The Sinking City Side Cases Guide

The Sinking City Side Cases Guide
During your stay in The Sinking City, you will run into side cases you can solve for extra resources. Some of these are easy tasks and others will require you to use your head. Check out this The Sinking City side cases guide to complete them all.

The Sinking City Side Cases Guide

Letters From Oakmont
This case cannot be missed and you get it when you speak to the owner of the Devils’s Reef Hotel. All of these are through white doors of the buildings on the map.

Lullaby Crossroad – This one can be found here on the map. On the top floor there is a note on a desk, grab that to clear this spot.

Lullaby Crossroad The Sinking City

Lone Child – You can find this part here on the map, you need to use a boat to get there. Go upstairs and use your Retrovision on the brick door to reveal a symbol. Go through the door and then check the letter on the floor. I didn’t have any items in there, so this one is free.

Lone Child The Sinking City

Disgusting Exaltation – This one is found here in Oldgrove, and there is a large enemy in the house here. I used three traps and two grenades to kill the beast. Upstairs, on a desk, there is a note and that is what you are looking for.

Disgusting Exaltation The Sinking City

Static In Ears – You can find this one here on the map, and all you need is the note on the desk. There are some big bad guys in there, I ran in and ran out before they got to me.

Static In The Ears The SInking City

From Behind – You can find this one in the house here on the map. Go up the first set of stairs and inside the room there, on a desk, you will find a note. Grab the note and get out.

From Behind The SInking City

Terrible Fetus – Found here on the map, go up to the third floor and check the note on the dead body to complete this building.

Terrible Fetus The Sinking City

Mirrors Mirrors – Found here on the map. Go into the building and run into the room on the first floor. Bust through the boards in the doorway and grab the note in the bedroom. Bail out after that.

Mirror Mirrors The Sinking City

Call Of The Ocean – This one is here on the map. You need to go to the second floor and use your Retro vision on the green seashell on the desk to reveal a note. Grab that and get out.

The Ocean Call The SInking City

Forlorn Woman – This one is found here on the map. Enter, go upstairs, and grab the note on the table to complete this building.

Forlorn Woman The Sinking City

Bounty Of The Sea
This quest can be gotten after you wake up at the Devil’s Reef Hotel and can be found here in Grimhaven Bay.

Bounty Of The Sea Location

You are tasked with finding The Pride and its logbook. The ship itself can be found here on the map, you will need a boat to get there.

Bounty Of The Sea Ship Location

You can find the log on the table on the ship, be sure to check the barrels and speak to the captain for extra evidence exp. Return to the quest giver for a reward and for two more ship locations. These ones are more difficult, I advise having some traps and ammo for this part. The Red Queen is located here in Coverside.

Red Queen Location Sinking CIty

When you approach the boat, I would say about seven enemies spawn. They are mostly small, but they are quick and hard to hit. If you can group them up and grande them it makes it much easier. The only evidence here is the log and it is on the crate with the lamp outside the ship.

Skylark Ship The Sinking City

The Skylark is a fight with some humans and a few of them have guns. I used the trucks and other debris to block enemy shots and killed them from range. The log is found in the back near the dock on a table. Return to the fisherman and you will beat the quest and unlock the Fisherman outfit.

Field Research
This one can be gotten from the doctor at the Hospital Of St. Mary in Coverside. He asks you for help experimenting with the creatures in the area.

The infected man is located here on Moorland road, you will need a boat to get here.

Home Of The Infected Man

There are three enemies inside so be ready for them. They go invisible during combat, try to kill them as they spawn if possible. You need to get the red goo upstairs, the note on the desk up stairs, the rooting food upstairs, check the toy in the living room and get the journal by the small bed near the kitchen. Then use your Retro vision near the best and look at the pillow to get a vision. Finally head upstairs and you will trigger the clue puzzle. Number one is them downstairs puking, number two is the man upstairs going to work, and number three is them changing into monsters.

The second place is in Salvation Harbor here on the map.

Former Patient Shop Salvation Harbor

For me the building was a clothes shop. There are about six enemies inside this area but, they are the small ones. After you clear the enemies out go behind the counter and check the bloody mattress and the book on the pillow. Be sure to check the cocaine on the counter as well and then go towards the stairs. There is a small table near the steps with a book on it, check the book. Finally, go downstairs and check the hanging body and the note next to the body, this should get you all the evidence in the house.

Return to the doctor and he will give you a couple more spots to check. The Locked Shop is found here on the map.

The Locked Shop The SInking City

This place has one of the very large creatures inside, so be ready with explosives. Clear them out and grab check the shop to get all your clues.

A Delicate Matter
After finding out what happened to the expedition, Throgmorten will give you this quest. He wants you to check on one of his friends in Oldgrove.

A Delicate Matter location The Sinking City

Go to where I am on the map and you should see a house with a white door that you can enter. When you enter Herbert’s manor it will pop up on your screen as you go through the house. Inside there will be a couple of enemies and some spots to loot. Upstairs you need to check out the desk with your special vision, check the mirror with bullet holes in it, check the safe and then check the corpse. Then go into the retrocognition portal and check out all the spots. Put them together with the hallway mirror one first, the safe room second and the dead body room third.

Head to the police station and use the evidence archive there to find Squints. Use the tag property crimes, Oldgrove, and suspects to get your man. He is located here on the map.

Squints hideout The Sinking CIty

Inside you will have to fight about five enemies, so be sure to have ammo. Upstairs there is a bottle on the table you can inspect with your Retro vision. Inspect the body and the knife in the corpse with your Retro vision as well, and then follow the birds to the wall with Retro vision on. You can choose to turn Squints in or let him go, I chose to turn him in. There is also some more evidence downstairs on the kitchen table. Check the note, the meat on the plate, and then use your Retro vision to follow a spirit. You can bust the wood where the spirit is crouching with your melee and then you can loot whats under the cabinet. Return to Throgmorten after and you will be rewarded with loot, xp, and another quest.

Through The Looking Glass
This quest is a follow up to A Delicate Matter. You are given a key to Throgmorten’s study upstairs and tasked with looking for clues related to the mirror. In the actual study room, use your Retro vision near the desk and put the symbol together. This reveals a safe with a letter and a photo inside. There is also a photo on some boxes in the study of the 1891 expedition, check that out. Speak to Robert downstairs about Bethany and the 1891 expedition to get all the clues here.

Now head to the Asylum in east Coverside(hospital symbol) and talk to the lady upfront about Bethany. When you get the key, head down stairs and check out the mirror and bottle on the floor. The closed door here is also her room, enter and check the broken mirror in there, both the newspaper and the photo on the shelf, the note on the bed, and the newspaper in the chair. Now turn on your Retro vision and look at the house drawing on the wall. Head outside the room and you need to put the clues together. First is her looking at the mirror, second is her breaking the mirror with a hammer, and lastly the one outside her room. Before leaving the Asylum, speak with the nurse at the desk again for the last bit of evidence.

In order to find Randall Glassworks, you need to go to the City Hall Archive and select Enterprises, 19th century, and Salvation Harbor for an address.

Randall Glassworks The SInking City

Inside you will have a few enemies to fight. Kill the baddies downstairs and then interact with the door upstairs to find some humans hiding out. They give you a key for downstairs, head down there and open up the door. Use your Retro vision on the broken mirror, check the supplies in the room, grab the search warrant near the supplies, and lastly use your Retro vision on the wall next to the mirror to find a symbol and a book for all the evidence. Now head to the police station archives and use the tags Salvation Harbor, Suspects, and Documents. This will get you the mirror makers address.

Mirror Makers House The SInking City

There is a pretty big fight at the mirror maker’s house, traps work wonders against the little ones. Downstairs you need to use your Retro vision on the mirror quickly, stay to long and the madness will get you. Check out the coffin and the picture down there as well. Now go to the first floor and check out the letters on the tables. Now use your Retro vision again and look at the wall near there to reveal a symbol. Go in and check out the even smaller coffin to clear this floor. Upstairs you need to check out the papers on the floor and find a journal to get the clue mini game. First use the upstairs clue, then the basement clue, and lastly the first floor clue.

From there you have to break the small mirror with a brick or bullet to break the barrier for the mirror downstairs. When you get downstairs to the big mirror, Bethany will try to stop you. If you take the mirror, you will have to kill Bethany. She wants to break the mirror to free the soul inside, not sure what happens if you do that but I doubt it ends well. Return the mirror to Throgmorten and you will get five revolver bullets, a first aid kit, one antipsychotic and around 400 exp.

Extra Hours
This quest is found in Salvation Harbor, here on the map. Speak with the officer inside the bar.

The SInking City Extra Hours Location