How To Use The Security Tuner In Alien Isolation

How To Use The Security Tuner In Alien Isolation

One of the key items in Alien Isolation is the Security Tuner. This tool will help you open some doors and hack some terminals throughout the game. Problem is the game doesn’t really explain how to use it. Use this guide to figure out how to use your Security Tuner.

Using The Security Tuner

You get this pretty early off a dead body and after you get the battery for it you can start opening doors. There is one upgrade for this that you won’t be able to miss later in the game.

Most of the time when you use the Security Tuner you will get the Signal Lost mini game. What you have to do is move the marker around the square until the screen lights up with various symbols. Using the right stick you need to find the first symbol and click it. The symbol is broken up into pieces starting at 3 and going up one with each Security Tuner difficulty level. If you are running out of time just get move the left stick and the timer and puzzle will reset.

Another method that rarely pops up is the blue and white line mini game. All you need to do is stop the marker in the white line 3 times and the door will open. The line gets smaller each time and the marker moves quicker each time. For the last one you will be better off stopping before the line then after the line.

The sooner you can master the Security Tuner the better since you will be using it a lot throughout the game. Check back soon for more Alien Isolation guides!