Uncharted 4 Guide: Optional Conversations Guide

Uncharted 4 Guide: Optional Conversations Guide
In Uncharted 4 you can have optional conversations on certain levels. Some of them are easy to find but others are time sensitive or require a treasure. Check out this Uncharted 4 Optional Conversations guide to help you find them all!

Uncharted 4 Optional Conversations

You will only have conversations in certain levels.

Chapter 3 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 1 – When you get back up from the River in this level you will see a few guys chatting around the boat. Go over to the container and talk to the guys there for one conversation. A little bit of yo momma comedy as well.

Optional Conversation 2 – The other conversation in this level comes form the old guy over looking the boat and crew. Go up the stairs and talk to him to get it.

Chapter 6 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 3 – The first one can be triggered in the Lemon grove, right after the grappling hook section. Wait For Sam to talk around a bit then go talk to him.

Optional Conversation 4 – This conversation is done after repelling down the window with Sam. Sam will look over the edge of the cliff and kneel then you can talk to him.

Optional Conversation 5 – The last one is when you are inside the building and have your tuxedo on. when you are walking with Sully you will see a balcony to the right. go through there and talk to Sam while he is looking down at the cars.

Chapter 8 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 6 – This first conversation comes after the graveyard part. Check out all the crosses on the wall below the graveyard and then talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation 7 – After you figure out the cross light puzzle talk to Sam again in the next room to get another conversation.

Chapter 9 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 8 – During this level you will come across a puzzle involving a water bucket. After you complete it, follow Sam to the cliff and talk to him there.

Chapter 10 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 9 – You get this one when you are checking out one of the towers. It is the tower that oversees the valley beneath the volcano. You will need to get the journal entry here in order to get the conversation with Sam.

Optional Conversation 10 – when you are done talking to Sam talk to Sully to get another conversation.

Chapter 11 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 11 – In the Market you will come across a guy with a pet lemur. Interact with the lemur and then go talk to Sully. You need to be quick because if he makes it up the stairs you will miss it.
Chapter 12 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 12 – You can get this conversation in Chapter 12. When Sam breaks the wooden bridge you will have to find a way over to him. When you get to him, walk up to the cliff edge with him and look over for a view. Talk to him and he will talk about the view also.

Optional Conversation 13 – You get this in the cistern later in the level. Talk to Sam after you check out all the pirate stuff in the cistern.

Chapter 14 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 13 – As soon as Sam and you go down the ledge you can talk to Sam again.

Optional Conversation 14 – Enter the two story building down below where you spawn. On the second floor you can sit down and chat with Sam.

Optional Conversation 15 – Interact with the cutlass in the blacksmith to trigger a cut scene. After that Nathan will ask about trading and you can talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation 16 – Check the horse skeleton in the stables and then talk to Sam for more conversation.

Optional Conversation 17 – Go to the stockades near the statue of Avery and talk to Sam there.

Optional Conversation 18 – Talk to Sam at the area where the battle in the past took place for another conversation.

Chapter 15 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 19 – You get both conversations for this level at the start of the level, in the treasury. Go to the back of the room and check out the bodies and the guarded pinned up with spears. Talk to Sam After to get a conversation.

Optional Conversation 20 – This one can’t be missed. After you check the place out, talk to Sam and figure out the next move.

Chapter 16 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 21 – You need to be in the house for this one. When you leave the attic and are going down the hallway, enter the room on the left. Check the note on the desk and then talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation 22/23 – While exploring the house you will enter a room with a greenhouse inside. There is a pirate book on the table in that room. Use that then talk to Sam twice to get both conversations.

Chapter 17 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 24 – After Elena gets the ladder down, follow the path and she will stop and you can talk to her.

Optional Conversation 25 – Keep following Elena and eventually you can talk to her again about the Island.

Optional Conversation 26 – You can talk to Elena again after going up the Pirate elevator part. You talk about Scottland for a second.

Optional Conversation 27 – After talking to her at the Pirate elevator, talk to her again and Nate will say “At least I didn’t lie again”, smooth.

Optional Conversation 28/29 – This is when you are taking the large elevator up with Elena. Talk to her twice for both conversations.

Chapter 18 Optional Conversations
Optional Conversation 29 – At the start of chapter 18 you can find a sign in the swamp area around the beginning. Wait for Elena to read it and then talk to her.

Optional Conversation 30 – When you go up to the large gate Nate will say you have to go over. Elena will read the writing on the door and then you can talk to her.

Optional Conversation 31 – This is after the fight with Shoreline and after you swim through the cave. When you get out on the other side you will see a skeleton hanging. Read the note she left and then talk to Elena.

Optional Conversation 32 – You can get this when swimming with Elena after the house falls apart.

Optional Conversation 33 – You can talk to Elena again when you get into Avery’s house. It will be in the large room with furniture and instruments.