The Technomancer Quest Guide

The Technomancer Quest Guide
Check out this detailed The Technomancer Quest Guide for details on all of the main and secondary quests in The Technomancer including solutions to completing the difficult parts, outcomes of quests based on decisions, rewards and more.

A lot of the quests in The Technomancer feature choices you can make that often alter the outcome, change relationships with companions and influence rewards. We haven’t included those here so you can use the guide without coming across major spoilers but if you would like to see potential outcomes before completing a quest, use this guide alongside our Technomancer choices and consequences guide.

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Main Quests

Finding Earth
This quest is available through the main story after you complete the Initiation. Follow the objective markers on the map until you get to the Negotiate with Vory step. If you take a left as you enter The Slums you’ll fight a group of Vory. Take them all out and loot the bodies to find a pass. You can then head to the objective marker and use it on the Vory at the entrance to let you in. If you attack the nearby warehouse you fail this objective but can still complete the quest.

You need either 150 Serum or good Charisma stat to convince Anton Rogue to free the merchants. With level 1 Charisma you have a 50% chance to convince him. The best option here is to save before you enter and then reload if you fail. After you convince him head to the warehouse and use “Who will have profit will have honor” as the passphrase. The guards inside won’t attack you.

Once inside the warehouse you need level 1 lockpicking. If you’ve been looting chests there’s plenty of items that offer +1 at this point, make sure you save one and equip it. Head inside and speak with the merchant before heading back to The Exchange.

To continue with the next stage of the quest, Archaeology in the Desert, you need access to a Rover.

Archaeology in the Desert
Continue through the Fighting for Abundance quest line until you unlock the Rover. I suggest getting both this chain and the Fighting for Abundance chain to the same level so both quests have the objective to reach the Aurora Excavation site. When you reach the site fight through the enemies to reach the objective and then grab the Relic inside. Instead of heading back the way you came, check the other objective for the Counterattack quest and follow that to the objective there. Return to Ian Mancer and hand the quest in for your reward.

Under Surveillance
For this quest head to the Barracks and sleep until it is Twilight time. Speak with all of the people inside before speaking with the Captain. Ask the two building up confidence questions first, then gain trust. After that you need to search the lockers, you can access everyone’s locker but David Wards. Try to enter his locker and it tells you that you need a code. Return to David Ward and ask him about his childhood and personal questions until he mentions 126. You’ll learn that David is the spy and you have to arrange a meeting with him at the bar.

Speak with him and you will automatically go to the bar. There is a key choice here, as it’s part of the main story we have it in our Choice and Consequence guide so check that for more information.

Return to the Great Master at the Technomancer Temple to get your reward. A Technomancer jacket and 2500 exp.

In Search Of The Lost Dome
This part of the quest becomes available after you rescue the trapped Technomancers from The Technomancer Temple. Head back to Noctis and speak with Melvin Mancer to progress, and then make sure you have Amelia repair the Rover. After the 24 hour period Amelia will fix the Rover and you can use it to travel to the Lost Dome. There’s a couple of tough fights in The Lost Dome so make sure you bring your strongest companions, plenty of healing materials and your best upgraded gear.

The next stage of this quest has you seeking out a translator after grabbing the item from the Lost Dome. Return to Dandolo and speak to him about the translating. Next up you need to head to the rehabilitation camp. Head to the camp and take out all the guards. There is an optional objective to free the slaves. Interact with each of the cages to free them, you need level 3 lockpicking or you can find the key in the lockers in the room before the cells. When you have freed them all there is another optional objective to find a way for them to escape. Search the very far East wall, the total opposite side of where you came in, for another gate you can unlock. If you free all the slaves and unlock the door you get +2 Karma and +2 Niesha Reputation. If you don’t have level 3 lockpicking there is a room on the far East side with a locker that contains the key for the cells.

From there head to the room marked with the ? and search the very bottom level. Speak to the mutant there before talking to the prisoner at the control panel. You then just have to wait for Patience to decipher the text.

Rescue Operation – This mission starts pretty early but you don’t get the part to find Patience until after you form your alliances. You will have to fight your way to the dome to find Patience. You might remember this from the start of the game, the enemies are in the exact same positions. When you get to Patience exhaust all the dialogue options and make your escape.

Polar Expedition – You get this when you return from the Rescue Operation mission. Head to Ophir and go to the slums. You will need Ameilia and Scott for this next part. Go to the Hanger in the slums, this area where you first got the Rover, and inside you will need to find some notes. Go into the shed and check the locker, it needs a code. Talk to Ameila, then Scott and then Scott again and he will give you a few codes to try.

After you open the locker go left side of the room and you will see a couple of red barrels and a DANGER sign with a small section in between. On the wall in between those two things there is a drawing. check that area out and you can use the key there. This will let you create the Icebreaker so you can go to the Ice City.

The next stage is to get the cold clothes from the ASC hide out in Ophir. You will have to fight your way there, fight inside the base and fight for the clothes so come prepared. when you have them, exit and head to the Lost Dome. At the lost Dome you will have a mini boss fight and you will have to collect three parts for your Rover. After that, return to the Mutant Valley and have Amelia fix up the Rover.

Hello Earth – This is Mars – After you get the clothes and upgrade the Rover you can finally head to the Ice Dome. Here you will have to do a couple of boss fights and both of them are annoying and meant to add more time to the game. The last boss has a ton of HP so bring plenty of healing potions and be sure to upgrade anything you need to upgrade before you face it. You will get multiple choices at the end of this mission. Use this href=”” target=”_blank”>Choice and Consequence guide for more information.

Fighting For Abundance
The Deserters
This is a multipart mission but the Deserter part is timed so you will want to start there. The objective is to kill all the Deserters and their leader before they can escape. There are 3 camps of Deserters on the map and then a warehouse where their leader is. The warehouse has to be last because once you take down the leader the others will run and you will miss out on any you didn’t kill. When you take down Boris, the Deserter leader, you will have a choice to make. Check out out Choice and Consequence guide if you want to know what will happen.

Break The Opposition
The next stage of this quest takes place in the Slums. Head to the main market area with the two merchants, there’s a ? icon on the map that means you need to explore the area. Search for a beggar who is standing near the male merchant with the goggles. Pay him some Serum and he’ll tell you about the people you’re looking for. Get close to the enemies but don’t get too close. Use stealth and find a nearby location to hide, I hid near some barrels above them. You can then “Spy” to hear their whispers.

From there head to the next objective marker. These is a choice here, more information in our Choice and Consequence guide. I chose to let Bulgakov escape and lied in my report. I got reputation with The Abundance Army still and the other rewards.

Personal Protection
For the next step in this quest head to the Slums and clear the hangar area of civilians. You can ask them to move before you engage in combat. With 1 Charisma point you have a 50% chance to convince them to leave, or you can spend 10 Serum. Clear them out and then head inside to proceed. From there, escort the team through the objective markers until you reach the end. Head back to the Barracks and claim your reward.

Down To Work!
For this part of the quest you need to head to the Mutants Pen in the Slums. Interact with the 4 different types of mutants to get them to return to work. You can heal the mutants, each earning you +2 reputation with The Mutants, and other things like helping to repair tools. Return to the captain for Abundance Army reputation. Hand the quest in to the Quartermaster to finish the chain.

Counter Attack
The final quest before leaving to discover a new area. Head to the Rover Hangar and take the Rover to reach the Aurora Excavation site. Simply fight through the enemies here to reach the objective marker. There are Mutants on the way you can rescue that earn you +1 reputation for The Mutants. Continue through following the objectives until you’ve set the detonator. Then return to the Rover and blow it up. Head back and speak with the Captain to finish off this quest and get +1 Reputation With Abundance.

Captain Eliza
When you begin this part of the quest you will not be able to complete any side quests in the area. Also, make sure you have as many health and focus items crafted as possible as there’s a lengthy time before you can craft new ones. The next stage of this quest has you speak to Captain Eliza as she discusses every important quest and decision you’ve made up to this point. Most of it is set in stone but there’s a few conversation choices that can alter the outcome. Check out our Choice and Consequence guide.

A Safe Haven

The Escape
You need to escape the area. You don’t have to fight any of the soldiers if you don’t want to. You can simply run straight to the entrance to The Slums, lose the aggro from the nearby squad of 3 soldiers and then enter to progress with the mission. The Slums is similar, you can run straight to the hanger to get the Rover but there’s 3 guys you have to fight before you can enter. When you get inside there’s a boss fight so make sure you’ve got plenty of stims.

Race Against The Sun
You need to get to the city before sunrise. There are several routes you can take but they all contain enemies and low quality loot. You can also skip through everything entirely and head straight to the objective. If you do, you will only have to fight a small number of the weak flying enemies to open the door. There’s a large wave of enemies behind the door.

Meeting At Aurora – You get this mission after when you are leaving Noctis. When you get there be ready for a fight. There are about 10 enemies against you and your team at this part. There are others that stand by and watch but you have to deal with the enemies yourself. Use the concrete barrier to lure them in close and blow them up with Explosive traps.

Escort In The Desert – Right after the Meeting At Aurora you will be on this mission. For whatever reason you don’t actually spawn at the place you need to go so head to the rover and use it to enter the Canyon. You will have to beat a mini boss here. He can poison you so try to stick with ranged but also watch out for exploding gas creatures. Explosive traps work well here because he tries to get in your face. After that go all the way to the end of the path and then return to the rover and head to Mutant village or whatever its called.

A Guide For A Young Nation – When you return to the Mutant stronghold this will be your next mission. You will have to kill some enemy mutants and then stop Cain. When you bring down Cain you can arrest him or drain him and kill him.

If you arrest him you will get his armor and mace and also 2 Karma. If you kill him you get all his gear and lose 1 Karma.

You will get another choice after, Phobos or Scum as leader. If you pick Scum, Phobos will still leave to help lead the Mutants and you will get +1 rep with the Mutants. If you pick Phobos to be the leader, Scum will join him and you will still gain +1 rep with the Mutants.

Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince

Head to the objective marker and speak with Dandolo to begin this series of quests. Head to the objective marker, a Trader, and purchase 3 sets of Abundance Officer’s Uniform. Make sure it is the Officer’s version, the Soldier’s version will not work. Once you’ve got the uniforms head to the Rover shaped transport point on your map and travel to Aurora’s Shadow Path. Note: Once you travel here you cannot leave until you complete the quest.

Back On Track
This one is pretty straight forward. Simply head to the objective marker and speak with the Mutant at the location to return the Rover. You can use Charisma or Science to convince him, he’ll return the Rover within 12 hours. After the 12 hours return to Dandolo to inform him that the Rover has been returned. You get +1 Noctis Reputation. Head to the next objective marker for the 2nd piece. The final piece costs 200 Serum and can be found at Tom Goodsman merchant store at The Exchange.

After that speak with Amelia and she’ll ask you for some Serum to replace her tools and some parts to repair the Rover. Head to each of the objective markers on the map to find the items for the Rover. The final part requires you to take the travel point out. Give all the parts to Amelia and ask her to repair the Rover. This will take 24 hours.

Brothers In Danger
You need to head to The Underworks and take the entrance underneath The Technomancer Temple. You can run all the way to the entrance and avoid combat with everything except 5 soldiers guarding the entrance, but these aren’t hard to deal with. When you enter the new area there are a lot of soldiers. You need to activate a ladder to be able to drop, which you cannot do in combat and the soldiers here will follow you the entire way so it’s best to take them out as you come across them.

A Worm In The Apple
After grabbing the quest head to the objective marker and speak with the merchant. Then head to the next one and speak with the distressed woman. New objectives appear on the map. Speak with all of the Vory, you can use your Charisma to make them leave. Eventually you’ll meet the bigger Vory, you can decide to let him stay and get extra missions from him. I used Charisma to convince him to leave. You will then have to engage Anton Vogue to stop him sending people to Noctis so head back to The Slums. Doing the mission this way and returning to Dandolo nets you +3 Noctis Reputation.

Speak with the merchant inside Noctis to grab the materials you need. From there you need to travel to The Underworks and speak with the merchant there. Get the information from the merchant before reporting the details back to Dandolo. You get +2 Noctis Reputation.

Under Threat
This quest opens as soon as you complete Contraband and speak with Dandolo. You need to interrogate Eliza Major, Anton Rogue and Bulgakov. Depending on quest outcomes from earlier periods some if these will automatically fail or succeed. This is another simple but lengthy quest. Just follow the objective markers and speak with the remaining targets before returning to Noctis.

When you return to Noctis you’ll have to speak to a few more people and ask the Technomancers for help. When you return from rescuing Patience you will have to wait 2 days until you can speak with him again. Turns out someone has moved him and you need to go find out why. Return to the Technomancers and the next part of the mission will have you taking out 6 sets of under cover agents. At this point the game is literally just tacking on enemies and distance to add more length to the game.

The Harder They Fall
Find Your AlliesThis is the mission you get after you deal with the Mutant Valley leader. This is going to be heavily dependent on your previous choices and who you have decent rep with.

Technomancers – You can get the support of the Technomancers that you have saved in the Mutant Village. After saving them from the Army they gladly accepted the fight.

Dandolo – You can get Dandolo and his squad to join you as well if you have good rep with Noctis.

The Army – You can get Eliza and the army to join you if you have high rep with the Army.

You can also get Anton and another ally if you have high enough rep with them, I did not.

The General’s Evidence – After you finish Find Your allies you unlock the next parts of this mission. Talk to the Technomancer Master near the mutant leader and he will tell you where to go. You will need to arrive at twilight in order to access the next part of the mission. When you arrive you have to stop the train. Go tinker with the Generator and that will stop it and spawn the enemies.

You will need to get the info out of him by beating on him or using Charisma to get him to talk. When you get his Tablet you need to give it to Eliza. You can do anything else in Ophir while you are there. After you give the tablet to Eliza the mission is over and you get 2k Exp.

Powder In The Wheels – This is another mission you get after you find your allies. You need to get to the Mutant Coral in Ophir. Talk to the leader inside the coral Coral and he will want you to get a bomb and tell his people to escape. You are going to need some Charisma here so equip armor with the stat buff on it. One of them will fight you as well but its a only one. Talk to Amelia about the bombs if she is with you. You will need to complete the first couple parts of the Polar Expedition mission before she will make you one. Once you do that she makes it for you right away. Give the bomb to the Mutant leader in the Slums and the quest will be complete.

Reserved Judgement – This one popped up when I got to Ophir. You need to head to the Slums and talk to a man there. He wants you to find a secret ASC base in the city. Go talk to the Mutant sweeping in the pens and she will help you find the location. The entrance is near where you can talk to Eliza.

You will have to fight your way to the Son and you need to convince him to join his dad. You can get 100% success rate with high enough Charisma. If not you can use Neisha and she will trick him into leaving. Return to the Judge afterwards to complete the quest.

Divine Disapproval – Another mission you get after you form your alliances. You need 3 Relics and 3 ASC uniforms which can be found in Noctis. You can either buy the Relics from the Mutant trader or you can get them form the priest by attacking him. You will lose a Karma for attacking the priest and he will be upset. You can buy the Uniforms from the merchant marked on the map for 230 Serum. You need to hand them over to one of your allies so they can play the part later. I handed mine to Dandolo and he accepted with no issues. After that go to the Slums on Ophir and take out the guys there. Grab the relics from them and give it to the Assembly member on Ophir to finish this mission.

The Peoples Assembly – You can do this quest after you get enough support from the people. You will want to bring some Charisma into the conversation with the assembly member. The first option is a Charisma Option and it just adds to your cause if you get it right.

There are some options here but you cannot fail if you got to this point. No matter what happens the people will take Viktor down.

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Secondary Quests

A Soldiers Bitterness
You only get this one if you kill the deserters during that part of the Fighting For Abundance Mission. Talk to the soldier in the barracks after you return to Eliza and he will tell you where David went. Head to the Curiosity and you will find him there. You might want to save before you talk to him because you will have a charisma choice you can use to save him. With one point in Charisma you will get a 75% chance of having him come back to your team and not be labeled a deserter.

You also have the choice to threaten him but this will just make him mad and he won’t go back. If your charisma is low you can also take another route to save him. First pick Try To Understand, talk about what Boris said and then tell one’s own story.

A Nasty Invasion
This quest becomes available after you complete The Deserters in Fighting For Abundance. Speak with the Quartermaster. You are tasked with making/finding 3 traps and then giving them to Ryan Steward. Once you have the 3 traps just hand them to the Quarter master for relationship boost, experience points and Serum.
Combat Drug
This quest becomes available immediately after you complete A Nasty Invasion. After you have the quest exit the barracks and head to the nearest objective marker, there’s a citizen outside trying to get in. Speak with her to complete the first stage of the quest. Head to the next objective marker, you’ll need level 1 lockpicking to get inside. You get 1 Karma point for completing the quest in this fashion.

Return to the Quartermaster for your reward, 80 Serum. Next up you’ll need to head to the Slums and speak with Scott regarding an antidote. Speak with Scott Seeker and he will make you an antidote.

Return the antidote to the Quartermaster for Abundance Army reputation and some experience points.

A Professors Worries
You can get this quest from Scott Seeker in the Slums, it’s the same professor you speak with during the Combat Drug quest. From here head to the objective marker and speak with Veronica Seeker outside the entrance. You will need to convince her to give you the information. If you choose to speak about the disappearance further you can unlock another convince option. It is either Charisma or Science.

After you convince her to give you more information you need to return to Scott Seeker. For some reason it was not featured on the map for me so if it’s the same for you, here is Scott Seekers Location.

Scott Seekers Location

Speak with him to get onto the next stage of the quest. After speaking with Scott Seeker head back to the Barracks and speak with Eliza Major. Return to his lab and speak with Veronica Seeker to get information relating to his research. After you get Charles Seekers notes return to Scott Seeker to complete the quest. You get some experience points and reputation with Scott Seeker.

The Feeling Of Being Followed
You can get this quest from one of your Companions, Jeffrey Hunter. Directly after speaking with Veronica Seeker during the A Professor’s Worries quest speak with Jeffrey and accept to listen to him. Then accept his plan before heading to the Barracks. Once you get to the Barracks begin the quest. Follow the objective markers outside, make sure you don’t stray too far or you will fail the quest. When you take down the spy search his body before returning to the Barracks area to speak with Alan Mancer. Take him out for reputation with Jeffrey Hunter and some experience points.
Arena Champion
You will find this quest in the Slums at the bar The Curiosity. Go to the back of the bar and talk to the man there to gain access to the arena. You will have to do three fights in order to become the champions for tier one. First fights are pretty easy, just some thugs. Second one gets a bit tougher because of the second round where you fight those electric bug things. I had to use my nail gun and keep the distance on the big ones because getting close wasn’t working. Last round use your explosive traps on the thugs and try to take down the guy with the assault rifle first, he’s the most annoying one.

When you finish the first stage of the championship you have to wait some time before you can continue on the quest. You cannot do the second stage until you find Noctis so come back later. The next stage is far more difficult. It’s hard to write a guide for it as it entirely depends on your combat skill and the paths you’ve taken. Just make sure you’re stocked up on traps and injections.

Unequal Combat
You get this right before you get the Arena Champion mission but in order to get the info you need, you have to beat the Arena Champion mission first. When you are done with the Arena Champion mission, leave the arena and talk to Sam near the door. He will give you a way point so you can go deal with the assassins.

You can choose to kill them or to just leave. I just picked the option to kill them and knocked them all out so I could loot them. If you want to drain them you can but you will lose Karma. The next way point is back at the bar so head back.

You can ask for a bribe to forget about the case or you can stop him. You will get 100 Serum if you choose to except the bribe and lose 1 Karma. If you arrest him you will have to fight him. After you beat him you will arrest him and gain 1 rep with the Army and 3 Karma. Return to the wife for 1k EXP and 80 Serum.

A Missing Girl
This quest can be found on a person of interest located in The Slums a short distance from the Rover Hangar. A mother asks you to find her missing daughter, Sarah. Head to the objective marker on your map and speak with Anton Rogue about the location of Sarah. After that return to the mother to gather more information.

She tells you to speak to someone. Head to the objective marker. If it’s the wrong time of day you will hear dialogue suggesting he’s at work. Come back at days end and speak with him there. You will need higher Charisma to convince him to give you more information.

After you get the information head to the next objective. You’ll find Sarah being held captive. There’s 2 choices here. You can defend her to accept 250 Serum and leave. If you leave the quest is over.

You can defend her and then more choices come up. You can take her back to her mother, let her leave by herself or offer your help. Choose to help her and you get +3 Karma. You can then head to The Exchange to speak with Fiorello for 1000 exp.

Gun Running
You get this quest from Anton Rogue. Speak with him and ask about any available work, if you’re the right level and have progressed enough through the story he will give you this quest. Head back to the Barracks and speak with the Quartermaster to get the crate of weapons. You then have a choice of who to take the weapons too.

If you deliver the shipment to the soldier at the station you will lose -4 Vory Reputation and gain +1 Army Reputation. When you hand the completed quest in at the Quartermaster you’ll get a further 50 Serum and 1,000 exp. You can still get the other missions from Anton after, but he will not be happy about the situation.

If you choose to deliver the shipment of weapons to Anton Rogue instead, you’ll have to fight through some soldiers to get there. You can actually bypass the guards if you can run behind the fence before they attack but it can be tricky. Or you can go completely around them by going through the Underworks. If you hand the items in to Anton Rogue you get 1,000 exp, AC Soldiers Helmet, +2 Vory Reputation and -1 Army Reputation.

Extortion Under Threat
This is another quest from Anton Rogue that you get if you decide to hand him the weapons. Head to the objective marker and speak with the traders. When you speak with the second trader you can take him out and not lose any Karma. You gain +2 Vory Reputation, ASC Greaves, 1000 exp.

A Bothersome Witness
This quest can be found on an NPC just behind Anton Rogue’s place. There’s a trader on the map nearby, it’s right near there at the Person of Interest icon. It was available during the Extortion Under Threat mission. It tells you to wait 24 hours before speaking with the Merchant but there is a choice here.

You can speak with Anton Rogue and inform him about the traitor, this ends the quest and you get +2 Vory Reputation.

The other option is to wait until the timer runs down and return to the trader. Once it runs down it starts another timer of 12 hours so if you rest, don’t rest too much. Escort him to the objective location and you lose -4 Vory Reputation.

Contraband Recovery
This is the next quest in Anton Rogue’s quest line after you complete the Extortion Under Threat quest. It’s a simple mission. Head back to the barracks and break into the Quartermasters safe storage, there’s a key in the room. Open the container and take Anton Rogue’s contraband. Report back to Anton Rogue to get AC Spy Jacket, 1000 exp, +1 Vory Reputation and -1 Army Reputation.
Just On The Market
This is the next quest in Anton Rogue’s quest line after you complete the Contraband Recovery quest. Head to the exchange and speak with the drug dealer to get a sample. You can either pay 75 Serum or use Charisma to persuade her to give you the sample.

After you have the sample head to The Slums and speak with Ethan Host. You can then head upstairs to analyze the sample, I failed and had to find help. If you also fail you’ll need to visit Scott Seeker to help with the sample.

After that you have a choice. If you return to the drug dealer you have to bribe her 100 Serum not to blow your cover and then go speak with Anton Rogue. WARNING: There is a potential bug here. I returned to speak with Anton, chose the option that I needed more time, and then I was unable to progress so I could not pick either option. Either save before talking to him at all, or make the decision on the stop. Copying my path will likely result in a similar bug.

A Memory Problem
You get this quest from Fiorello in The Exchange. After you get the quest head to the Barracks and interact with the item near the Quartermaster. From there head to The Slums and walk around, eventually you will be attacked by one of the Black Dahlia Gang. If you get the girl back you get -1 Vory Reputation and -1 Army Reputation.

Return to Fiorello and tell him what you did. You’ll get +1 Karma and 1000 exp.

A Bodyguard For A Merchant
Head to the objective marker and speak with Beg the mutant. Then speak to the supervisor who refuses to sell Beg. A brief fight follows and then you can either bribe him 100 Serum or try to convince him with Charisma. Return to Fiorello for 1000 exp and 100 Serum.
Scattered Clients
You get this quest from Fiorello in The Exchange. First off head to the Quartermaster at the Barracks and warn him. Then head to The Slums and speak with the other merchant before returning to Fiorello. You get 1000 exp and 100 Serum.

Souvenir For A Mother
After you recruit Beg for Fiorello in A Bodyguard For A Merchant you can speak with Beg to get this quest. Head to The Slums and speak with Beg’s mother to give her the item. The result is, unexpected. Return to Beg for 500 exp.
Marks Of The Past
You get this quest from Lucky in The Exchange. He is standing near Fiorello and Tom Goodsman. After you agree to help Lucky head back to the Technomancer Chapel to speak with Master Connor. When you arrive he won’t be there so you will need to speak with Ian Mancer. He’ll tell you that Master Connor has gone down to the Underworks. Prepare for a fight, there’s several beast enemies surrounding Master Connor, you’ll need to take them down first. Follow him back to the elevator and head back up to The Exchange.

From there follow Master Connor to Lucky, and then stealth nearby so you can listen in on the conversation. From there return to the Barracks and speak with the captain for your reward. 500 experience points.

Crowds Of Beggars
You get this quest from Tom Goodsman in The Exchange. Head to the two objectives and speak with both beggars to learn of a much more sinister plot in the area. Head back to Fiorello and purchase 3x sets of Beggars Rags. Equip on each of your party members. Head to the objective and speak with the Smuggler, you’ll have to pay him 200 Serum to proceed. Head to the Underworks and meet the merchant. You can either let him escape or kill him. I chose to kill him, you actually have to Drain Serum for it to progress. You lose 1 Karma.

Head back to Tom Goodsman and he’ll reward you with 100 exp.

The Explorers Father
This quest becomes available after you complete the majority of Fighting For Abundance and return on the Rover. Head to Scott’s lab and search the far end of the room for the item. Return to Amelia before heading to speak with Scott’s ex-wife. You can either pay her 50 Serum or use your Charisma or Science to get the answers you need.
A Friend Under Pressure
You get this quest from Niesha. She can be found up the stairs at The Source, not far from the Technomancer Temple. After you get the quest head to the objective and speak with Abbie Goodsman. Head back to the Barracks and speak with the soldier near the crafting table and then search his bags. Lastly, speak with the captain. If she is not where she usually is check the nearby benches as sometimes she sits there. Speak with her about the soldier and Abbie Goodsman.

Head outside to the objective. You get a timed quest when you reach the soldier so be prepared. Take them out and then return to Niesha for 500 exp.

This quest is available once you enter Noctis. Check out the person of interest near Dandolo, the Zoologist. When you get the quest make sure you speak to the Zoologist about each of the targets you have to kill are added to your map. After you have the quest you need to use the Rover type transport point on your map to travel back to The Underworks. From there move to the objective point on the 2nd underground level. There’s a large group of electric enemies here so be prepared. After that you have to return to Noctis to get the information on the next creature you have to kill. You get 150 Serum for the first kill, then you have to travel to Valles Marineris to take down a Black Mole.

Head to the objective location. Be careful as a lot of the enemies will follow you straight to the Black Mole so clear the immediate area first. The Black Mole also has a very small area of combat so don’t flee too far or kick it too far as it will reset. Killing the Black Mole and returning the sample will net you 300 Serum. The final enemy is in

This is another quest available in Noctis. Check out the person of interest located near the main gate, The Preacher. Once you get the quest head out to the gate to enter Valles Marineris. This is a very easy mission but it’s a little long. You have to head to all the objective markers to find the relics, there’s a good amount of fighting between and at the locations so be sure you’re stocked up. The final one is up to the first level so take the ramp near the lift to the Caravanseria to get up there for the final one.

Return to The Preacher. There are multiple choices here. If you accept the sale you will get 500 Serum.

Miracle Healing
Speak to the Refugee in Noctis near the Valles Marineris entrance on the lower floor. Bring Scott with you to save time. Head to the objective marker and speak with the Refugee. You don’t need to use the convince option, just ask the other two options to unlock the next stage of the quest. Get Scott to analyze the blood sample then head to the next objective and speak with the Cook. Search the table nearby for a sample of the soup and then speak with Scott again to have him test it.

Go to speak with the preachers son. Defeat him in combat and you are given 3 choices. Let him live, kill him or accept his Serum and let him go. If you let him live you get +2 Karma, Noctis Reputation +2 and 25 Serum.

Accept serum – get 250 serum and get +1 Karma and when you return you get +2 rep for Noctis.

If you choose to kill him you will have to drain him and that will make you lose 1 Karma. When you return to the quest giver you still get +2 rep with Noctis and 50 Serum.

Strange Fruit
Continue with quests in Noctis until you open a mutant person of interest that discuses lynching with you. Head to the ? area on the map and speak with the Merchant. You can use Charisma or pay 50 Serum for the information you need. Head to the next objective to speak with the fanatics. When you return to denounce the fanatics you can convince the mutant not to kill them, but you get -1 Mutant Reputation.
Wind Turbine Robbery
Speak with Marco the Wind Turbine Manager to begin this quest – he’s a person of interest located near the Cook. Quest became available shortly after I returned from the Aurora’s Shadow Path. Head to the mutant and use your Charisma to get information about the robbers. The rest of the quest is just a series of objective markers before leaving the area to confront the boss. The boss has 5-6 allies so go prepared. After you defeat him return to Marco for +2 Noctis Reputation and +2 Vory Reputation.
I got this quest from Niesha after speaking with Dandolo for the first time in Noctis. I headed to my room nearby and spoke with her there. Listen to her story to get the quest. Head to The Slums and enter the Vory warehouse. There’s a group of enemies inside but they don’t pose much of a threat. After you defeat the enemies you have a choice to encourage Niesha or intervene.

If you encourage – You lose 1 karma, lose 2 Rep with the Vory and get 3 rep with Neisha.

If you intervene you get +2 Karma, +1 Noctis and +3 Niesha reputation.

A New Great Master
You get this quest when you return from the quest to save The Technomancers from The Technomancer Temple. Speak with Melvin Mancer to progress and then speak with each of the Technomancer Masters. When you speak with each of the Masters you will have to complete something to earn their approval. Begin from left to right as you look at the group and speak with the first master. He will ask questions, here are the answers:

Answer 1: The Moon
Answer 2: 87%
Answer 3: John Glenn
Answer 4: Mariner 4

The next Technomancer Master asks you to upgrade his staff. Simply take it to a crafting bench and upgrade it. Next up speak with the Elite Technomancer. You have to beat her in combat to get her approval. It’s not a tough fight as it’s just 1v1 but be careful as if you fall below 15% health, she considers it a loss and you will have to challenge her again. Speak with the final Elite Technomaster for another series of questions.

Answer 1: A doctor and his patient, the first Technomancer
Answer 2: A cup filled with water
Answer 3: To always protect the secret and try to find the Earth

You get 1000 exp for completing the quest.

Counter Ambush
You get this quest after you complete Finding Earth up to In Search of the Lost Dome. Head to the merchant and speak with him about the caravan. Head back and give your findings before having to search for the spy. Head to the ? area and speak to the merchant next to the fan. You’ll have to beat him in a fight. You can choose to kill him or let him go. If you let him go you get nothing, and it will likely be discovered later. When you report your findings you can choose to lie and say the merchant is dead, or say he left the city. I said he left the city and got 1000 exp and 250 Serum.

Bloody Revenge
This one can be found at Anton’s lackey in Noctis. Ask him for work and this is the first mission he will give you. Head out into the canyon and go to the marker. Turn your brightness up and search around the outside of the question mark to find two dead bodies. Check them both then return to Noctis and head to the next way point. There are three people you will have to talk to in Noctis.

When you have to go talk to the Miltiaman you will get a science choice so equip your science armor. Turns out he didn’t do it so you will have to watch the girls to see what they are hiding. This next part seemed to be bugged because I had to watch the girls but I couldn’t interact with anything near the way markers.

Underground Newspaper
This mission becomes available during the main story quest, Under Threat. When you head to The Slums and the arena search upstairs. A man beckons for your attention, speak with him to begin this quest. After you get the quest head into the nearby room to get to the next stage. From there it’s another lengthy quest that just involves running to people and speaking with them before running all the way back to the arena to hand it in.

From there head to The Exchange to find the stencil maker. You get +10 Opposition Reputation.

Scotts Son
This is a quest from Amelia. I got it after freeing the Technomancer from the prison while waiting for him to decipher the text. She asks you to find more information on Scott’s son. You will need to go to Ophir access the archives there. Everyone is still pissy with you so I just ran to the entrance of the archives and fought my way in. You will have to fight the guys inside as well. On the second floor you can find what you need and wrap up the quest.

A Well In The Desert
This is the first side quest in the Mutant Valley. You can get it after you pick a leader. Talk to Scum and ask him for work and he will tell you to search for a well pump. You need to go all the way around in order to access the well. When you get to the well it is missing parts. You have to go steal it form another zone. Whichever place you steal it from you will lose 1 rep there.
Help The Rebel Slaves
This is another mission you get after you find your allies. You need to get to the Mutant Coral in Ophir. You will need to take out the Mutant guard for the key then you have to escort the Mutants to the Underworks.
The Voice Of The Ancestors
After completing Help The Rebel Slaves this mission became unlocked. You will need to collect two major artifacts from the Church in Noctis and in Ophir. The one in Noctis is pretty simple to get but you need 1 lock picking so bring a jacket if you don’t have the skill. You can’t go up the stairs to the church so go to the right and climb up there. Clear out the guards and loot the locker near the marker for the relic.

The second Relic is in the Technomancer temple on Ophir. You have to get in and grab it which means fighting some army members. Return to Scum after you complete it.