The Division 2 Ivory Keys – Where To Find

The Division 2 Ivory Keys - Where To Find
Have you found the secret chest in The White House that requires Ivory Keys to open? This The Division 2 Ivory Keys guide will tell you where to find Ivory Keys alongside information on where you can find the hidden Ivory Keys chest and what rewards you can receive for completing the objective.

The Division 2 boasts a complex and rewarding selection of end-game objectives. One such end-game activity is the hidden chest located within your Base of Operations. If you’ve explored the White House fully, you’ve probably come across the chest already.

The Division 2 Ivory Keys – Where To Find

To find the Ivory Key chest enter the White House from the main entrance. Go past the Quartermaster and Vendor. Take a right and you will see some servers on the left and a whiteboard on the right. Just past the whiteboard, next to two bunks, is the Ivory Key chest. It’s the long black box that looks like a weapons chest.

Once you have obtained all eight keys you can open the chest. You receive a special Backpack Trophy, a new weapon skin and a guaranteed High-End Weapon.

Acquiring the Ivory Keys is the challenging part. Currently, the only known method of finding Ivory Keys is Hunters. Hunters are special secret boss battles that take place in the open-world against enemies that have access to very powerful abilities and equipment. They can heal, restore armor, launch EMP’s, they are tough battles. Ivory Keys are not a guaranteed drop.

We’re still working our way through discovering their locations but check out our The Division 2 hunter guide for more details on finding your first Hunter.

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