UFC Undisputed 3 Submission Walkthrough

UFC Undisputed 3 Submission Walkthrough

In UFC Undisputed 3 they yet again changed the way submissions work. In one it was overwhelmingly powerful if you could lock it in and in two it was a much much weaker. This game looks to even it out and this submission guide will help you master it quick. Let’s go!

First thing we will go over for the UFC Undisputed 3 submission guide is how to get someone in a submission. Once you bring someone to the ground you can transition into different positions to change your submissions. For the basic submission when you have the angle you want click in on the right stick and you will begin the move. After that is when the changes take place.

Next for the UFC Undisputed 3 submission guide is making someone submit. Once you have done the above step you will see a octagon come up with a blue and red bar. One of which is you and the other is your opponent. If you are submitting someone you have to have your color in the opponents color when your bar runs out. Basically you need to keep as close as you can to them as you can as long as you can. You should see a green bar starting to fill up. If you fill that up they will tap but if you take to long they will reverse or get out.

If you are on the other side of the ball you will need to try and keep the other guy out of your zone. They will try to trick you by looping back around and stopping the speeding at you when you stop so be ready. It is no fun to be tapped out in a fight you are winning.

To sum up for offense keep your meter in the enemies meter and for defense stay away from the enemies meter.

That will end the UFC Undisputed 3 submission guide. Check back soon for more guides!

  • Well none of that helps any one master this sub system u just explained what the most basic part of this system is. That’s like saying to master firing a pistol pull the trigger!! Duh thes new system has ruined this part of the game Maia is just a punching bag with big dark bologna nipples and wow u put Roice in the game but he is worthless. Why cant they give us a choice systems!!

  • Jamie

    I just hate how all Advanced consists of is the COM pulling off submissions on you, they rarely try to rock you all they do is constantly attempt or get you in submissions. This in my opinion ruined the career if not Advanced difficulty for me, simply because every opponent submission artist or not, just consistently puts you in submissions. This is a good guide in terms of explaining how to get into and out of a submission and the general basics, but it doesn’t really explain it for more experienced players and how to prevent them.