The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices And Consequences Guide

The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices And Consequences Guide
Peril On Gorgon is the newest DLC for The Outer Worlds and it comes with choices. Check out this The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices and Consequences guide to see what happens for most of the choices. This way you can make the right call on key choices.

The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices And Consequences Guide

Trixie Or Freddie Salvage Choice
In the bar you will run into two people who are arguing over salvage rights. You listen to them and get to choose who the rights belong to.

Trixie claims
Trixie will be thankful and you will get get paid 2000 bits and get some beer. Freddie says that you will pay for this, he just doesn’t know when.

Freddie claims
Freddie will be thankful and you will be paid 2000 bits and get some free beer. Trixie will be upset, but she can’t do much about it right now.

Neither claims
You still get paid, but neither of them are happy about this. I tried to find the spot myself and claim it, but no luck.

Clarence Mostly Choice
You need help from Clarence to gain access to the locked down building on Gorgon. When you talk to him he will say he doesn’t trust you and you will get some choices.

Just doing my job
He will ask you why you are going through all the trouble for a journal. He will then ask you to steal the gold statue down below for him. If you do, he will help you.

Trying to uncover the truth
He will say that’s fine, but you need to do a favor for him first. He wants that gold statue you might have seen down below. Get it for him and he will help you out.

Intimidate 40
You will get a little bit of EXP and he will ask you for a favor.

You can’t walk away from that
A favor for a favor, get that gold statue for him, and he will help you.

You can also give him his eye back if you want. He says he will put a good mark down for you, but so far it hasn’t done anything.

Coach Stilley Choice
When you interact with Coach Stilley, you can attack him, or persuade/intimidate him if you have 95 in either skill.

Persuade 95
He will say as long as you are reasonable, he will talk with you. You can ask him who put the hit on you, but he says I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to. You will need to bribe him with 3700 never to see him again, or use 95 Lie/intimidate him. You can also just kill him if you’ve had enough of him.

Lie 95
If you lie to him, he will be happy to give up the contract on you. With 95 intimidate you can even give some money out of the deal. He will then say you two will never see each other again. If he pops up later, I will update this.

PAM Choice
Pam mostly just gives you info about the area she is in. You can choose to activate her emergency combat protocols as well.

Activate Emergency Combat Protocol
She will run towards enemies and kill them. I thought she might turn on you, but she is an ally and a strong one at that. She doesn’t leave the building with you, but she willmake your time inside a bit easier.

Mothers Journal Choice
When you get the Journal Back, you will be contacted by Wilhelmina and you have a few choices.

Persuade 20
You are cut off and the transmission is hijacked.

Got my payment ready?
You are cut off and the transmission is hijacked.

Gorgon was bigger then you lead me to believe
You are cut off and the transmission is hijacked.

Why are you interested in old terminals all of a sudden
She says what terminal? And then you are cut off by someone jacking the frequency.

All the choices lead to the same outcome. You need to pick a side, restore Adrena-Time production on Gorgon, or destroy the Adrena-time synthesizer.

The Ambrose Intersection Choice
This is the big one. Side with mommy, or side with Minnie.

Restore power to the synthesizer
On your way down to the Synthesizer, you will run into Olivia. She will do whatever she can to stop you. I have tried most all of the convo choices and none of them worked. At the end of all of them I could only kill her. You do get a cool little but scene if you shove her into the reactor though. You will get paid 5000 bits when you return to Minnie.

Activate NDA protocol
If you choose to do this, you will have to take out Minnie. This will cause the Adrena-time to stop being produced on Gorgon and Olivia will pay you 5000 bits.

Check back soon for more The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon guides.