Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Token Locations

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Token Locations
One of the early puzzles you can tackle in Uncharted The Lost Legacy involves tokens scattered around the map. Finding these will unlock a new area and a new treasure. Check out this Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Token Locations guide to find them all.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Token Location Guide

Here is a map of all of them, which you can get at the ? on the map.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Token Locations Map

Each token has a symbol near it, such as the elephant, this is how the list will be broken up. You can tell which token it is by looking at the lantern near each of the symbols on the map.

Elephant Token
Tis one is pretty simple to get. Jump up on top of the building in the center and walk of the skinny ledge. Look down and you can see a grapple point,
use your grapple and jump off to open the path. Go down and you will find the token and be ambushed by some enemies.
Snake Token
This one seems complicated at first but it’s actually easy. I know some people hate the idea of playing with lock on in these games but it does help for this puzzle. Go to the snake lamp and climb up into the area above. Go to the door at the end and look back out to the bells down below. you need to shoot all of them and then shoot the one next to the door to open the door for your token.
Lion Token
For this one you need a grenade launcher or a grenade. There is a broken wall next to the lamp that you can see, use a grenade on it to break it down and inside there is another token.
Horse Token
This one is probably the hardest of the tokens to get. Go up to the lantern and climb up above it like the Snake token. There is a pedestal you can interact with, do that to start the puzzle. There are three pieces on the outside that you have to bring in. First, bring in the large piece and then wrap it around to the other side and take it off there. Now go back to the other side and take the medium piece and put that in the circle. Now go back to the large piece and put that back in the circle and return it to the side with the smallest piece. By now you are probably understanding how to get it done but if not, put the medium piece on the right side. This means the large and small piece should be on the left with the medium piece on the right.

Now you need to to get the large piece and put it back on. Drop it off on the side with the medium piece and you should have access to the smallest piece, which you can put on and leave there. Grab the large piece again and drop it off on the left side so you can snag the medium piece and leave it on there. Lastly, grab the large piece and this will complete the circle. Rotate the symbol to create a horse and the door will open up and you can get your token.

Lion 2 Token
There is a second Lion token that is protected by some rebels in the area. When you get there they already blew the wall down and got the token. There is a gray chest that you can lockpick and open up near the broken down wall and inside you find the token.
Rooster Token
You will have to dive underwater for this, there is a hole in the stairs under the river near the lamp. Go down and through the underwater cave and on the other side you will find your token.
Bird Man Token
This lantern is a man who is dressed in some sort of bird garb. Next to the lantern, there is a cliff you can climb up and then some grapple points you can follow to get the token. Be sure you have a grenade before you get to the end, or drop down and pick the lock on the crate below.
Peacock Token
This one is protected by some rebels and their turret. You can sneak around and get on the turret and use it if you want, or just kill the rebels. Next, to the lantern there is a wall you can break down, toss a grenade and inside you will find the token.
Boar Token
This is another grappling challenge. Get up on top of the ruins and use your grapple on the tree to swing across the mud. There are little pillars that make it seem like you need to land on them, you don’t. Instead swing as close to the other side as you can and jump into the mud. You can slide down the mud to the area close to the cave and enter there. Inside you will find the token.
Lamb Token
Another minor puzzle for this token. Go to the center of the ruins and on the roof, there is a switch to activate. Do that and a bunch of fountains will pop up. You need to grapple rope to all of them and walk over them to disable them. When you get all of them, return to the center and you will get the token.

When you get all the tokens, return to the place that revealed the map for you and turn in all the tokens. Check back soon for more Uncharted The Lost Legacy Guides.