The Surge 2 Side Quest Guide

The Surge 2 Side Quest Guide
During your playthrough of The Surge 2, you will run into a few side quests you can do. Some of these are easy to complete, and others have hidden objectives. Check out this The Surge 2 Side Quest guide to complete them all.

The Surge 2 Side Quest Guide

Behind Bars
This is the first side quest you will get and you get it as you are escaping the prison. Benjamin will ask for your help escaping and if you free him, he will meet you at the Gateway Bravo evac camp. The camp is deeper into the game so don’t stress about it right away. I got there right around level 30. When you do make it to Gateway Bravo, Benji will be waiting by the medical tent to repay you for your help. He gives you a couple items worth 10k scrap.

The Witness
The Witness starts off pretty early, but continues for awhile. When you get down to the first med station outside of the Police department, a guy will give you some materials to upgrade your gear. When you are done upgrading he will disappear for awhile. You can find him again after you get the EMP Starfish drone. When you have the EMP Drone, head back to the first healing station where you found him originally. Work your way back to the river and go to where the guy is standing in front of the flaming barrel. If you look at the railing along the road, you can see one piece is missing where you can drop off. Drop off and fall below, killing the punk down there. Use the EMP to open the door down there and inside you will find the hunter. He will ask you to bring him some AID gear, which you will have to craft yourself. Kill the enemies at the security checkpoints for the gear. Sell it to him, he will head off, and you can loot the chest. This isn’t the last time we will see him.

You can find him again near where you get the Force Hook. He will be at a locked door and say he needs you to find a keycard to open it up. The scientist who was protected the force hook for me had the key. Talk to him and tell him you have the key and then open the door. You will get to find out what happened and Warren will tell you to meet him in his hideout later. You can find him again after the city goes to hell, after you beat the AID Command area boss.

When you see him again he will ask you to help him get a repeller so he can escape the city. You have to go back into the jail and go to where you faced off with the Warden. There will be a few guys here using it as protection. Go up stairs and jump the gap to the other side. Flip the switch and the guys down below will die and you will get the repeller, watch out for the Nano beasts.

Private Practice

This quest is found from a doctor near one of the police checkpoints in Sanitation Alley. He will ask you to retrieve the cargo that his drone had before it was shot down. The drone is through the check point, so you will either have to run or fight. Go through the main gate and quickly hook a right to the grav lift. Take it up and then go up the stairs and take the next lift down. There is a burning drone down here and that is what you are looking for. Grab it and return to the doc to finish the quest.

A Simple Favor

While you are at the Seaside Court, the woman vendor will ask you for help dealing with a Loan Shark. A man named Finn has exploited poor Molly and she can’t pay him back. That’s how she tells it atleast. You can find the Loanshark near the Iron Comic Store, just past the back alleys. Go up the stairs past the Iron Comic Store and take a quick right onto the skinny ledge near the stairs. Follow it around and you will find Finn. You can either pay him 2k scrap or kill him. I didn’t quite believe Molly so I paid him to see if I could get the truth later.

I ended up killing the Loan Shark later in the game but it didn’t change anything for me and Molly.

Aprils Fool
The Drone Vendor in the Seaside Court will give you this quest if you take the rose from behind his kiosk. He wants you to find out what happened to his girlfriend April. You will have to beat the boss Little Johnny and get the EMP Drone before you can complete the quest. Right after beating Little Johnny, exit the area through the new exit and follow the path until you have to take an elevator down. There is a EMP door down there and that the audio log you are looking for. When you return to Rex you can tell him what happened or lie and say you have no idea. I chose to tell him the truth and he sets off to rescue her from The Spark. If you lie he might stick around, I am not 100% sure though.

This quest is found in the Port Nixon, in the back alley. There is a door that you can rip open with your suit and inside is a woman. Penny will ask you to bring her a spare part for her freezer. She says destroying the robots in Port Nixon should do the trick. I killed a Drone that some bandit put out and got what I needed. When you return to her she will give you a reward in her freezer. Run to the end, break the box, and escape before you get grinded up. When you return you will have to fight with Penny. If you lose and return you will get her keycard and free her hostage, who says she will stay there for now. If you leave the area and come back the woman that you saved will sell the items Penny did before she left.

Tag Attack
This quest is found at the End Of The World Party. Speak to the DJ and he will tell you to spray each area of the map with the resistance marker. You have to spray the City Center, Port Nixon, Gideon’s Rock, AID Command, The Underground, and the Powerplant. Each time you complete one you can return to him for some scrap.

Fools Errand

Another quest you can find at the End Of The World Party. Talk to the man in the white camo hoddie at the bench. He will ask you to find out what happened to the children at the AID center. The AID command center is past Gateway Bravo, which is deeper in the game (level 35-40ish area). When you get toe Gateway Bravo, enter the AID command area and fight your way to the Family Waiting Area gate. Inside of here there are some robot and AID soldiers you need to kill. From there, look around until you see part of a wall missing on a building and enter there. This will lead you to the hospital and to the audio log you need. Drop down, take the lift, and at the top go right instead of left to find the log.

Carnal Pleasures
Another quest you can find at the End Of The World Party. Talk to Yoko at the party and she will ask for a drink. Go to the bar and bring the Sparkletini back to her. She will then ask for some meat from Pennys place in Port Nixon. Assuming you’ve already done that side quest you might already have the meat. If not, head to Port Nixon and to the back alley to find Penny’s place. Return with the meat and you will be rewarded with scrap.

Golden Opportunity
This quest is from the Bartender at the End Of The World Party. He wants you to craft him a full set of Gaia gear. He says you can get it from the robots in Gideon’s Rock. The robots look like statues at first but come to life as you approach. When you take a limb they still live, so be ready. The hardest part to get for me was the head. I had to use my drone to remove all the armor on the head and then rip it off. When you complete the set, sell it to the bar tender and he will reward you with a nano heavy weapon.

Garden Variety

You can find this quest from a robot in Gideon’s Rock, near the entrance to the CREO lab. Speak to the robot and ask him if he wants you to help him plant flowers. You need to find five lost seeds in the area and plant them. The first one is right near the robot, slightly out of the garden. For the second seed, head back to the entrance of the CREO institute of technology and follow the path back into the forest. Down the stairs you will see a cougar statue. Go around that and drop down the hole for the second seed. Follow the path from there back up into the forest and cross over to the next cougar sign. Kill the hunters there and grab the seed in the area.

The next two are found near the Mustang Trail repeller tower. From the tower, go through the pine trees until you see a switch you can hit to extend a bridge. Hit the switch, cross over, and grab the seed. Now head back across the bridge and take the trail up on the left. Follow it through and then take a left and stay on the left, there is a little gap you need to through. One the other side of the gap you will find your last seed. Now you just need to return and plant them all to complete the quest.

Time Is Of The Essence

This quest is found at the Gateway Bravo camp. Go to the medical tent and speak with the doctor there. She tells you the ones in the other room have been affects by radiation poison and she needs meds. You can find the meds past the big family check point in the AID Command area. There are two medical tents and one of them has the meds next to a dead body. Your reward is some scrap and some mod upgrade parts.

The Incredible Iron Maus
You can find this quest at the Cloud 9 party after the city goes to hell. Approach Baxter and he will tell you to meet him at the power plant.
Gone Missing
I’m not sure if you can get this at the Cloud 9 party or not, I got it when I found the people the officer was supposed to save. After the world goes to hell, post AID Command boss fight, go back to where you found the downed drone for the doctor. There is going to be a boss here and once you beat him, two humans escape and thank you for your help. Talk to them and they will reveal that some officer was supposed to be escorting them.
Thanks to Patrick__Starz for the comment in discord.

You can find Rex again at the top of the Power plant. Start on reactor level 2 and on the catwalk there is a railing missing and across a small gap a door that can be forced open. Go through the door and you are in a tunnel of sorts with a container truck and a Spark Fanatic, to your right is a force lift, take the lift up to the platform. To your left when you land is a mag lift go up that, you will be placed on a catwalk on the outside of the power plant, follow it around to the left. There will be a door to your left, don’t go in there yet. Go straight and to the left where there is a item Chest and a SPARK aspirant. Now go back to that door and take the stairs down to where the 3 Enemies are, kill them. There is a door to the left of the Hologram and opposite the door are stairs going down 1 more level to a item chest. Go through the door and turn right then go up the stairs. You will find Rex locked in a cage at the top of the stairs and if you talk with him you can choose to start the side quest Liberation which has you find a key from the prison guard to free Rex.

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