The Division Guide: Weapon Skins List

The Division Guide: Weapon Skins List
In Tom Clancy’s The Division, you can customize your weapons with skins to change the way they look. There are quite a few skins but you can’t preview them on your guns in game. Check out this article for the full Weapons Skin list in The Division.

The Division Weapon Skins List

I am updating with more skins as I find them. If you have one I don’t be sure to leave a comment and a screenshot for us to add! I can only get so many in a day so every little bit helps. Also for those of you who don’t know, you can get a weapon skin every day at the Clothing Vendor. You get the upgrade in the Security Wing, it’s called Supply Lines.

Chocolate Chip - Forest
The Divison Weapon Skins List

We got this one from the Clothes Vendor early on in the game. It is a very green camo skin.

Solid - Electric Green
The Division Weapon Skin 1

Another one we got from the shop. This one really makes you stand out.

Spray Stripes - Urban Snow Weapon Skin
The Division Weapon Skin 2

This is the skin you get from the Ubisoft Reward store for 40 Uplay points. I like the look of this one.

Leaf Blue
The Divison Weapon Skin 3

We got this one from the Clothing Vendor also. This looks like a true camo pattern.

Multicam - Urban
The Division Weapon Skin 4

This is the newest one I got from the Clothing Vendor in the base. This is more of a winter camo and it actually looks like it fits when it is snowing.

Solid - Orange
he Division Solid Orange Weapon Skin

This skin was on sale from the vendor for the day of 3-13-16.

Tigerstripe - Neon
The Division Tiger Stripe Neon Weapon Skin

This skin was on sale from the vendor for the day of 3-14-16. It’s kind of a Christmas splatter style skin.

Dark - Coyotoe
The Division Dark Coyote Weapon Skin

I forgot to upload this one yesterday, it was on sale on 3-15-16

Multicam - Rogue
The Division Multicam Rogue Weapon Skin

This skin was on sale on 3-16-16.

Tigerstripe - Vintage
The Division Tigerstripe - Vintage Weapon Skin

This skin was on sale on 3-19-16.

A huge thank you to SuLu for submitting images and helping us fill out this guide.

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The Division Guide: Weapon Skins List

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, you can customize your weapons with skins to change the way they look. There are quite a few skins but you can’t preview them on your guns in game. Check out this…

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  • James

    The Division Weapon Skins – Chocolate Chip – Loot Crate

  • James

    The Division Weapon Skins – Snakeskin – Brown skin

  • James

    The Division Weapon Skins – Tigerstripe Vintage

  • Xavier Care

    One of my camos were deleted, is there a max # of camos?
    I don’t see anyone else with more that 4/5 camos.

  • SuLu

    I have 9 skins atm and getting at least one new one every day from the clothing vendor in the security wing (for 1 skin i got 3 copies to have all 3 weaps look the same for one “outfit” i made)
    so you can have many skins and multiple copies of each (i dont’ know nor do i think there is a cap to how many you can have) i keep some in my “bank” Stash too. hope this helps

    Also: Snakeskin-Brown skin here:

  • SuLu

    A-TACS – Winter “digital snow camo” style available today 3/19/16 from the clothing vendor unlocked in Security wing from Supply Line upgrade… it’s 5:47 am EST so lots of time to get it if you like it.

  • SuLu

    Digital – NWU “blue digital pixel camo” gun skin today

  • SuLu

    Torn Tape – Swedish M90 up today

  • SuLu

    Solid – Coyote Tan gun skin today

  • Pol Lamesch

    Dropped in the russian mission on challenge mode

    • SuLu

      what is the name of this skin?

      • Pol Lamesch


        • SuLu

          Thanks! Spray Stripes – Red White and Blue! just got it 😀

  • SuLu

    Flektarn – Danish M84

  • SuLu

    Flektarn – SWAT

  • SuLu

    Digital Winter gun skin today – this is practically identical to ATACS – Winter with minor differences imo.

  • SuLu

    Torn Tape – Red gun skin up today. Very nice 😀

  • SuLu

    Torn Tape – Swedish M90 up today (scroll down to see)

    * i will be moving my Gun Skin posts soon but still sharing here as well

  • SuLu

    Solid – Light Blue from the Appearance Vendor today! (unlocked in the Security Wing via the Supply Line unlocked perk)

  • SuLu

    Solid – Dark Earth is, oddly, the 2nd Gun Skin from the App. Vendor today
    (and no this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke)

  • SuLu

    Today marks the 3rd day in a row that a solid color skin is up for me..
    Solid – Green Foliage seems to look more like clay ie: colorless greyish tone but then again I’m used to vivid greens or some awesome fall warm tones

  • SuLu

    Solid – Light Blue today (again)

  • SuLu

    Solid – Pink today from Lexington Event Center on Challenge Mode (we were farming it over and over for the Phoenix Credits and possible HE drops), and Pink came up 80% of the time.

  • SuLu

    Sponge – Yellow gun skin available today fresh on reset. First time I’ve seen this in game ever and even though yellow isn’t my favorite color by any means, it looks pretty awesome 😀

  • SuLu

    Leaf – Woodland BDU for sale today

  • SuLu

    Solid – Electric Green from hard mode Queen’s Tunnel

  • SuLu

    Digital – Urban is today’s skin at the vendor

  • SuLu

    A few skins from the past few days inc:
    Flektarn – Blue gun skin

  • SuLu

    Solid – Stealth Grey gun skin

  • SuLu

    Solid – Plum gun skin

  • SuLu

    Spray Stripes – Brown gun skin

  • SuLu

    As you can see, there are a LOT of gun skin custom paint jobs available in game and if you collect them then you know there is a problem.
    Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea to have zero bag and bank space in this game AND thought classifying these appearance items as regular items instead of normal “i-don’t-take-up-bag-space” items.
    So the LONG push then wait for devs to help us reclaim what little bag space we have by making these part of the Appearance category is on…
    –> in the mean time, for the collectors out there, make a new character, get it to FOB and use it to store gun skins you don’t use. this is an easy way to get 30 or so set aside

    * I’m sure we would all rather have them address the Hackers in DZ and exploiters in PVE and generally just fix the damn game before QoL fixes like this, but hey, we can but dream about the game we thought we were buying

    • I feel your pain Sulu. This was something we discussed during our livestreams just after release, was really hoping they’d have it addressed by now.

      Like you I understand that the exploits and such should take priority but I can’t imagine changing the item type to one that doesn’t take up storage to be an overly complex task.

      I’ve updated the guide to include your most recent additions. Once again a massive thank you for your help with polishing up the guide, it’s very much appreciated 🙂

      You sir are a true hero 😀

      • SuLu

        Captain! I’m very glad to contribute as I think you’ve done a great job with your content for this game. Well done.
        Let’s hope that Ubi actually addresses the community and takes responsibility for the Cheating and Hacking going on via dialog, progress updates and overall communication on what they are doing.

        If you check out the latest patch notes to Rainbow six right now ( i think it’s 2.2 ?) you’ll see it’s ALL about hacking/cheating, so maybe they can use some of the same technology in setting up and maintaining The Division’s’.

        I’ll keep posting the skins if you’ll keep adding them 😀

        take care Cap and ttys

  • GaiaWells

    Ah, thank you so much! I’ve been wondering why pink and red-white-blue weren’t popping up on my vendor list. As a self-proclaimed skin whore, I’ve been rushing home after work to see what new colors and patterns would be available. Sadly, I think I’ve been through them all now except for the choco chip and snakeskin pattern.

    • SuLu

      Gun Skins, the new Pokeman: #gottacatchemall


  • SuLu

    New first time seen snakeskin pattern with yellow/blue colors today
    Snakeskin – Mangrove