The Outer Worlds Companion Side Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Companion Side Quest Guide
Companions are great aids in combat and can boost your skills. This The Outer Worlds Companion Side Quest Guide covers the unique Companion side quests that you discover as you explore vast and exciting new planets in The Outer Worlds.

Companion quests are somewhat a mixed bag. Some Companion quests will unlock new Companions, others are for Companions you already have. The latter is usually used to increase your relationship with a particular Companion, learning more of their history and backstory.

The Outer Worlds Companion Side Quest Guide

Vicar Max - The Illustrated Manual (Edgewater)
You can find this quest in the church looking building in Edgewater. Talk to the man behind the table named Vicar and he will ask you to help him find a book. Make it your main quest and follow the marker. You will have to fight some Marauders in the area and then enter a building to find the item. This will lead you to a cave with the actual journal inside. Watch out for the mines inside. Open the safe and return the book to Vicar. He will join your crew and wait for you on the ship.
Parvati - Drinking Sapphire Wine (The Unreliable)
When you first dock at the Groundbreaker, speak with Parvati at the exit to get this quest. Follow the objective to speak with Junlei. From there it’s just following objectives to the end.
Vicar Max - The Empty Man (Groundbreaker)
When exploring the Groundbreaker, Vicar Max will ask to talk with you. Talk with him and agree to help find the Translator. Follow the objectives to grab the disguise, then eject the cartridge from the computer. Then go to Fallbrook on Monarch and visit Reginald’s house. Then track down the guy in the river. Then it’s off to Scylla.

Help Max through the vision. It’s a good idea to save first as there are some choices. I chose to encourage the visions, not attack, Max seemed happy at the end.

Ellie - Worst Contact (Groundbreaker)
Speak with Ellie in the Sickbay on Groundbreaker to get this quest. At the back of Sickbay is a Restricted Area. There’s an item on the table next to the entrance. Pick it up, it allows you to disguise yourself when you enter the restricted area. Go inside and speak with Jessie. You can Intimidate her to open the door very easily. You can Persuade Bedford to avoid paying the fine, which gives you increase Reputation with The Board, but Parvati & Jessie will be unhappy. You can bribe him for 2044 Bits. When you return, Jessie and Ellie are happy, and Ellie joins your crew.
SAM- The Cleaning Machine (The Unreliable)
At some point at Robot appears in one of the crew quarters on The Unreliable, it’s the first room as you climb the stairs. Interact with the robot to get this quest. Simple objectives, complete them and SAM will join you. He is a robot and the Robophobia Flaw does apply if he is in your party.
Nyoka - Star-Crossed Troopers (Monarch)
While exploring the Monarch Wilderness, Nyoka asks to speak with you. Speak with her to start this quest. Follow the objective to the graveyard. Once inspected, you need to speak with Hiram to find out where they went. You meet Hiram through story progress on Monarch. From there you’ll be tasked with going to Edgewater. Enter the house and check the terminal on the bed before looting the two bodies. Then you’ll be tasked with hunting Primals on Scylla.

Once you’ve got the glands, speak with Nyoka for the next phase. Head to the cave, loot the medals, place the glands, kill the queen. Job done. You can advise her to keep the medallions at the end of the quest, she seems to like this choice.

Felix - Friendships Due (The Unreliable / Scylla)
Docking at Scylla, after completing Monarch, Felix approached me as I left the ship and gave me this quest. You can access Harlow’s Base from the System Map. After meeting with Harlow, follow the objectives. When you get to the Groundbreaker, if you have already repaired the radiators for Jenei, you can use that to get the information from Rosana.

Once on Edgewater, head to this location, there’s a path that leads to the objective.

Friendships Due

When you speak with the target, don’t attack him. You can ask him for some evidence and a new optional objective appears, then ask for his ring. This gives you all the conversation options at the end.

There are various outcomes here. You can give him the ring, ignore the evidence, the quest is complete and nobody has to die. You can kill him, or you can lie and have Felix leave to join his crew. It’s up to you. Outside of losing Felix, none of the decisions appear to have lasting impact.

Parvati- Dont Bite The Sun (The Unreliable)
Upon returning to the ship, ADA asked me to speak with Parvati. I had just finished the story arc on Monarch. Head to Gladys to buy the soap, there’s a few options here. I chose the Rose-ish. At the end of the date Parvati said the soap made Junlei sneezed, but ultimately the date went well. Then you have to grab some dishes for her. Once you’ve grabbed the food, agree to find her some clothes. To progress, you must have unlocked Byzantium.

Head to Byzantium, pick up the dress, you can Persuade to have the price dropped to 3,000 Bits. Then give it to Parvati before speaking with her aboard The Unreliable. From there just follow the objectives.

Ellie - The Low Crusade (The Unreliable / Byzantium)
When docking at Byzantium, Ellie may approach you with this quest. Head into Byzantium and travel to Ellie’s parents’ house, speak with them there. Follow the objective markers to the next few areas, until you reach the insurance building. When you speak with the insurance broker there’s a few options, I chose to ignore them and just break in upstairs and alter the records, the skill checks were not high.

That’s all of the Companion Side Quest’s in The Outer Worlds. There is a 5th Companion, SAM, but completing this gives you the All for One achievement, so he doesn’t have any Companion quests.

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