How To Unlock The Broly And Bardock Saga In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

How To Unlock The Broly And Bardock Saga In Dragon Ball Xenoverse
After you beat all the Story Missions in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you may notice that there are still a couple you have missed. These are extra Time Missions for Broly and Bardock that you can unlock. Find out how to unlock the Broly and Bardock Saga here!

What To Do With Time Chasm Crystal Shards in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

What To Do With Time Chasm Crystal Shards in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

In order to unlock the extra Sagas you will need to get 5 Time Shards from a few places. The first two I got was because I beat the main story all the way. After you defeat the last boss the item you get from him is a Time Shard. After you finish the end cut scene and all the credits head back to Toki Toki and you will see a random guy with a green ? over his head. Talk to him and you will get another Time Shard. The next three will need to be grinded out.

Head over to the Parallel Quests areas and you can start trying to get the next Time Shards. Just because it is shown as a reward does not mean you will always get it, you need to do these multiple times in order to get the Shards normally. Time Shard 3 can be found on Parallel Quest 40 “Saiyan Revolt”. Time Shard 4 can be found on Parallel Quest 42 “Power of a Super Saiyan God, 18 “Return of Ginyu Force” and 14 “Legendary Super Saiyan”. Time Shard 5 can be found on Parallel Quest 2 “Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans”, 21 “The Cell Games Begin” and 32 “Super Saiyan Bergain Sale” which you unlock from Goten.

Getting these items from those battles is completely random just like every other reward. I had to spend about an hour on one of the missions to get my last shaard.

Don’t worry about focusing on the Shards until you beat the game because both these Sagas are pretty tough. After you get all the Shards return to the area where you do your story missions and you can start these Sagas up!

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  • Angus

    Could you actually say if you need to beat these PQ’s in a specific way? Or does just beating them count?

    • Nick

      you need to complete them with an ultimate finish which means doing both the extra completion objectives

      • Angus

        Thanks man, cause I’d also seen around that you need to perfect them so I
        got kinda confused. I’ve got them all now, but Bardock keeps getting
        KO’d haha. I didn’t do the objective completion objectives for “Saiyan Revolt” and still got the Shard

        • Nick

          for the Bardock mission i put on ultra fighting bomber and spammed the shit out of it i couldn’t figure out another way

          • Angus

            Yeah that’s what I was thinking about doing, but I have to unlock it first

          • WITNESS

            what do you mean spam it?

          • Dubplate

            He means go ssj2 and continuously use your ultimate over and over because it doesn’t cost you any ki to do so whilst ssj. Just be sure to have some form of ki charge ability equipped

      • Gray

        no……i dont think its required……..cause i just finished all the pq to get the time shards but i didnt ultimate finish it(actually…..i couldnt….)well, anyway what i’m tying to say is that u dont need an ultimate finish to get the shards

  • Mini gear

    fighting 15 enemies and freiza… i can do that but bardock wont stop dying.

  • Zack152

    I just want to point out a small type in this guide, but I’ll bet everyone knows it by now.
    Saiyan Revolt is Parallel Quest 49, not 40. Stop Beerus’ Destruction is PQ 40.

  • Saar Leibowitz

    I didn’t find any man with green ? What to do???

  • Ryumoau

    Thank you so much for this guide. i hate how poorly handled the loot reward system is handled in this game. The randomness of skill drop rates is just obnoxious to deal with. They should have just made it so that you automatically get things when you achieve a Z rank.

  • Derek

    Getting that 4th shard has been impossible for me, I’ve ultimate finished at least 25 times between the Ginyu PQ & the Legendary Super Saiyan PQ and nothing. All i get is a material item which is usually a hercule badge. This is the last shard I need to unlock the bonus series, someone help?

  • Raphie Barreto

    Ok so…I have all 5 Crystals, beat Broly on Earth with Bardok as a monkey…uh SPOILERS….and…that’s it!?! Is that all to the story? I mean that was awesome hell (coming from someone who’s lost respect for Bardock), but totally short lived! Seriously…that’s all?

  • franklin travis

    I have bardock But do not have broly why is that