The Witcher 3 Guide: Skellige Isles Side Quests, Hidden Treasures & Witcher Contracts Guides

The Witcher 3 Guide Skellige Side Quests, Hidden Treasures & Witcher Contracts Guides
The journey continues! Use our Witcher 3 Guide: Skellige Isles Side Quests, Hidden Treasures & Witcher Contracts Guides to dominate Skellige and make sure you don’t miss any of the powerful rewards that await. As with Novigrad and Velen, many of the quests you can discover in Skellige Isles are a little beyond your abilities when you first arrive but rest assured, we’ll be covering them once we reach the required level.

The Witcher 3 Guide: Skellige Isles Side Quest Guides

Fist Of Fury: Skellige
Enter the tournament and test your mettle! To begin this quest you need to travel to the far South East island on the map Harviken, you can get the fast travel point from the merchants in the starting area of Skellige Isle. As with the previous Fist of Fury missions, these are simple 1 on 1 fights without any weapons, potions or other advantages. If you’ve got to this point and you’ve done the previous two, you shouldn’t have a problem. The quest is labeled level 30 but I had no problems completing it at level 15.

Once you’ve downed the first opponent head all the way back North to Kaer Trolde Harbor. It’s likely you could have started here but the very nature of free roam makes it difficult to guess where each player would begin the quest. There’s another choice to throw the fight here but I’ve not chose one yet so I’m not starting now. Embarrass him in front of his lady before heading to the next challenge, South West to Arinbjorn. After you knock this guy on his backside you may struggle to find the next location. It’s North. Way North, so far North it’s ridiculous. On an island called Urialla Harbor.

I don’t want to ruin the end of the quest but if you struggle, post a comment and I’ll help if I can.

Fist Of Fury: Champion Of Champions & Master Of The Arena (How To Get Ulle The Ghost Out Of The Arena)
When you complete the final battle in the Skellige Fist of Fury quest you’re approached by a man with an invitation to the big leagues. These big leagues are quite a distance away, furthest to the North West on the island of Svorlag. When you arrive speak with the bookie as usual, although it’s obvious very quickly that this is not your typical street fight quest. After speaking with the bookie head into the nearby arena and speak with the wraith that resides within. Don’t fight him, just speak about the available options and then follow the objective marker to the guard tower.

Speak with the guards and they will give you all the clues you’re going to get. You now have to solve the riddle. How do you send Ulle on to the after life and once again free the arena? It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out….If you haven’t yet, just die. Let him beat you up a bit and block a few, eventually he’ll consider it a victory.

This will complete Fist of Fury but it chains into the Champions of Champions final match against…. A troll. It’s a little trickier than the early fights as you can’t simply go toe to toe, but you can also use your Thunderbolt and Swallow potions. Hit him 3-4 times, retreat and wait for his attack and dodge, repeat.

In The Heart Of The Woods
You get this quest from the Notice Board in Kaer Trolde Harbor. It’s level 22 so you may need to level a bit. It’s possible from level 19 onwards. Once you’ve started the quest fast travel to the South to Rannvaig and then journey South to Fayrlund, speak to the group of villagers there. From there use your Witcher Sense and follow the clues into the forest. Check the footprints, marks on trees and corpses. If you struggle to locate with your Witcher Sense go into gameplay options and add Witcher Sense on mini-map. It’s a Woodland Spirit, which are weak to Dimeritium Bomb, Relict Oil & Igni.

After locating all the clues you’re tasked with speaking with the two villagers that argued at the beginning. Speaking with Harald will provide information on dispatching of the Woodland Spirit without direct confrontation. Returning to the old ways and once again restoring peace to the forest. Sven is more inclined to resort to more modern methods, taking on the Woodland Spirit and killing it. You can speak to both before making a decision. When speaking with Sven you are given the objective of locating which villager has been marked, I wanted to see this before progressing so I continued with that path. She’s in the North Western area of the village, a woman called Hilde. If you return to Sven you’re given the choice of either killing Hilde or exiling her from the village. I chose the latter. I didn’t want to progress with this side further so I avoided the totems and headed to the location given first by Harald, the Altar.

Once you reach the Altar you’ll need to kill the nearby wolves. There’s a group of average level 15 wolves and then a level 23 White Wolf. I was level 17 at this point and the wolf had the skull icon to represent its strength. However, I was able to kill it after several tries. If you remain South of the tree there is a cut-off point that the wolves will retreat from, use this to recover health if you need to. Dispatch of the smaller wolves and just leave the level 23 remaining. From there just dodge its attacks and only engage when you have Quen active. Use your Thunderbolt potion at every opportunity and where possible, use Quen and then wait to launch Yrden before going in. If you cannot defeat it level up to 18-19 and return.

Once you kill all the wolves search the bodies for 5 wolf hearts. Place them on the altar and return to Harald. When you get back Sven and his men will try to kill Harald, I defended him and took them out.

The Family Blade
This is another quest you obtain through the Notice Board in Kaer Trolde Harbor. The objective marker can be found to the South East. Take the Southern road out of Kaer Trolde Harvor, continue through the Crossroads fast travel point over the bridge and then follow the Eastern road. This will take you to the objective location. There’s a camp of thieves near the large Obelisk on the top of the hill, take them out and search the corpses for a note containing information on the sword you’ve been tasked to find, the Kuliu. Read the journal to unlock the next objective, a fort of thieves far to the South. It’s North East of Kaer Muire over the mountains, so it’s easier to travel to the Ruined Inn fast travel point or the nearby town of Fyresdal.

There’s a group of Renegade’s at the fort and a Harpy nest, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Disable it after the fight anyway and loot the corpses to find a journal with the next clue. The next objective takes you to the Whale Graveyard, it’s on the North East tip of the mainland. The nearest fast travel location is the Redgill, on the Eastern edge. Careful as you travel North from Redgill as the path is infested with Harpy’s and a level 30 Cyclops guards some hidden treasure along the way.

Arrive at the objective marker to find more enemies, take them out and loot the bodies to finally find the blade, Kuliu. Return to Kaer Trolde Harbor to get your reward. Handing the quest in can be a pain. You need to go to the Northern part of Kaer Trolde Harbor towards the Bridge, continue up stairs until the quest objective marker highlights the correct path.

Stranger In A Strange Land
You get this after you return from the Contract: The Phantom Of Eldberg. You will have to fight the thugs in the tavern with the quest giver. Two things have to happen on this quest, the guy dies and the madman pays your debt. It doesn’t matter what choices you make this is always the end result. I got out of prison by using Axii. Once he pays for you, he will give you a new quest.
The Cave Of Dreams
You get this quest from the Madman after he pays your debt. Head to the quest marker to talk to Blueboy. You can either use Axii or tell him you wouldn’t mind ploughing Freya to get on the ship. Tell him his father sent you and you can go into the cave. fight the Neekers inside and then take the grass. You can now see a blue whale flying through the cave.

First you will have to fight the ghosts of the king and his men, pretty easy. Next you will have to fight a couple Sirens, use the crossbow to get them out of the air. After that you do Blueboys dream. You have to fight a flaming specter in this one, I couldn’t figure out how to make the flames go away but you can mind control him. Geralt will have to face the King of the Wild Hunt and a couple of hounds. You don’t have to kill the King but the hounds need to die. After that you will beat the quest.

The Nithing
You get this quest from the Notice Board in Rannvaig, South of Kaer Trolde Harbor. Head South East of the village and speak with Lothar at his hut. Search the nearby cursed item and then head into the woods using your Witcher Sense. Follow the trail until you see a glowing branch, investigate that for your first clue. Continue following the trail. Return to the village and you’ll need to ask around for clues. Head to the South West side and speak with the Skellige woman by the first set of wooden docks. She’ll inform you that it’s the herbalist, Jonna. Speak to Jonna and ask her to lift the curse, she wants Lothar to renounce his family and return to her.

When you get back to him you have the choice of either killing her or asking him to bow to her demands. I chose to let her live. That was the end of the quest.

The Sad Tale Of The Grossbart Brothers
This quest can be found in Blandare, East of Rannvaig. Speak to Djenge Frett on the Southern side of the village. Head down to the Grotto and talk to Djenge deeper in te cave. Tell him you will help him and you will explore the cave together. In the back of the cave you will find 3 brothers you need to kill, with your partner it is pretty easy. I used Igni to set them on fire and just used melee on them.
The Lord Of Undvik
This quest is located on an island far to the West, Undvik. The fast travel point, the Marlin Coast, can be purchased from one of the merchants. When you arrive at the Marlin Coast head South to the group of buildings nearby, the Dorve Ruins. When you arrive you’ll notice a group of Siren’s attacking a lone warrior. Help dispatch of the Sirens and he’ll invite you to partake on a journey to rid Undvik of the troll that threatens it.

Choose to help Hjalmar defeat the giant and follow him. When you enter the giants lair there is a soldier trapped inside a cage, Vigi, I opted not to free Vigi and it results in his death. If you choose to free him the key can be found in the chest to the left of the giant. The fight is actually rather easy. After a few initial hits the giant will destroy the cage holding the Vigi and use a large anchor as a weapon. From there simply remain in melee range and dodge his basic fist attack until he lunges with the anchor. This leaves the giant vulnerable to attack for a few seconds. Use your Thunderbolt potion and unleash your best attacks. Repeat until dead. At the end of the fight be sure to choose the option to look around further as there’s some loot nearby.

This will mark the quest as complete but Hjalmar will still be at the Marlin Coast travel point. Meet him there to see him return to inform the families.

Community Hero Connor emailed with some information on the alternative choice, details below. Many thanks Connor!

I chose to release Vigi and you have to stealthily sneak over to the chest without waking the giant and sneak back to the cage and unlock it, there is then a cutscene where Vigi picks up a sword and kicks the giant in the head and the battle starts, vigi joins the battle and at the cutscene mid battle where Geralt is send flying instead of the giant then killing the trapped Vigi he grabs the anchor and destroys the empty cell, then when you kill him Vigi joins in the conversation.

A Hallowed Horn
You get this quest from the board in between Holmstein Port and Kaer Muire. You need to get a horn from some bandits up by a light house. Warp as close as you can and head to the way point. You will have to fight some bandits to get to the horn but it’s only about 5. Once you clear them up, grab the horn from the chest and return to the quest giver.
For Fame And Glory
You can find this quest to the south west of Larvik. Talk to the guys there and agree to help them. All you have to do is go into the cave and help the warriors kill the enemies. I was able to keep both of them alive without any issue.
You need to do this quest in order to get the help of Cerys later on. You can start the quest by going to Svorlag and going up to the north house outside the village. Here you will find Cerys and she will want you to get her a sword from inside the house. The sword is in the basement and you will need a key to get it, the key is in the the first room on the right on a shelf. Go downstairs and take the sword. Once you return to Cerys you will meet with the Jarl and he will ask for you to help him.

You will need to sail out and drop the sword at the a body in the sea. Use you Witcher sense to help you find it, Cat potion will make it easier to see under water as well. Return to the Jarl and he will have taken his eye out. Now you need to help Cerys catch the beast that is causing this. First option is to trick it, agree with Cerys and meet her at the house.

Go to the room where you found the key to find a fake Ciri. After that check the board near the broken wall and the picture and move to the next room. Check the cradle in that room and then go to Cerys. Agree to do Cerys plan and you will enter the house and start the oven. When she comes in toss the baby into the oven and fight off the Jarl’s men. After you beat the Jarl’s men, Cerys comes out with the real baby and the specter must flee. After that you will have beat the quest.

Kings Gambit
This unlocks when you help both the king’s children. Kill the bears and pick whoever you want to be king/queen and join them on their quest. I went with Cerys because I figured she would be more a more helpful ally. Check the dead bear and then the tipped over kegs of ale(looks like a big metal bowl). Follow the sent to a horn of ale and check it out. Talk to Hjolt and he will help you learn about the mushrooms.

Head to the cellar and check out the barrels of mead. Once the guy tries to start you on fire, use Aard to blow away the barrels ans escape. After you go through the tunnel check the tracks at the door at the way point. Follow the prints to a town piece of clothing on a wall and check that. Then go to the entrance and chase the guy down on his horse and cut him down.

Make sure to say you vouch for Cerys and then say there’s more proof. Pick that you are making a big mistake next. After that another guy will speak up and seal her fate. After that you can go to the Jarl’s court and see who the next ruler is, for me it was Cerys. Whoever is ruler will be the one to help you one your main quest later.

The Witcher 3 Guide: Skellige Isles Contract Guides

Contract: Here Comes The Groom
I’m not totally sure of the traditional starting location for this quest as it begun for me while exploring. In the Skellige Isles to the far North Western area of the map, is an island called Svorlag. On the South Western corner of that island is a small tower, with the fast travel point labeled as Old Watchtower nearby. Continue past to the South West again and use your Witchers Sense to locate enemies in a nearby cave. Entering the cave begins this quest. The cave is filled with level 15 Drowner’s but they’re not that much of a threat. Head towards the center of the cave until you see the large statue.

Carry on through, ensuring to use your Witcher Sense so you can track the prints. Follow the cave all the way to the other end and you’ll notice a clearing with a large nest. Prepare your Crossbow and Axii, she goes down as quick as a normal Siren. Upon completing I was instructed to return to Svorlag to hand in the contract, so I would assume that’s where you get it if you don’t explore ahead of yourself like I did.

Contract: Muire DYaeblen
This contract can be found in Kaer Trolde Harbor. Speak to Bjorg by the boat crafting area. I wasn’t able to negotiate higher than the original pay for this one. Don’t start any higher than 300 and you may have better luck. Speak to the nearby apprentice and the Skellige woman near the local houses. You’re then presented with an objective to investigate an area. Go to the marker and investigate the corpse before killing the two Drowner’s nearby. Two objectives then open up. The nearest one is actually a long distance walk as you have to navigate around the mountains so instead follow the shoreline and swim to the further objective. There’s some wreckage on the beach to investigate, use your Witcher Sense. Then enter the nearby cave. A short distance inside is another piece of corpse to investigate, then continue forward.

Eventually you’ll find a split in the path. Take the right path into the room filled with Drowners. Be cautious of all the noxious fumes in the area as the poison can really drain your health fast. Use your Igni sign to explode the gases and remove the threat. Once you’ve killed the Drowners head into the next chamber and search the corpses and boat using your Witcher Senses. You’ll then need to craft a Drowner Pheromones potion, I had plenty of the ingredients so if you’ve been gathering on your journey you should be fine.

Once you’ve made the potion consume it and prepare to fight. If you’ve got Northern Wind bombs and Necrophage Oil, be sure to ready both of those. Abaya is also weak to Quen and Igni. Kill the two Drowners before engaging with the boss, then simply use your Thunderbolt Potion in conjunction with Igni. She’s not difficult to take down.

Contract: Missing Son
This contract can be found on the Notice Board of Rannvaig, South of Kaer Trolde Harbor. It’s level 29 so I’ll have to return later and update the guide.
Contract: The Phantom Of Eldberg
You can get this contract at the Arinbjorn board. I tried to barter with him but both 300 and 280 made him mad. You can either run or warp to the light house if you have the way point. Talk to the light house keeper to get more info on the wraith and then head into the light house. On the outside of the light house you will find symbols to check out and inside the light house you can find a note to read. Return to the quest giver and you can start fighting the Wraith.

The Penitent is weak to Moon dust, Specter Oil, Yrden and Quen. When the fight first starts you can’t really do much damage so use Quen and dodge. You will need to wait for the guy to light the light house to fight it for real. If the wraith summons small wraiths you can kill them while you wait. Once the light house is lit, you can finish of the wraith easily. You can damage him while the guy is running but even if you hit for 1000 a hit his HP bar is massive. You can either let the light house guy stay or tell him to leave. I let him stay because I figured he learned his lesson. Return to the quest giver for your reward.

Contract: Dragon
You get this from the board in Fyresdal. I was able to get 320 on my first try for the reward. Talk to the witness and then examine her son’s bodies. Next to go the search area and check the cow and then the blood on the rock. Follow the blood to a dead dog and check it out. You will need to get some bait to lure out the Forktail. The enemy is weak to Golden Oriole, Grapeshot, Dracnoid Oil and Aard.

You will have to guide the sheep to the next to lure it. If it starts running the wrong way cut it off and it will return. Stay behind it and get close if it stops moving. Also don’t try Axii, I did and a guard attacked me. Once you get the sheep into the grid the Forktail will come down. When it is in the air use your crossbow to knock it down. I would hit it a few times then roll behind it and keep hitting it. The attack is pretty slow so rolling out of the way is easy. Just don’t let it sit in the air to long and you can beat this one easy. I’m not sure if you can keep the sheep alive or not.

Contract: Strange Beast
You get this from the board in Larvik. Talk to the quest giver and I tried to high and at 580 I was cut off. Go talk to the guys who hunt the beast before and ask about the beast. Head to the ambush site and check the blood stain, body and the front of the wagon. After that some tracks will appear near the blood and you can follow them into a cave. The cave has poison gas to be ready to heal, just run through it.

You will be fighting some Neekers and the boss Neeker called Hagubman. The Neekers are weak to Ogroid Oil and the Northern Wind Bomb. This one is actually pretty easy. All it is is a Strong Neeker who summons smaller Neekers while it hides. Heal up as needed and use Quen to prevent damage. Collect the head and return for your reward.

The Witcher 3 Guide: Skellige Isles Treasure Hunt Guides

At the Southern most edge of the map near the middle is a small boating village, to the South East is a small collection of buildings, the Ruined Inn. You can unlock the fast travel point through buying map pieces off the merchants at the towns near where you enter Skellige. There is a Siren nest nearby and two Wyvern’s fell from the sky and died when I traveled there so depending on whether or not they’re alive when you arrive, it could be a tough fight.

Search one of the houses on the North Western edge of the Ruined Inn and you’ll discover a note inside a chest. Loot the chest and read the note to begin the quest. From there it’s a long swim to the South West although a nearby boat can make the journey a little less tedious. When you arrive at the objective there will be 2 Siren’s flying above. I found it easiest to jump aboard the wrecked ship and fight there. Use your Crossbow and Axii to bring them down, after that it’s just a couple of hits before they die.

The treasure chest is underwater right on the edge of the boat so you don’t need to go very deep

Not Only Eagles Dare
This quest can be located in the North Western most part of Skellige, just off the shore from the village of Svorlag. If you search all the contracts on the Notice Board you’ll uncover a point of interest just South off the shore of the island. Move to that marker and you’ll find a note and a key with a ring on the corpse. Once you loot the corpse and then interact with the items a checkpoint appears nearby. The treasure is under the water near the center.
Freya Be Praised
This quest begins when you read a note found inside a treasure chest at a point of interest just South of Blandare. Loot the chest and grab the note and key, then read the note to continue. There’s a group of Drowner’s just to the South take them out and then use your Witcher Sense to locate the chest just off shore. Swim out to the South West, dive down and claim your prize.

We’re updating as we progress so be sure to check back shortly for more quests, guides and treasures!

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