The Outer Worlds Task Guide

The Outer Worlds Task Guide
There’s plenty of side activities in Outer Worlds, called Tasks. This The Outer Worlds Task Guide tells you where to find all of the task quests we’ve discovered on our journey, alongside tips on completing the more difficult tasks and the rewards available for doing so.

The vast majority of The Outer World Tasks are simple enough to complete. Navigate to your journal and ensure the quest in question is set as your active quest, this places the objectives on your map and compass so you can locate them more easily. If quests offer more challenge or choice than simply chasing down an objective, will feature details on those aspects but for the more basic quests, we just include the basic information.

TIP: Before having important conversations or completing choice-based objectives, it’s always a good idea to save first. Just in case.

The Outer Worlds Task Guide

A Small Grave Matter (Edgewater)
NPC: Silas
Location: On the bridge outside Edgewater
Objective: Collect Gravesite Fees from various NPC’s

Speak with Conrad and you learn he doesn’t have any money to pay. You can suggest he gives Silas an IOU, but that requires collateral. Head into the next room, there’s a document sitting on the small table near the corpse. Then return to Conrad and tell him to use the gold teeth as the collateral.

You can find the gold teeth later. When you go to the Botanical Lab and speak with Adelaide. Once you reach Adelaide, search the back room. There is a sign on the wall that reads “Only You”. Nearby, on the worktop, there’s a small tray with the Gold Teeth. Pick them up and return them to Conrad.

Where To Find The Gold Teeth

Martin Abernathy
Simply speak with Martin, be sympathetic to his needs and he will pay you the money. He also has a side quest.

Phyllis Granger
She’s inside the plant. You can speak with her and she pays the fees upfront, no problems. However, if you have already spoken with Conrad, you can talk with her again and question her about the Gold Teeth. Nothing else happens, just an option.

Ludwig Miller
Speak with Ludwig. You can offer to join the Resistance to get another quest. When prompted about the grave payment, lie to him and he’ll pay you the cash.

Now you can return to Silas. There’s no need to have him dig up the corpse for the gold teeth as you’ve already found them. You get some Experience Points, 300 Bits, and Spacer Choice reputation. You can persuade him for a further 150 Bits.

Salvager In The Sky (Groundbreaker)
Salvager In The Sky
Once you have fixed your ship head to the Groundbreaker. You need to speak with Lilya Hagen in the SubLight area after you have obtained a Navkey from Gladys in the story.
Flowers For Sebastian (Stellar Bay Monarch)
Speak with Celia Robbins in the Monarch Stellar office on Monarch. Speak with Sebastian, you can Persuade [30] him to get him to go on a date. You get Monarch Stellar Industries reputation and some XP.
Mr Picketts Biggest Game (Stellar Bay Monarch)
Speak with Sebastian on Monarch about Mr Pickett and he will give you this task. Follow the objective, kill the Mantaqueen and return to Sebastian with the data pad. You get some bits. He did appear to want more information on My Pickett but I searched the area thoroughly and didn’t find anything.
Spratkings (Stellar Bay Monarch)

Speak with Nelson Mayson in Fallbrook, he’s in the first building on the left as you enter. Follow the objectives until you speak with Bertrand. You can select the [Medical 30] to avoid killing him and any other Sprats. Then return to drugs to Nelson. You get Sublight Salvage and Shipping Reputation as well as XP and Bits, additional rep if you turn in Bertrand.

Mandibles Of Doom (Monarch Wilderness)
Mandibles Of Doom (Monarch Wilderness)
Speak with the three members of C3 at this location, it’s a small hut at the bottom of the mountain. You can offer to help find Berthold Fox. Head into the nearby caverns and find him, kill the Mantaqueen and then return.
Makes Space Suits, Wont Travel (Byzantium)

Speak with Celeste Jolicoeur in Byzantium at the fashion shop to get this quest.

All Halcyon In A Day (Byzantium)

Speak with Celeste Jolicoeur in Byzantium at the fashion shop to get this quest. This is a long but straight forward quest traveling to different areas to interact with beacons. Finish the quest to get some Board Reputation and a cool cowboy style hat.

Cupid Of The Laboratory (Byzantium)
Cupid of the Laboratory
There’s a Maintenance Tunnel entrance here, you’ll find Giles standing here, offer to aid him with his Sprats. It’s a simple quest, navigating the tunnels to return his Sprats. You get some XP.
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