The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Guide: Side Quest Guide

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Guide: Side Quest Guide
The Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 introduces a ton of new side quests for you to undertake. Some are simple kill missions while others require a bit more thinking. Check out this The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Side Quest Guide to help you get through them all!

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Side Quest Guide

I’d start in the north if I were you, lower level quests around there to help you get gear and gold.

Vintners Contract: Rivecalme Storehouse
This will probably be your first contract in the Blood and Wine expansion. slightly north and west of the Dulcinea Windmill you will find a cave entrance with a guy standing outside. He will ask you to clear out the cellar for him and he will pay you to do it. I got him up to 160, didn’t try past that. There are about 4 Ghouls and an Aghoul inside you will have to deal with. Kill them, loot the place and return for your reward.
Wine Wars: Coronata
You can find this quest Plegmund’s Bridge which is north west of the Dulcina windmill, just follow the road to the notice board. You actually get two quests here, one to clear the west and one to clear the east. I was able to get 800 Gold out of the client before accepting his quest. All you have to do is clear out the 5 of the Question Marks marked on the map. Two things you need to watch out for, when you save the Herbalist check the bandits corpses for a note and read it. Second there was a note on a body at the guarded treasure you will also want to read.

After you beat the quest you can then return to Liam and let him take over the other side as well.

Coin Doesnt Stink
This is a Hidden treasure quest that you will find during Wine Wars Coronata. go to the marker and you can find the chest inside some hay on the edge of the circle.
Wine Wars: Vermentino
You can find this quest Plegmund’s Bridge which is north west of the Dulcina windmill, just follow the road to the notice board. You actually get two quests here, one to clear the west and one to clear the east. I was able to get 800 Gold out of the client before accepting his quest. You will need to clear out the 5 marked Question marks on the west side of the area. In the area of the guarded treasure you will want to loot the corpse with the note and they key, this will start another quest.
Dont Take Candy From A Stranger
This is the Hidden Treasure Quest you find during the Wine Wars Vermentino quest. Head over to the marker you can find the Chest inside a patch of Sunflowers near the red building.

Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machina
In order to get this quest you will need to collect the notes on both of the other Wine Wars quests. You don’t have to complete it to complete the other Wine Wars but to get the true end to the quest you do. Head south the marker and enter the cellar. The monster inside is 42 so be ready for that. After you kill it, burn the seedlings with Igni and search for the note to prove who has been causing the sabotage. Return guy who started the Wine Wars quest and you can complete that pat of the quest.
Wine Wars: Belgaard
You get this one after you complete the other Wine War quests. Again you will have to clear out 5 question marks on the map but this time you don’t have to look for notes. There are notes but I think they are for if you didn’t figure out the problem before hand. I was able to get 1000 from them and that was the first offer so feel free to go higher and test the waters. After you return, wait three days and you will get to pick the name of their new wine. I went with White Wolf but the others are fine choices also.
A Knights Tales
You get this quest from the board at Castel Ravello Vinyard, south west of Plegmund’s Bridge. Head to the way point and talk to the Woodcutter near the wolf. Use your Witcher sense to examine the tree and the blood on the rock below it. Talk to the Woodcutter again and you can get 105 gold out of him for the quest. Head to the next marker on the map and examine the hut with your Witcher sense. Check under the bear skin on the wall to find what you are looking for.

You have two choices here, threaten the witch or break the curse yourself. I choose to break the curse myself(seems like the bad way to beat it) and I was then locked out of the house and the Witch left.

Go back to the Woodsman and tell him you know how to break the curse. Wait for night time to come and then start lighting the fires. This sent her into a rage and I had to fight her. Use Yrden to slow her down and take her out. This seems to be the BAD way to end the quest so maybe try the other way.

Instead you can threaten the witch. After the cut-scene you have to fight her and the pet, kill them both. When you return to the tree, the dog has killed Jacob – so the choice is yours.

Vitners Contract: Chuchote Cave
You can find this contract at the Question Mark south of Castel Ravello Vineyard. The Wine Merchant will want you to clear out spiders for him. I got him up to 170 coins after failing at 175. You will have to clear the cave of about 6 spiders and one Large spider. Be careful with the large one, I underestimated how much it would do and I actually almost died.
The Warble Of A Smitten Knight
You can find this quest at the Cockatrice Inn board. I do think you need to do the Tournament Grounds main mission before you can get this one. I was able to get 550 Coins out of him but that’s where I started to you can try to go higher. You need to do the training that he asks you to do.

These are pretty simple, target practice, horse racing, and combat training. I don’t know if it is required but I did them all just to touch up on my skills. You can redo them right after you complete them if you want but it is not required. After you complete all of the training you can go to the tent and join the tournament. You get to choose if you fight as Geralt or under the name of someone else for the Tournament. All this does it change the name of the gear you get and their appearance. If you want the White Wolf looking type gear then go with Geralt but if you want more of of this area’s type of gear then go with the other guy. The stats end up being the same either way.

The tournament starts with the shooting range, be sure to only hit the RED targets. He isn’t to hard to beat, I got him 9 to 3. You will get Geralt’s Crossbow for winning. Afterwards you will have to search Lady Vivienne’s tent for clues. Use your Witcher sense to help you find all the important clues, you are sort of timed so grab the Red ones and the note.

The second match will be the race. This is probably the most challenging one. While riding you will want to hit the dummies with your sword and targets with your crossbow to add more time. You don’t have to hit them all, I only hit about half, but you will need some even with a ton of stamina on Roach. For winning you will get a Saddle with your crest on it.

When you win you will go to eat with your friend and then you will be challenged to a duel by the prince you insulted at the horse race. If you accept you have to face him on horse back which is hard. The best chance you will have is to hold the attack and slow down for timing. I aimed for the back of the horse instead of the guy on the actual mount. Next you will be chasing down Vivienne to confront her before the Melee tomorrow. Head into the room and follow the bird into the wilderness. Vivienne will reveal her secret and you will tell her that you can help.

When you return you can tell the guy about her Curse or not. I told him about the curse and he offered to take the curse off of her and turn into a bird himself. You can use the Water Method if you want since he has offered to sacrifice himself. You can choose to back out of the tournament or proceed with the last match. I proceeded with the last match and it pretty much is a 1v5. Take them down one by one and don’t get surrounded or they will beat you down. You can use potions but not bombs or magic. For winning you will take out the previous champion. He is pretty much just a normal human with a lot more HP, dodge his attacks and strike afterwards. Winning will get you the Geralt of Rivia sword and 200 coins.

Now here is where the real choice comes in. You need to choose which method to use on Vivienne. The reflection method is the method that removes the curse and doesn’t harm anyone. If you choose to do the method Vivenne preferred you will still get paid but she will leave and she will only have 7 years left to life. Guillaume will be mad, alone and have less money because of you.

Big Game Hunter
You can get this from the Cocktrice Inn notice board. A count is looking for you by name so make this your active quest and head over. He wants you to escort him through the wilderness while he takes pictures basically. I got him up to 235 but you might be able to get him a bit higher. You need to NOT attack any of the animals in the forest while you are with him or he will get mad. For the panthers, use Axii to calm them and then free them.

For the centipedes you will have to use your Witcher sense to follow them underground. After you get to the nest, go up to the vantage point and use your Witcher sense to interact with the ground so the count will join you. Use Aard to get the Centipedes to jump out.

Lastly you will be going after Peacocks. Use your Witcher sense to find a tail feather then follow the scent. when you get to the pack of them, use Axii on three of them. After the picture is taken you will have to kill a giant centipede. Once that is done, you will return to where you started the quest and get paid. There is another part to the quest that you will have to do in a day. Wait until the time required and then head to the marker. Hje will give you a painting you can either sell or hang in your house.

Extreme Cosplay
I actually ran into this one during one of the main quests. There is a building to the east of Francollarts if you follow the road. you will find a dead guy and another guy looking for help. Talk to him to start the quest, he will follow you in. Follow the tracks with your Witcher sense and use Aard on the door. Inside a massacre has taken place. Go up the stairs and check the burned body to get a scent, follow it. When you get to the door, knock on it and someone will answer.

Do the ritual and equip the sword and shield, they can be found inf your quest items slot. Take a knee in front of the king and you will get a cut scene. As I’m sure you could have guessed, the statues come to life. There are two mages in the back you need to deal with first or they will tear you apart. Remember that Quen is your friend! After that he will explain what he thinks happened and you will get your pay.

Gwent: To Everything - Turn Turn Tournament
Another mission you will get from the board at the Cockatrice inn. If you aren’t a big Gwent player you can probably just skip this one. You don’t get to use your own deck, you are forced to use a new one created by the guy who put up the post. I thought it would be quick but you need to beat 24 players and collect the cards and then you can enter the tournament. I’ll come back to this one.
Knight For Hire
Another mission you will get from the board at the Cockatrice inn. This turns out to be another mission where you need to find some question marks and clear them out. There are 15 so expect to be there for awhile.
Contract: Bovine Blues
You can grab this one at the Cockatrice Inn. It is kinda of far away so grab Roach and head south. Talk to the Foreman and you can haggle for the price, I went to 445 coins. Head over to the cow and clear out the Aghouls, then examine the cow. After that use your Witcher sense to examine the Crane and follow the blood trail. This will lead you to a distillery and some weaker enemies. Clear them out and continue on the trail. At the end of the path Geralt will say the nest is up there. Put the Draconoid oil on and head up ready for a fight.

Don’t forget your crossbow can knock flying enemies out of the sky. Destroy the eggs and loot the bodies after you take them down. Before you leave the ruins, check around for loot and under to stone steps you can find the Grandmaster Griffin Steel Sword, Gauntlets and Boots recipe. Return to the quarry for your reward.

Big Feet To Fill
You can get this right after you do the Contract: Bovine Blues. You will need to go up to five statue sites and help the workers there. It is pretty far north so you want to warp to a spot near them. There is one right near Plugmund’s Bridge. Some of these involve fighting while others just involve kicking sleeping workers. Return to the Foreman for your reward and to see the Statue fully built.
The Hunger Game
This quest only becomes available if you decided to lift the curse during the La Cage Au Fou quest where you meet the Wight. After a short period of time you’re asked to return to your Vineyard to speak with Marlene. There are two choices here, I chose to let her stay on the estate. She will then tell you there is treasures hidden in a barrel in the cellar at her home in Trastamara. Head to the location and search the barrels for some coin and a trophy for your house. She will also cook you meals that you can pick up every day, it will spawn in the chest in the kitchen.
Spoontaneous Profits
You can begin this quest by finding a special spoon in the Wight’s house during the La Cage Au Fou quest. Once you’ve found the spoon head to the Nilfgaardian Embassy and head North West to the Inn. Speak with the Inkeep before going down to the cellar. Search the closet there for a book and your next clue. Head to the location and use the key to open the door. Loot the crates and such inside for plenty of basic valuables and recipes.
Mutual of Beauclairs Wild Kingdom
You can pick up this quest from the noticeboard in Flovive. Suggested level is 46. Head to the trading post in the far North and use your Witcher Sense to find all the clues. You learn that the owner of the land is keeping a deadly monster as his pet. Follow the clues and progress through. Eventually you’ll reach a large group of Reavers in the open plains, just past the second corpse. If you choose to introduce yourself they will help you in the battle. You can however choose not to fight the Basilisk. If you read the information during the quest you learn that the guild is directly responsible for ignoring the warnings and causing the Basilisk to attack. I chose not to kill the Basilisk. I was rewarded with
200 experience points, 350 Coin and an additional 50 experience points and 50 Crowns.

Killing it gets you 200XP and 400 coins and you get to loot it. I got a nice sword, some mutagen and of course the Trophy(gives 1% chance to dismember, 1% increases EXP from monsters and Humans, 1% chance to find more herbs and 1% Bonus gold). Count Borhis Di Salvaeress will be devastated.

Contract: The Tufo Monster
This is another quest you can grab from the noticeboard in Flovive, it’s recommended level 48. After you grab the quest run North to the Tufo Vineyard and speak with Monsieur de Bourbeau. I was able to persuade him to offer 580 Coin for completing the quest. Head into the wine cellar, clear out all the enemies and use your Witcher Sense to find all the clues. Head back outside to speak with the de Bourbeau’s before using the Witcher Sense to track the beast to its lair. Once inside, explore the left area first to find a note that begins a Scavenger Hunt.

There are some Giant Centipede’s inside. Drop your Yrden trap and once they rise up from the ground inside the trap, attack the soft stomach area and they’ll go down in a few hits. Continue exploring the cave, make sure to grab some of the Sewant Mushrooms as you’ll need those shortly. Once you reach the end of the cave you have to make some Shaelmaar Bait using the mushrooms and blood from a nearby victim. You have to equip the Shaelmaar Bait and then use your ranged weapon button to spread it in the locations on the radar.

Killing the Tufo Monster is actually pretty simple. Avoid its attacks until it falls over, slash it a few times and repeat. You can use Axii if you need a breather as this forces it to stop any actions and curl into a protective ball, but you cannot damage it like this. Loot the body for the trophy and a very strong Ami Silver Sword then return to the wine cellar to complete the contract.

Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Ursine Gear
During the Contract: The Tufo Monster quest. When you enter the lair of the beast head to the left and jump over some rocks to find a small camp area. Take the note to begin this quest. Continue through the cave and make sure to use your Witcher Sense to inspect the symbols on the wall. They will lead to a skeleton that has diagrams for Grandmaster Ursine Trousers, Steel Sword and Boots. Grab the note too and read that before heading back to Flovive to inspect a ruined building.

Blow away the rubble and explore under the house to find the final diagrams, the Silver Sword, Armor and Gauntlets.

Master Master Master Master!
This is the quest to find a Grandmaster in this area to forge the strongest Witcher Gear. You obtain the quest whenever you pick up a Grandmaster diagram, although I found it specifically during the Grandmaster Ursine Gear quest. Once you have the quest go to the Nilfgaardian Embassy and speak with any of the crafters there. They will direct you to the Grandmaster Blacksmith Lafargue, who can create all your diagrams for you and even give you the location of all the other sets.
Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear
You can grab this quest from Grandmaster Smith Lafargue. When you arrive at the location search near the objective marker. There’s a Hooded Woman that turns into an Alp. Dispatch of her and search the nearby body for a diary and a key for another quest. After you search the body the objective marker moves. Head to it and then look for a slightly higher part of the rubble buildings, you’ll see a small tower with a wooden path around the outside. Climb onto the wooden path and into the area with the skeleton, check the nearby wall for a prisoners journal and the diagram for the Manticore Steel Sword.

After that travel to the far East just North of the Trastamara Hunting Cottage for the cave and the next objective. Once inside the cave loot the notes and read the one you pick up. This gives you the Manticore Armor diagram. Head far to the North West to Lebioda’s Temple. Kill the Specter once you’re inside and then search a small lockbox at the far end of the room for the Trousers and Boots, alongside another journal entry.

Read the journal and then travel all the way South, just past the Palace Gardens. Once inside things get a little trippy. Take out the first enemies and then move forward, you’ll meet a group of beggars. Interact with each to give them Alms. Carry on through, free the villager, and loot the small box at the end before reading Merten’s Notes.

For the last piece head North East to the Lake of Cleansing. Swim to the bottom of the lake and use your Witcher Senses. Loot the small red box for the Gauntlets and Merten’s last letter.

The Toussaint Prison Experiment
During the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear quest search near the first main objective marker once you reach the area to find a Hooded Woman that turns into an Alp. There’s a body near her that has a key and a diary, take both to begin this quest. Head to the far West, a small area just North of the Rioux-Cannes Outpost. Search nearby for a box near a chest, use your Witcher Sense to find it. Loot the chest and you’re done.

Father Knows Worst
You can find this quest a very short distance South East from the Toussaint Prison Experiment. You’ll hear people screaming from within a cave. Go to enter and you can start the quest. Follow the clues into the cave until you reach the hot pool. Dive to the bottom and use the Witcher Sense to find the Still in a box. Then continue through and find the survivor, he’ll reward you and take the Still. Choose to help defend him and you’re finished.
Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear
You can grab this quest from Grandmaster Smith Lafargue. Head to the location and use your Witcher Sense to find a small box under one of the benches. Pick up and read Isabelle’s journal. Head to the next objective marker, a magic portal. Just outside there’s a Ruby on the floor, pick this up and then place it on the mount next to the magic portal to open the path. Progress through the ruins until you reach the burial room with a Dwarves coffin inside. There’s a pouch on the floor, use your Witcher Sense to find it and grab the diagrams for Grandmaster Wolven Armor, Trousers and Boots. Read the journal entry to continue the quest.

There’s a dead end a short distance from the pouch. There’s the skeletal remains of a Witcher under some rocks. Search the body for the final parts of the Grandmaster Wolven set, the Steel Sword, Silver Sword and Gauntlets.

Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear
You can grab this quest from Grandmaster Smith Lafargue. Head to Bartolome de Launay’s house, it’s to the far North. Once you arrive clear out the bandits to free the merchant and then search the Southern edge of the objective area to find a pouch with a key. Head to the Northern area to the locked door and use the key to enter. Inside there’s a painting on the wall, loot the painting to get the Grandmaster Feline Armor diagram and the next clue.

Head to the ruins. I had already cleared out the bandits but if you haven’t, kill them all before ascending the ladder and taking out the main boss. Then search the walkway to the Northern side of the ruins, the one with the signal fire. There’s a chest here, loot the chest for another clue and the diagrams for the Grandmaster Feline Trousers and Boots. Head to the next objective, the cave entrance can be found in a small crack in the floor.

Head to the end of the cave for another clue and the diagram for Grandmaster Feline Steel Sword, Silver Sword and Gauntlets.

Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Griffin Gear
You can grab this quest from Grandmaster Smith Lafargue. Head to the ruins of Fort Ussar, it’s on the very Eastern edge of the map. When you arrive there’s 2 Slyzard’s for a boss battle. There’s a trophy and a sword for taking them down so use your Axii to ground them and then slice them up.

Once you’ve taken them out head to the Eastern edge of the objective area to find a crate under some stairs. Loot the crate to find diagrams for Grandmaster Griffin Steel Sword, Gauntlets and Boots. Read the report for the next clue. Head to the fort, again I had already cleared out the enemies here but if you haven’t already, clear them out and take down the boss. Then interact with a wall on the North West side to open a secret passage.

Head inside and search the very back wall next to the shelves, there’s a switch that opens another hidden passage. Search the chest inside for another note before returning to the main room and grabbing the Power Crystal off the alchemy table. Place the Power Crystal in the stand and then use Aard to activate it. Head through the portal.

There’s a Golem inside but it’s not a challenging fight. Move forward and search the wooden shelves for a loot box that contains the diagram for the Grandmaster Griffin Armor. There’s a bag on a nearby chair that includes the Grandmaster Griffin Trousers. A nearby table has the last piece, the Grandmaster Griffin Silver Sword.

Feet As Cold As Ice
You can pick this quest up right next to the fast travel point in the Nilfgaardian Embassy. There’s a woman that calls for your attention. Speak with her to grab the quest. Once you’ve got the quest head to the objective location and speak with Francois. Offer to help him slay the beast. Once inside use your Witcher Sense to locate all the clues before finding a path blocked by branches. Use your fire sign to burn all the large red flowers, this will cause the enemy to spawn. Take him out and loot him for a strong sword and a trophy.
Fists Of Fury: Toussaint
You can get this quest from the Gran Place noticeboard in the main city. You need to head to 3 locations and defeat each of the opponents. Fast Travel to the Nilfaarden Embassy and take out the target there. This one is more a battle of words. I chose to insult his mum, then that I was scared of killing him, then told him he should have quit. You win without having to fight. The second is a normal fight. The third, if you want the biggest reward, parry his blows, it’s easy.
Raging Wolf
This quest becomes available as soon as you complete Fists Of Fury: Toussaint. Head down to the docks and fight Maestro. You’ll have to drink first, it just makes you a little sluggish and the screen is blurry so don’t be afraid to bet the full amount. Take him down and you complete the quest. Rewarded with a pretty cool golden fist trophy to put in your Vineyard.

There Can Be Only One
You can get this quest from the Gran Place noticeboard in the main city. Head to the objective location and speak with the Hermit. When speaking with the Hermit he explained that I had previously shown all of the virtues required to take the sword. Not entirely sure what’s involved in that process but if you’ve been following this guide and have done the majority of similar quests, you should be close to my point.

After you speak with the Hermit you must fight on the surface of the water. Defeat the Hermit and claim your sword. This is where you find and use the Aerondight Sword, one of the more unique Silver Swords in the game.

The Suffering Of Young Francois
You can find this quest North West of the lake in the quest There Can Be Only One. Head North West to the lone house and take out the enemy before searching the hanging corpse. Pick up the note and read it to start the quest. From there head East to the farm and search the foot of the statue for a bunch of jewels and coin.
Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite
You can get this quest from the Gran Place noticeboard in the main city. Grab the quest and then run around the corner to speak with the Art Curator. Inspect the statue with the Witcher Sense and then check at the top of the stairs for a scrap of cloth. Use the Witcher Sense to track the smell to the culprit. There’s a man inside the house that seems to have been using the testicles for… well… their intended purpose I guess?

I chose to return the testicles. You get 5 experience points and a Reginald Figurine. If you let him keep the stones you get 50 coins and he offers you a second reward in a week. After 7 days go to his door and you will find that he is dead and the stones are gone as well. The Art Dealer kind of freaks out and you don’t get any money from him.

Till Death Do You Part
This is on the board in the Gran’Place. Go to the marker and talk to the man on the second floor. You can barter with him but he doesn’t have much gold. The graveyard is right across the street so head there and then enter the crypts at the back. There are a few graverobbers here to kill so do that and Geralt will say that he should wait until dusk. Check near the robbers for a bag that contains a note for another treasure hunt quest. This quest takes place in nearby locations so do it at the same time.

Wait until night and then leave the tombs until Geralt tells you to re enter them. Use your Witcher Sense and follow the noise into a room. Check all the red markers in the room until the objective changes.

Once you leave you will hear the noise come from the room again and you will have to reenter and wait. You will get a cut scene with the two ghosts bickering at each other and then you have to make a choice on who stays and who goes.

If you take the guy out he won’t be too upset and he will ask to be placed in the Gwent Society tomb. After you place him there, return to the woman to learn where the Gwent cards are hidden. The Gwent Card is a Bruxa monster card so if you care about it go after it, if not just return to the quest giver for your reward.

If you choose to take out the woman and she’ll ask you to place her near her mothers grave. Search the grave near the tree furthest South of the graveyard and put the woman there. Place the urn and then go back to the crypt, he tells you that he doesn’t have the cards but sends you to speak with a swordsmith to get a sword instead. It’s a basic Steel Sword worth nearly 1,000 coin.

You begin this quest after finding a note in a bag near the dead bodies of the robbers you killed in the Till Death Do You Part quest. You can do this during that quest if you choose the woman. Just search down near the lake and find body with a note and a key. Read the note to progress and go back to the crypts. Search near the bodies of the gravediggers to unlock the box for the loot.
I found this quest at night just outside the Armorer’s place North East of the Nilfgaarden Embassy. Head outside and speak with the guy standing near the fence. He asks you to head North to the Cianfanelli Bank. Continue through the quest until you have an optional objective to purchase a gift. Run around to the shop and buy some perfume before returning to Window One and offering the perfume to the lady.

Once inside the vault I threatened to rip the coin from his beard. I had to fight the guards before getting a key to escape. Once you escape he gives you some coin.