, including the buff applied for each worn piece.

When you highlight a piece of equipment in your inventory, it will tell you if it belongs to a Brand Set. Typically, Brand Sets have 3 different bonuses. One for each piece of equipped gear. If you have a single piece equipped, you receive the first level bonus. With all three pieces equipped, you receive all of the bonuses listed.

The Division 2 Brand Set Bonuses Guide

Sokolov Set

  • +10% SMG Damage
  • +8% Critical Hit Damage
  • 15% Seeker Skill Power

Douglas & Harding

  • +5% Accuracy
  • +10% Critical Hit Damage
  • +7% Critical Hit Chance

Alps Summit Armament

  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • +5% Skill Power
  • 15% Hive Skill Power

Overlord Armaments

  • +10% Rifle Damage
  • +7.5% Total Armor
  • +7% Damage To Elites

Providence Defense

  • +10% Skill Power
  • +8% Health
  • +5% Weapon Damage

5.11 Tactical

  • +5% Protection From Elites
  • 10% Incoming Healing
  • +10% Weapon Handling

Richter & Kaiser GmbH

  • +10% Hazard Protection
  • +20% Pistol Damage
  • +15% Shield Skill Power

Fenris Group AB

  • +10% Assault Rifle Damage
  • +10% Protection From Elites
  • +20% Health On Kill

Airaldi Holdings

  • +10% Accuracy
  • +10% Headshot Damage Marksman Rifle
  • +10% Damage

Badger Tuff

  • +7% Damage To Elites
  • +15% Armor % On Kill
  • +15% Chem Launcher Skill Power

Yaahl Gear

  • +10% Weapon Handling
  • +8% Hazard Protection
  • +5% Weapon Damage

Wyvern Wear

  • +7% Critical Hit Damage
  • 15% Drone Skill Power
  • +10% Critical Hit Chance

Petrov Defense Group

  • +10% LMG Damage
  • 15% Turret Skill Power
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

Murikami Industries

  • +8% Health
  • +10% Hazard Protection
  • +15% Firefly Skill Power

China Light Industries

  • +10% Explosives Damage
  • +10% Shotgun Damage
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction

We are updating this The Division 2 Brand Set Bonuses Guide as we progress through the game and discover more sets.

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