Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Side Quest Guide

Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Side Quest Guide
Side quests in Trails Of Cold Steel 2 are given to you each act. Some of them are easy to complete, but some are completely hidden unless you speak to the right NPC. Check out this Trails Of Cold Steel 2 side quest guide to complete them all.

Act 1 Side Quests

Act 1 Part 1

Herbal Remedies
This is your first side quest that you get in Celdic. You need to speak with the priest at the church and then head to the Nature Park on the West Highway. When you are in the park you will see the herb on the map, grab it and return.

Munch No More
You also get this quest when you arrive in Celdic, but you can skip it if you want. Head to the East Celdic Highway 2 and you will see the monster on the map. The monster can hit hard and is weak to fire. If you have your S-craft up, use it and inflict some serious damage.

A Cry For Help
Your first hidden quest can be found at the Twin Dragons Bridge Celdic Side. Speak with the guard and the civilian on the left side of the bridge and the civilian will run off. Go back to the East Celdic Highway 3 and run as if you were heading to East Celdic Highway 2. About 75% of the way there an event will trigger. After the event look on your map for the green mark and go there for a fight. Kill the enemies, talk to the merchant and return him to Celdic to complete the quest. You can fast travel back to the bridge after you complete this quest.

Terra Shrine Optional Dungeon
This is not a quest but completing it now gets you three bonus AP. You can find it on the Garrelia Byrod 2.

Leaf It To Me
You can get this quest by speaking to the kids in Ymir when you return there. You need to head up into Ymir Valley 1 and 2 to find the items for the kids. After you get the leaves, return to the children to complete the quest.

Act 1 Part 2
You will get side quests from the Elder at Lake Lacrima.

Highlands Hunt
This is a simple kill quest, go out to the Highlands and hunt them. Turn the quest in at the elder when you are done.

Foaling Around
Speak to the girl near the sheep and she will ask for help finding her horse. First warp to the Nord Highlands Northeast and go to the mark on the map. The horse will run further into the map so find it again on the same map. Finally, it will end up back at the Nord Settlement(settlement site).

Zats Amore
This hidden quest is found in the weapon shop of Zender Gate. Talk to the two soldiers by the weapon shop and they will ask for some help. Go out to the Nord Highlands – South area and go to the green mark nearest the Watchtower. Interact with the item there and return to the men to complete the quest.

Aria Shrine
Another optional dungeon that you can find in the Nord Highlands – East. If you complete it you will be rewarded with more AP at the end of the chapter.

Azuki Adventure
Speak to the woman behind the counter at the goods store while you are back in Ymir for your free day. You have to go to all the markers in town and speak with everyone. When you get to the chapel you will be given the item you need.

Act 1 Part 3
These unlock when you get to Legram and meet up with Laura and Emma.

Arseid School Training Bout 2
If you played the first game you will remember facing these students before. Now you are going to face some tougher competition. They hit hard, but can easily be dealt with by using Delay crafts.

Ebel Rebel
A kill quest, found on Ebel Highway 2. It is weak to fire and earth so prepare properly.

Aqua Shrine
Optional Dungeon for extra AP can be found on Ebel Highway 3.

St Veronica’s Tears(Hidden)
This quest can be found in the Cathedral of Bareahard. Talk to the sister in the left room and she will give you the quest. First you have to check out the statue in the central plaza. Then head to Station street and take the stairs down towards the water. Follow that path to a door you can go through and enter. Clear the area, hit the switch, kill the boss, and return to complete the quest.

Missin Kitten(Hidden)
You can find this quest at the Central Plaza. Go down near the water and speak to the old lady near the gate. She wants you to help her find her cat. Go up the stairs and speak to the couple at the cafe. Next go to Artisan’s Street, Station Street, then go to North Kreuzen Highway and speak with the green questions marks there. Open the map on the highway and you can find the cat at the end.

Stranger Than Fishin(Hidden)
When you get back to Ymir, speak with the guy behind the bar at the Tavern. He wants you to go out and find the fishing girl. She can be found on the Ymir Valley 2, fishing at the bridge. You will have to catch a fish and then you will get a boss fight. After you beat the boss, the quest will complete.

Act 2 Part 1
When you get your airship these start to unlock.

Find Our First Years
You have an airship now, but you need help to run it. You need to find four students for this quest.

Monica – Monica can be found at the Garrelia Maneuvering Area inside the Proving Grounds shop. Bring Lara and speak to her and she will join the ship.

Vivi – Go to the chapel in Legram and Vivi will be there. Bring Fie and speak to her and she will join the ship.

Casper – Casper is also in Legram but you need to Imperial Chronicle 4 to recruit him. You can buy one from the Store here. Go to the Arseid School and talk to him twice to get him to join.

Mint – Talk to Mint in front of the Imperial Army Watchtower and agree to help her find her item. Go into the Tower and got o all the red marks on the map until you get to the roof. The last one is up top and after Mint will join the ship.

Without Leave
While you are at the Garrelia area you might as well do this quest as well. Talk to the guys in the HQ and then leave and speak to the quest markers on the map. Head to the nextare after that and speak to the guards on the west side of the ruins. Then run back up to the east side and speak to the civilian there.

Nicholas And Emily Recruitment
These two can be found on the Garrelia Byroad. Talk to them and they want some help with the lamps in the area. There are three quest points on the Garrelia Byroad 1 and three on the Garrelia Byroad 2. Return to the pair and they will join you on the ship.

Badass In Danger
This quest starts in Legram inside of the tavern. Talk to the boy at the table and he wants to know where Patiry is. Use your ship and head up to Ymir and she is there speaking to a guy in purple.

Monster Madness
Start this quest in Lake Legram and then go out to the North Nord Highlands. After you beat the monster, return to the lake to turn it in. Before you go back to the ship, head back to the Nord Highlands and ride up to the Ancient Quarry.

Recruit Clara
She can be found up in the Ancient Quarry which is connected to the Nord Highlands. Talk to Clara and then go to the back of the Quarry to face a boss. Beat the boss and Clara will join your ship.

Recruit Becky
You can recruit Becky while you get your leisure day in Celdic. She can be found in the residence near the west exit.

Act 2 Part 2
When you get your airship these start to unlock.

Creeping For Creeps
Head to Ymir and go up to the Phoenix Wings. Talk to the man behind the counter and watch the cut scene. From there you have to catch these two creatures on the snowboard. I had to turn off my turbo mode to grab them. When you catch them there is a boss fight and then you beat the quest.

Recruit Munk
Head to the Garrelia Fortress Proving Ground area and got up to the green mark on the map. Munk wants your help to find somehting. Head to the Twin Dragons Bridge and enter the fort on the other side. Go up to the command room and speak with Craig to get the button you need. Return to Munk and he will join the ship.

Recruit Paula
Head to the East Celdic Road with Jusis and speak to Paula at the farm there. Accept her request then go t the West Celdic Highway 1 and go to the green mark. Follow the horse up to the nature park and then go into the park. You will find the horse again in Lunaria Nature Park 2 and the quest will be done.

Recruit Loggins And Alan
These two can be found on the East Trista Road 1, which is connected to the West Celdic Highway. All you have to do is go to all the marks on the map and these two join.

Recruit Fidelio And Dorothee
You can find Fidelio on the North Kreuzen Highway 3 which is connected to the East Celdic Highway 2. Speak with Fidelio and he will ask for some help finding Dorothee. Work your way over to East Celdic Highway 3 and go to the green marker there. There is a mini fight and after the battle, Dorothee and Fidelio will join your ship.

I’ll Make A Mech Out Of You
You can do this quest at the Twin Dragons Bridge Celdic side. Speak with your instructor there and you will have to do a mech battle. You don’t have to win, but you gain 2 AP for winning.

Just Getting Wormed Up
This fight is pretty tough so be ready for it. Head to the Garrelia Byroad 2 to find the monster you need to defeat. Return to the ship and turn it in after.