The Division 2 Hunter Location Guide

The Division 2 Hunter Location Guide
Part of The Division 2’s end-game is hunting down secret bosses called Hunters. This The Division 2 Hunter Location Guide will tell you where to find Hunters in The Division 2, including information on how to make them appear and details on the potential loot drops and rewards for taking them down.

The Hunter secret bosses in The Division 2 are some of the most challenging open-world content the game has to offer. They are incredibly strong and are often levels above the current level cap of level 30. They have powerful weapons, deadly abilities and a bad attitude. No seriously, they swear and everything.

While it may be possible to take the Hunters down solo, it’s difficult. They are able to heal with Armor Kits, use abilities to heal and use an EMP to disable all Agent abilities. It’s always a good idea to bring back up. Hunters are also neutral. This means they are not typically aligned with any of the gangs in Washington D.C, meaning you can use other enemies to help you in the fight – although I wouldn’t expect them to last long.

The Division 2 Hunter Location Guide

Downtown East Hunter 1(Crimson Mask)

To locate this Hunter fast travel to The Theater. You want to travel a couple blocks to the North East to this building. Enter the building. There’s a courtyard in the middle of the building and two small office/desk spaces to the North and South of the courtyard. On each desk is a small device that you can interact with if you’re close, using X or Square. You need to activate one device, run to the other and activate it, then the Hunter spawns. You must activate both devices quickly or it will reset.

Downtown East Hunter Location

Downtown East Hunter

The Courtyard in the middle of the building

Downtown East Hunter

One of the devices you must interact with

Downtown East Hunter

The other device you must interact with

Loot tables for Hunters are random but they usually always guarantee a Mask drop. You can also get Ivory Keys and High End gear. We are updating our The Division 2 Hunter Location Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

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