The Division 2 Projects Guide

The Division 2 Projects Guide
Projects are one of the many side activities in The Division 2 and they can unlock brand new weapons, skill points and more. This The Division 2 Projects Guide explains the basics of Projects, how you unlock additional Projects and the various objectives involved in completing them.

You can view your Projects at various civilian strongholds, at your Base of Operations or in one of the menus. They are a series of objectives that, once completed, reward high amounts of experience points, valuable blueprints and other lucrative rewards.

The Division 2 Projects Guide

You can unlock additional projects by leveling up your Base of Operations and the different camps you encounter. Projects typically require you to complete 3 different objectives. These vary, from donating basic materials and gear, to killing specific enemies.

They are currently one of the biggest bonuses to experience points available, making them a very worthy activity to do on the side. Projects also allow different outposts to upgrade facilities, which gives you more people to recruit for your roster.

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