Thief Guide: Chapter 3 Activating The Podium Guide

Podium guide

In Chapter 3 of Thief you will have to find a book down in some ancient ruins. In order to access the ruins you need to activate a podium with certain symbols scattered throughout the level. This guide will help you find the symbols and open the door. Let’s get started!

Activating The Podium

Thief Ruins

Once you make it to the podium you will have to align the symbols in the correct order so you can open the passage and get where you need to be in chapter 3.

The first symbol is right near the podium just activate the focus vision and look at the wall for a bright blue symbol.

Now you will need three more in order to open up the passage and you can find each of these through all three of the cracks scattered around the area. While you are looking through the cracks use the focus vision and search each room for the bright blue symbol, After you have all four you can go back to the podium and use the medallion. Line up all the symbols inside the gold bracket and insert the medallion into the podium. Once the passage way opens up go inside and explore the ruins so you can beat the chapter. Just remember that on your way back out guards appear in the ruins so try to not be caught!

That will end the Thief Chapter 3 Activating The Podium Guide, check back soon for more guides!