The Evil Within 2 Side Mission Guide

The Evil Within 2 Side Mission Guide

Side missions make an appearance in The Evil Within 2. These are used to get your extra health, resources, and ammo to make the game easier on you. Check out this The Evil Within 2 Side Mission Guide to get all the missions and complete them.

The Evil Within 2 Side Mission Guide

Rogue Signal
When you get to the first Safe House, speak with O’Neal and ask him about supplies. He will mark an area on your map that you can go check out for extra ammo. When you get there grab the supplies and pull out your transmitter to listen to what they are saying. Two more waypoints will appear on your map.

The first one is in a house nearby. Inside the house, you can enter the Armory via the computer in the back. Follow the path all the way to the end and you will get the shotgun.

The next waypoint is at the auto shop. Go inside and check out the transmission inside. Go to the breaker and flip the two and four switch to restore power to the garage. Before you leave, stealth and wait, one of the White Ladies will come out of the closet and you want to sneak attack her. After the sneak attack use the shotgun or pistol but the shotgun makes it go faster. Move the car up with the switch next to it and open the hatch to get the supplies. Down below there is another memory, the explosive bolt and a door with a code. The code to the door is 9676.

Return to the visitor center and you will find out what happened to the agent. When you leave the Photographer will take a picture of you and bring you to another world. Check the glass in the middle to trigger a fight and kill the enemies. When they are dead, move the bookshelf to escape. Go back to O’neal to complete the quest and get your reward.

Out In The Open
This is a Chapter 7 Side mission that is hard to miss. The second Safe House has a man outside who needs your help. He gets swarmed by two waves of enemies. Make sure to go into the fight decently stocked and use the oil barrels in the area to your advantage. The safe house in the area will be open after that.
Getting Back Online
After you rescue Sykes he will go into the safe house. Speak to him and he will ask you to restore the servers from the Marrow. Head down and do that. After you restart the servers some enemies will spawn so be ready to fight your way back out.
The Last Step
You get this mission when you enter Chapter 13. Go to Sykes and enter the MArrow from his computer. Celar out all the enemies and restore the power and Sykes will come down. When he leaves you will bet the mission and get your reward.

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