Uncharted Collection – Drake’s Fortune Treasure Guide

Uncharted Collection - Drake's Fortune Treasure Guide
Collecting Treasures in the Uncharted Collection – Drake’s Fortune unlocks a variety of additional content such as weapons, skins and bonuses. Use this Uncharted Collection – Drake’s Fortune Treasure Guide to locate all of the treasures as you progress through the game.

Chapter 2: The Search For El Dorado

Treasure: Silver Mosaic Inca Earring
Silver Mosaic Inca Earring Treasure
When you begin the chapter stay on the left side of the river until you reach a large rock. Climb the rock and drop down on the other side to find the first Treasure.

Treasure: Jeweled Silver Monkey
Jeweled Silver Monkey Treasure
Continue through to the area where you need to push the large rock to break the ground and open the door to the ruins. When you’re on the ledge with the rock, push it down. Look ahead at the 3 pillars, this Treasure is on the right pillar with the tree.

Treasure: Decorated Gold Ring
Decorated Gold Ring Treasure
Head into the temple and continue until you reach the large chasm in the floor. You need to shoot a barrel on the other side to knock down the pillar and create a bridge. Before you blow up the barrel move to the left and follow the edge, the Treasure is in the very corner.

Treasure: Silver Llama
Silver Llama Treasure
Continue through until you reach the area where you open the floor and an area fills with water. Jump in the water and swim to get out. Once you’re out of the water check the right hand side below the ledge directly ahead.

Treasure: Golden Inca Cup
Golden Inca Cup Treasure
The next Treasure can be found in a small room immediately following the area where you run across the collapsing wooden platforms. Once you’ve made it past the platforms continue up the stairs to the room with the shining light coming from above. After the cut-scene turn around and you’ll see a ceramic jar in the corner, the Treasure can be found behind the jar on a skeleton.

Treasure: Silver Turtle
Silver Turtle Treasure
The final Treasure in Chapter 2. Once you leave the temple there are a group of 4 pillars. As you leave climb the furthest, smallest pillar and then proceed to jump across to the final pillar where the Treasure can be found.

Chapter 3: A Surprising Find

Treasure: Gold Tairona Pendant
Gold Tairona Pendant Treasure
When you start climbing the cliffs to reach the top of the U-Boat you’ll need to use several vines to swing across to different platforms. When you reach the 3rd vine, the biggest, instead of swinging climb to the top and find the Treasure.

Treasure: Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring
Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring Treasure
Once you get down to the U-Boat, don’t go inside. Instead run to the very end of the boat and you will find this Treasure on the tip.

Chapter 4: Plane-wrecked

Treasure: Silver Inca Figurine
Silver Inca Figurine Treasure
After you take a leap from the plane you’ll begin Chapter 4. Once you hit the ground turn around and look at the tree that caught your parachute. The Treasure is as the bottom of the tree in the far corner.

Treasure: Silver Fish Charm
Silver Fish Charm Treasure
Shortly after the last treasure, after you break through the gate, you reach a small waterfall. Search the far left side for this Treasure.

Treasure: Gold Frog
Gold Frog Treasure
Carry on through the jungle until you reach a large log that you need to cross to progress. There’s a colorful bird on the log as you approach. Before crossing the log drop down the far side onto a small ledge.

Treasure: Intricate Gold Ring
Intricate Gold Ring Treasure
Continue on and eventually you’ll reach a very large open area with lots of enemies, pillars and explosive barrels. Clear out the enemies and then head around to the left. There’s a small group of pillars and a lone pillar. Climb the lone pillar and then across the top of the other pillars. Jump over at the end and search to the left.

Treasure: Patterned Silver Ring
Patterned Silver Ring Treasure
Continue through the next metal gate and clear out the enemies. As you move into the next area you’ll find the Treasure in the very far left corner, just behind as you enter.

Treasure: Golden Jaguar
Golden Jaguar Treasure
After the area with the large metal gate that you have to climb over, continue on to the next group of enemies. Before heading right (the correct way) explore to the far left at the base of a big tree. If you see a large waterfall, you’ve gone too far.

Treasure: Silver Inca Vessel
Silver Inca Vessel Treasure
Once you’ve traversed the waterfall, blown up the jeep and crossed back onto dry land you’ll come across a small jump between a pointed rock and an outstretched log. Before jumping across search down to the right and you’ll find the next Treasure.

Treasure: Golden Toothpick
Golden Toothpick Treasure
Continue through until you reach the wreckage of the plane. Clear out all the enemies and proceed forward. You’ll come to the edge of some cliffs where a spike trap kills and enemy. The Treasure is directly behind you, just to the right as you pass through the stone archway.

Treasure: Silver Bird Vessel
Silver Bird Vessel Treasure
After the Golden Toothpick Treasure you’ll need to jump around the edge of the cliffs to get to the next area. When you reach the next area you’ll be attacked by enemies, one of which has an explosive weapon that blows cover. Before moving past these enemies search off to the right at the very edge of the cliffs for this Treasure.

Treasure: Silver Inca Earring
Silver Inca Earring Treasure
Move forward and you’ll come across an area with large numbers of enemy spawns and several spike traps. Clear out the enemies, move past the spike traps. Once you get to the clearing just past all the traps, take a left and follow a small grass pathway up and around to a ledge overlooking the spike trap area.

Chapter 5: The Fortress

Treasure: Strange Relic
Strange Relic Treasure
Once you reach The Fortress continue through all the platforming sections until you come across the first group of enemies in this chapter. Clear them out and then head up the stairs, take a left to the edge of the fortress wall, it’s located directly above the door you use to enter this area. You need to jump across above the 2 windows onto the ruined building. The Treasure is on the left corner.

Treasure: Silver Jaguar
Silver Jaguar Treasure
This Treasure is very close to the Strange Relic you just collected. Continue forwards until you see some small watchtowers and a large pile of rubble. Climb over the pile of rubble and this Treasure is found inside one of the watchtowers.

Treasure: Gold Mosaic Inca Earring
Gold Mosaic Inca Earring Treasure
From the watchtower when you found the last treasure drop down. You’ll see a small staircase leading to a big archway. Instead of going through the archway look to the right, back towards the area you came from, and you’ll see 2 large metal gates. The Treasure can be found near the gate with the large amount of rubble nearby.

Treasure: Golden Spoon
Golden Spoon Treasure
After the cut-scene with Drake attempting to operate the radio, clear all the enemies that come out of the gate and the guy on the machine gun. Head into the area they came from. Take your first right. You’ll see a long corridor with another machine gun nest at the end. Take a right into a small room, there’s an enemy and grenade launcher in here. In the lower room you’ll find the Treasure in the corner behind a table.

Chapter 6: Unlocking The Past

Treasure: Silver Inca Mask
Silver Inca Mask Treasure
Shortly after you enter Chapter 6 you’ll be attacked after looking at your map. Clear out these enemies before heading up the stairs. Once you get to the top of the stairs you’ll notice 2 huge white trees. This Treasure is located by the tree closest to the edge.

Treasure: Spanish Silver Coin
Spanish Silver Coin Treasure
After you obtain the key from the tower and unlock the door, you’ll encounter a large group of enemies and a machine gun nest. Directly below the machine gun is a large metal gate. To the left of the gate is a large tree. The Treasure can be found on the wall next to the tree.

Treasure: Silver Tairona Pendant
Silver Tairona Pendant Treasure
Continue through the level until you use the machine gun you encountered previously to kill the enemies below. Move forward until you drop off a busted staircase. You enter a room with a metal gate and boxes. The Treasure is to the right of the stairs as you enter.

Treasure: Gold Llama
Gold Llama Treasure
In the next area you’ll find yourself on a walkway overlooking the courtyard where the big fight was a few minutes ago. Stick to the left of this walkway and enter the archway near the big white tree. You’ll see a set of broken stairs. Climb the small pillar next to the stairs and jump onto the ledge with all the greenery. Scramble over it and the rubble to find the Treasure in the corner. This one is quite tough to find, I didn’t take a screenshot while standing on it like the others. I took a screenshot of the ledge covered in greenery that you have to climb through.

Chapter 8: The Drowned City

Treasure: Decorated Silver Ring
Decorated Silver Ring Treasure
When you drive the jeep into the water you begin Chapter 8. As soon as you get back on dry land you enter an area with enemies. Directly to the right in the corner as you enter is the first Treasure in this chapter.

Treasure: Silver Frog
Silver Frog Treasure
After you take a ride on the Jet Ski and reach your destination, you’ll encounter a group of enemies – one of which has a grenade launcher. Kill these enemies and then pass through the small arch directly behind the platform the grenade launcher enemy was using. In the far right corner of that room is this piece of Treasure.

Chapter 9: To The Tower

Treasure: Golden Fish Charm
Golden Fish Charm Treasure
Once you begin Chapter 9 continue through until you reach another grenade launcher enemy, after the Jet Ski part of Chapter 9. In the same area as the grenade launcher guy, search to the far left corner, just before the corridor that has a blue tint look.

Chapter 10: The Customs House

Treasure: Jeweled Golden Brooch
Jeweled Golden Brooch Treasure
Continue through until you slide down the wire to The Customs House. Before opening the door to let Elena in, check the far right corner for this Treasure.

Treasure: Silver Belt Buckle
Silver Belt Buckle Treasure
After the cut-scene where you check the logs in The Customs House, you’ll come across a room with multiple enemies. As you enter the room you’ll notice a staircase directly in front of you. Climb the staircase and at the top jump onto the wooden boards. You should see the Treasure directly in front.

I’m updating this as I go through the game so if you get passed me, I’ll catch up as quickly as possible.