The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide: Romance, Sex & Broken Hearts Guide

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide Romance, Sex & Broken Hearts Guide
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt poses many challenges for Geralt of Rivia but few more treacherous than affairs of the heart. This The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide: Romance, Sex & Broken Hearts Guide will be your sure-fire guide to success with the all the ladies in The Witcher 3 including any quest objectives, conversational choices and other elements involved to break that ever elusive third base.

Keira Metz Romance

Keira becomes a romance option after you leave White Orchard and head to Velen. Continue through the main quest line until you meet Keira during the Witch Hunt quest. Proceeding through the quest until you reach the end, Keira asks if you will help her locate a Magic Lamp, agree to help.

Magic Lamp
You can choose to accept this from Keira after you deal with the Wild Hunt in the cave with her. Follow her to a blocked door and then use your Witcher sense to interact with it. You will get a riddle that you need to solve. The statues are in order 3, 2, 4 and then 1. When you leave make sure you agree to visit Keira again soon
An Invitation From Keira Metz
Progressing through the story continue until you complete the Hunting a Witch quest line. When you escape out the end of the cave agree to see Keira Metz again and promise to visit. This unlocks this quest. Simply travel to her house in the far South West town of Midcopse to complete it
A Towerful Of Mice
After completing An Invitation From Keira Metz she’ll ask you to visit a tower and use the Magic Lamp to speak to spirits. Accept the quest and travel to the huge island in the middle of the lake, Fyke Isle. Continue to climb the tower until you reach the floor with the bodies. You don’t have to use the Magic Lamp on any of the spirits in the tower, except for the one in the Laboratory.

Get to the end of the conversation and tell her you need to look around more and then try to leave the tower. A Pesta will spawn, kill it and then take the boat across the lake to Graham’s house. Speak with Graham and take him to the island, fight your way up through the ghosts that spawn back to Anabelle. Return to Keira.

A Favor For A Friend
This is the next quest in Keira Metz’ line after A Towerful of Mice quest. She will ask you to investigate the whereabouts of a package she was expecting. Simply head to the objective marker and search the Northern area for the cart tracks. Follow these to the cart and take the package hidden in a small box underneath. Then return to Keira to complete the quest. Tell her you want to see what she is planning, change clothes and go on a date.


You will have to complete the quest “Now or Never” to be with Triss.

Now Or Never – This is after you beat A Matter Of Life and Death quest. When you arrive at Triss say you will cut the peoples hands off if they try to take the necklace. Then tell Triss you were worried about her. You can either help her friends or leave them behind. I chose to help them out.

I followed her to the hide out but the people we wanted to help got killed during the fight. Follow Triss again to the tavern this time and you will have to fight some more Witch Hunters. After you clear them out, follow Triss again and then move into the sewers. In the sewers you will run into some Muckdwellers but they aren’t that strong. Once you hit a wall and have to choose left and right, choose right and break through the wall. In the library you will also break through the wall. From there just follow the path out of the sewers until you run into the Vampire.

This thing is kind of weird to fight. It can disappear and become untargetable for awhile. Every time it hits you it will restore some of its HP. I had to roll and power hit to beat it. At the end you get to choose if you want Triss to stay or not. If you tell her you love her she will stay and you can bang her, if not she will leave and you lose the chance.


You need to get to The Skellige Isles and do the main story mission to get to Yennefer. The quest is called “The King Is dead – Long Live The King”. First head to her room and dress up like a proper gentleman, gotta impress her ya know? Honestly not sure if you HAVE to do this or not. Put on whichever color you want and head to the lift. Hit the switch and wait for it to come down. take a little while. Once you get up to the castle gate you and Yen get to go in.

Once inside you will meet the Jarl’s kids and you can race, I did it to impress Yen of course. When you are racing you can kind of see a path up the side of the mountain right pass the wooden bridge, take that to make sure you stay in the lead. Once you make it to the top you win. Once you go back inside you can drink or not drink. I chose not to drink because we had work to do.

After that head towards the door and you will run into two more important people. Doesn’t matter what you pick for the first but the second is Gone To Far, Lugos. This will trigger a fist fight with a level 30 guy. I pretty much just counter attacked my way to victory here, if you don’t he will. After you win you can have a drink with him or pass, this doesn’t matter but Yen doesn’t like it if you drink.

Work your way down to the workshop and check the door with your Witcher sense, near the stuffed animals. They all came out at ?? level but I had no trouble beating them down at level 19. After you come to your senses Yen will open the door for you. In the next room you need to put the mead cup into the statues hand to open the secret door. At the bottom you will fight a Earth Elemental who is weak to the Dimeritium Bomb and Elementa Oil, Axii is also great for stopping his attacks.

After that you will trigger a trap and have to look for a way out. There is no way out so you need to wait for the convo to start up. For this I picked Damn, I wanna kiss you Yen. When you get to Yen’s room pick Wouldn’t Mind Watching and bam you are in!

Novigrad Escorts

When you visit the large city in Novigrad you can visit a Brothel and pay for two women. There is an Elf and Human and both cost 40 coins and give 4 Exp. The Brothel is slightly north east of St. Gregory’s Bridge.

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