The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crafting Guide – Where To Find All Levels & Master Armorer

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crafting Guide - Master Armorsmith & Levels
If you want to survive the perils of The Witcher 3 you’ll want to get appropriate gear to survive the encounters you’ll face. This Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crafting Guide – Where To Find All Levels & Master Armorer details the various Armorers you’ll encounter on your journey including their levels and the location of the Master Armorsmith. If you’re looking for details on weapons check out our guide for Master level Blacksmiths in Witcher 3.

Where Is The Master Armorer? Unlocking The Master Armorer

Master Armorers
This quest is a tough one and features several high level enemies that you may encounter. There’s a level 15 Cyclops in the vicinity but this can be avoided. However a level 26 Rock Troll guards the final objective, not such an easy feat. You unlock this quest when you meet the Armorer in Crow’s Perch, speak to him about creating higher quality gear and he’ll give you the Master Armorer’s quest. The quest itself is on Skellige Isles, located on an island to the far West called Undvik. You can purchase fast travel locations to many of the islands here so be sure to check all of the merchants to unlock new locations. The fast travel point on Undvik is called the Marlin Coast. From there head South to the Dorve Ruins and then follow the path to the South East to reach the Clan Tordarroch Forge fast travel point.

There are several Devourers here but easily killed with signs and basic combat. Nearby is a cave entrance, inside stands the level 26 Rock Troll. The easiest way past the Rock Troll is to just mind control it with Axii. Once it is under your control you can just loot the tools and go. If not you will have to fight the troll. I started him on fire and then landed a couple of hits, the troll blocks after a couple hits get in and out. When he starts to attack you roll don’t block. It’s a long fight but if you play smart you can do it.

Once you return to Fergus you will find out that the Elf is the one who is making all the armor. She will ask you to get some acid from a Griffin in the area. After you accept, check the board and get the Contract for it as well. If you go to the way marker and follow the prints up to the north you can find a Griffin feather on the floor.

The Archgriffin seems to be weak to the same things as the normal Griffin, Grapeshot, Hybrid Oil and Aard. I actually kept Quen on for most the fight because this monster hits hard. You can find it up towards the top of the hill and it will start to fly, shoot it down and attack. The way to beat this is two roll behind it and hit it in the back a couple times. If you keep Quen on you shouldn’t have much issue bringing it down. Just keep rolling behind it and striking.

Agree to help test the armor and you will unlock the Master Armorer. Wait a day and talk to her for a free piece of armor.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crafting Guide: Armorer Locations & Levels

Rank: Apprentice Armorer

Rank: Journeyman Armorer
Coins: 2500
Location: Skellige,

Rank: Apprentice Armorer

Rank: Master Armorer
Location: Crow’s Perch (must complete Master Armorers quest)

I’ll update as I find more Armorer’s. If you know of any not listed leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update the guide.

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