Wasteland 3 Choices And Consequences Guide

Wasteland 3 Choices And Consequences Guide
Wasteland 3 is full of choices that can have rippling effects on the rest of the game. Check out this Wasteland 3 choices and consequences guide to figure out what choice does what. This way you can earn more rep, more rewards, and avoid some tougher fights if need be.

Wasteland 3 Choices And Consequences Guide

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Dorsey Hostage Choice
Early on in the game you will run into someone being held hostage by one of the Dorsey goons.

Hard Ass/Kiss Ass
Either of these choices will make the goon run away and leave the hostage unharmed. The Dorsey Goon will go warn the next group that you are coming though.

Kill The Goon
You kill the goon, but not before she kills the hostage. This hostage will become a team member later if she lives. If she dies you will save a second hostage but she won’t leave. You can kill her if you want as well. You will get some ammo from her corpse, but don’t lose any rep.

Major Vera Choice
All the options here lead to the same outcome, Vera’s death. You can use whatever skill you have but it won’t stop her from dying.

Ranger HQ Choices And Consequences Guide

The Patriarch Choices

Kill Dorsey
You kill Dorsey and get Patriarch Marshal rep +1

He’s Your Prisoner
The Patriarch will thank you but you will get no rep or any bonuses.

Leadership 2
You suggest that Dorsey is placed in Prison instead of killed.

You get more choices after that, most of which don’t matter.

First Aid
The Patriarch gets upset and says there is nothing wrong with him.

Thank you Patriarch
This will get you more rep for the Patriarch. Patriarch Marshal rep +1.

No we want our stuff and we are leaving
He won’t let you leave but you can attack them if you want. You will be surrounded by guys in power armor, but the choice is yours.

Servitor Bot Choices
Kiss Ass
The robots will let you walk through without a fight.

Ask if they have been guarding the spot the whole time
They inform you that they have and more options pop up.

Attack The Robots
You attack the robots.

The Government is gone
They call you foolish and give you a couple more options. Either way this ends in a fight with the Robots.

Okay we will leave
You leave and figure out a new plan.

Del Hackett Choices
She asks if you will let her stay here or not.
You can stay
You gain Wastelander Rep +5 and they stick around.

You need to leave
You lose 5 Wastelander rep and they will leave.

Mushroom Man Prisoner Choices
You can free the Mushroom guy in the prison if you want.

Free him
If you free him, he will thank you. He will also say this isn’t the last time you will see him. I haven’t had him pop up again yet, but when he does I will update it.

Keep him locked up
He stays locked up in his cell.

Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs Downtown Choices

Freeing Austin Choices
After you speak with Austin, talk to the Magistrate and you can attempt to free Austin.

Kiss Ass 4
You will get +5 wastelanders rep for this and he will be free. Austin then goes to your base.

What if we pay the damages?
You pay 200 and free Austin and he goes back to your base.

He’s not a bad kid
He doesn’t care and you are put back to the other choices.

He doesn’t have mercy and you are booted back to the other choices.

Doresy Hunter Choices
This is for a side quest in the Springs. You enter a clothes store and the Dorsey boys want a fight.

Kiss Ass 3
They put on some clothes and walk out and the town is none the wiser.

You start a fight with the Dorseys.

We just want to talk
They say no way and the fight begins.

Isaac Reed Choices
At the end of his convo you will have a choice to let him die or save him.
Stop Lucia
You stop Lucia from killing Issac. Later on you tell her you didn’t want his death on her conscious and she thanks you.

You can then choose to send them to your base and keep them locked up there, or have the marshal take care of it.

Ranger HQ
They will be locked up in Ranger HQ and the sheriff will give you a jailer to watch over them.

Hand over to Marshals
You will get 5 rep for the marshals, some merc armor, and some fame. If you tell her that we are all on the same side you get one extra rep as well. Either way you get Hope for your jail back at base.

Let Lucia Kill Him
Lucia shoots him in the gut so he will slowly die and you get another choice. She will freak out a bit later, but she still sticks around.

Finish the job kid
Lucia kill Issac and then is violently ill. The rest of the people attack you and you need to defend yourself. You lose hundred families rep this way.

Kill him yourself
You kill Issac and there is a fight with the hundred families, resulting in loss of rep for them.

Let him bleed to death
He dies and you fight the hundred family and lose rep with them.

After The Hundred Families Youth Battle
After the fight you will get a prompt.
Tell them you killed the Dorseys

Tell them you killed the Dorseys and the Youths
You lose 5 rep from the Hundred Families.

Arresting The Hundred Families Youth Battle
Send a team to pick them up.
You bring them back to your base. The sheriff is a tad annoyed, but you got the job done.

Bring them to the sheriff

Irv Choices
After you get done speaking with Irv, you get two choices.

Recruit to Ranger HQ
Irv will be happy and thank you. You can find him back at your base. He will make clones for your at your base that act as pets, but don’t hit hard. Still they are extra damage. He will also stick with you at the end of the game.

Send him home
You tell him to keep quiet at the apartment and send him back home.

Synth October 11 Choices
When you find the Synth hiding in the museum, you will have a few choices attached to it.

Let the Synth go
If you ask the Synth if they will kill more people, it says they might have to. You can let the Synth go, but Wolfe back at base will be upset and you won’t get anymore quests from him to hunt down more Synths. October 11 will eventually end up killing more people. Wolfe and his people will leave the Ranger HQ as well.

Kill the Synth
This is what Wolfe wants you to do and it will prevent October from killing anyone else. You will also get more quests from Wolfe to hunt down additional Synths around the area. Wolfe and his crew will stick around at your base if you want as well.

Hallie Choices
Hallie is a former slave who is being hunted by slavers.

Tell her to keep her head down
She will thank you and you will gain 10 Rep with the Wastelander Refugees. You return to the Slavers and tell them she got away. They respond with we’ll find her and don’t worry, we’ll see you again. They will eventually attack you down the road.

Bring her back to HQ
You lie to the poor girl and send her back to HQ. Speak with the Slaver at your base and you will lose 10 rep with the Wastelander Refugees. They also open up the bunker under your base which has some power armor, weapons, and an accessory that gives you +1 to nerd stuff.

Satoshi Case Choices
When you get into the apartments in Colorado Springs, you will find a hooded man who offers you a case which you can open.

Open the case
Inside the case is a bunch of junk that you can sell, but nothing note worthy to you and your group. If you hold on to the case, it will provide you with the chance to get some of the best armor in the game later.

Hold on to the case
This is something that pays off way later. After you deal with Liberty and try to leave her compound, Satoshi will pop up and ask for his case back. He will be accompanied by a couple of large drill bots. If you hand him the box, it will form into a new set of armor, the Nucular Armor set, which takes alot of strength to wear but has a ton of armor.

Machine Shop Choices

Shop Foreman Choices
We just want to talk
Either way you get into a fight.

You fight the crew.

Mactavish Choices
Pay 500
He thanks you and tells you what you need to know.

Pay 300 Barter 4
He takes the money and tells you what you need to know.

No deal, talk or we kill you
He will tell you what you need to know.

You either talk or we take you to the marshals
He doesn’t want to be locked up so he will tell you what you need to know.

After you get the info, you get another choice.

Get out of town
Mactavish is happy and he leaves town. I am not sure if you run into him again or not.

You can go but I want a little reward first
He will lose his mind and pay you 115$ before leaving.

Arrest him
If you arrest him you will get a choice on where to send him. If you send him to the marshals you will get 5 rep with them. If you send him to your HQ, he will go into your jail and you get no rep.

Kill him
If you kill him you will get his mask, which gives 3 armor, +1 to toaster repair, and +1 to mechanics. No rep loss or anything like that.

Little Vegas Choices

Marshal Lupinski Choice
After you speak with the boss in Little Vegas, the marshals will show up and demand you hand him over or they will fight you.
You will have to face off with Lupinski and his corrupted marshals. There are quite a few of them, so be ready for a fight. This will make it so Brygo’s people man your armory and sell you stuff instead of the marshals.

Arrest Brygo
You will get 15 rep with Patriarch’s Marshals, some cash, and some grenades. You will also get the marshals to man your armory instead of Brygo’s goons.

If you choose to go against the Patriarch at the end of the game, the marshals in the armory will fight against you.

World Map Choices

Heads Or Tails Choice
For this one you need to choose which place you go to.

If you go to the Homestead, you will run into the Dorsey boys trying to attack a family inside. You can try to talk them down, but it results in a fight. If you do Hard Ass they will lose morale and the fight will be a tad easier.

If you use Kiss Ass and then Weird Science or Nerd Stuff you can make them leave the homestead without a fight. You are rewarded but the Dorsey’s say they’ll be seeing you again.

If you save the homestead, the caravan is destroyed and the mutants get the power armor. They also threaten Colorado Springs.

Here you run into mutants who have a hostage and they are looking for a fight. Clear them out and talk to the driver to get her to deliver her goods to Colorado Springs. They will bring the Power Armor to the marshals but you will get none at the moment. If you pick the Caravan, the Dorseys will slaughter the people at the homestead.

If you choose to fight the Patriarch later, you will also have to fight the marshals. That means if they get power armor, you fight them with their power armor on.

Sisters Keeper Choice
If you take this quest on on you will have to decide what to do with Yoon. When you meet with Moss Cogan you have a few options.

Pay off her debt
I think you can pay it off, but I didn’t have enough. It cost 10k.

Kiss Ass 7
This will complete the quest and get you 5 rep with the Thousand families. You also get a little bit of cash and then you get 5 Wastelander refugee rep as well.

How about Yoon becomes a servant
Yoon and her sister don’t want to become servants, but it is your call to make. You gain rep with the Thousand Families this way and lose rep with the Wastelander refugees.

You will lose rep with the Thousand Families and have to fight Cogan and his men. You gain rep with the Wastelander refugees and lose rep with the Thousand families.

The Bizarre Choices

Refugee Choices
After you clear out the militia from the area outside of The Bizarre, you will free some refugees. They will ask you to help them find someone to transport them to Colorado Springs.

Pay Pareidolia Jones
Inside the Bizarre there is a man in a cowboy hat at the bar named Pareidolia Jones who will smuggle them to the Springs for 300$, 7 kick ass, or 6 barter. You will get +5 standing with the refugees faction for this.

Arrest Mama Cotter
You will lose 15 rep with the Wastelanders and you can then choose if she goes to the marshals or if you bring her back to HQ. If you have the marshals pick her up, her family will fight you and you will become hated with the Wastelanders. If you send her back to your HQ, she will be in your jail for the foreseeable future. Gideon will give you rep with the thousand families and he will send you mechanics.

At the end of the game, if you fight against the Patriarch, the Cottor boys will stay on your side. If you join the Patriarch, the will turn on you.

No more smuggling
This isn’t really an option, she won’t stop unless you arrest her.

Keep helping refugees
This will get you 15 more rep for the Wastelanders and Mama Cotter will give you three of her sons to help work on your vehicle. This will mean that Gideon won’t help you with mechanics and you lose 15 rep with the thousand families.

Hostile Takeover Choices
This quest involves you taking out the Monster Army at The Bizarre and installing Charlie as the new owner of it. You can skip the quest if you want the Monster Army to remain in control.

Monster Army Owns Bizarre

Charlie Owns Bizarre
For helping out Charlie you get the keycard to his safe and 1000$. After you take out the Monster Army, the vendors and others will come up and ask you why you killed them. You will have a few options here. In the post game, Charlie and his cartel make The Bizarre even more profitable.

Kiss Ass 6
With kiss ass, you convince Jones and the vendors that they can work here or The Bizarre dies. They don’t like it, but they will continue to work under Charlie and the cartel.

Not Our Problem
Charlie will kill Jones and tell the rest of the Vendors to work for him or suffer the same fate.

You are right Jones
Charlie will ask you if you are with his Cartel or not. Jones joins in for the fight, but dies right away if you choose to fight the Cartel. After you beat the thugs, the vendors come up and say they need to leave since there is no one here to watch over them. The Bizarre closes down and becomes a ghost town.

If you side with Charlie and the Cartel, he kills Jones and forces the vendors to work for him.

You kill Jones and Charlie forces the vendors to start working for him.

Any of these options, other than killing Charlie, gets you paid by Charlie.

The Old Survivalist Bunker Choices

Clouds Drifting West Choices

Turn off life support
You kill Clouds Drifting West while he stares into your eyes.

Leave him alive
He is left alive, hooked up to a machine.

Denver Ruins

At the Denver Ruins you will have a choice to side with the Gippers or with

Gippers Or Godfishers Choice

Side With Gippers
Siding with the Gippers means helping out God President Reagan. When you head down to the Godfisher’s camp you will have to clear them out by force. This is a pretty big fight so be ready.


Synth In Robot Commune Choice
You will only have this if you aided the people at your base get the first Synth. You have two choices, fight it straight up or do kiss ass. If you fight it, the whole commune turns on you.

Reagan Reborn Choice

Put Reagan into a Valor
Valor is erased and Reagan takes over the body. Rep with the Gippers if you do this.

Kiss Ass 5
This will allow you to choose who the Gipper is transferred into.

Transfer Reagan into Valor
Valor’s mind will be erased, and you will get 15 rep with the Gippers. You will get your quest rewards and XP as well. The Patriarch will NOT like this choice when you report back to him about his son. This will cause the Gippers to take out the Machine Commune at the end of the game. The Gippers become powerful, and if they like you, they treat you with respect.

Transfer Reagan into Machine Commune
This will transfer Reagan to the Machine Commune. You will go to war with the Gippers and have to fight your way out of the ruins of Denver. This includes fighting the giant Reagan statue at the start, but your truck is in on that fight. The robot commune doesn’t give you any reward at the moment but they are thankful and learn form the Reagan AI.

Transfer Reagan to Ranger HQ
You send Reagan to your HQ, which makes the robots very mad. If you tell them you control Ronnie, you will lose 30 rep with the Gippers and you can have Valor arrested without incident. They also swear to come for the AI at one point.

Steal Reagan intelligence
If you try to steal the Reagan intelligence, it will trigger a fight with the Gippers. This will make the faction at war with you as well.

Santas Workshop Choices

Santa Choices

After you clear out Santa’s back workshop, you will have a choice to make.

Hard Ass 6
Santa says he isn’t dying over this, and he leaves his workshop.

Weird Science 6
Santa will send shipments of Brain Candy to your base but the elves will be stuck.

Kiss Ass 6
You have Santa send you shipments to your base. This will result in more Brain Candy at your vendors but the elves are still locked up.

How bout we arrest you
This triggers a fight with Santa. If you beat him, you will get the Santa outfit and some other gear.

Elf Choices

Weird Science 6
You increase the shipments of Brain Candy by 200% and have the shipments send to your HQ. You will get more Brain Candy to buy at your base.

Brain candy is lucrative
The elves will keep working and you will get more Brain Candy at your base

Free the elves
With 8 Nerd Stuff or Mechanics, you can disable the explosive collar on the elves and free them. They will leave and you will have done your good dead for the day.

Aspen Choices

Ash Choice
After rescuing the hostages, you can enter the room with Ash in it and you will be given a choice.

You arrest him and get to choose who he goes to. He will stay where he is for now, but when you leave you will bring him with you back to HQ.
If you free him he will thank you and leave. You don’t get any rep but you do get the key to Vic’s room.

No rep is lost, you get the key, and you get to loot him. He has a defusal kit on his body that will give you +1 to explosives.

Vic Buchanan Choice
After rescuing the hostages, you can enter the room with Ash in it and you will be given a choice.

The Gift turned on you
This will prompt the choice or killing or arresting him.

We freed the rangers
He will laugh and say okay he didn’t expect that. You can then attack him or have him surrender.

Kiss Ass 10
This one will actually have Vic join up with your team. Certain members won’t be happy about this, but

First Aid 8
I didn’t have First aid 8, leave a comment if you do this choice please.

If you tell him you have a team outside with sniper rifles, he won’t believe you and instead toss a grenade at his feet. This will kill him and you can loot his body.

Kill Vic
If you kill Vic, you will get his pistol and a Mermaid Ornament for your car.

Welcome to the team
Vic joins you as a team mate and is speced in Small arms, Heavy weapons, and hard ass. This makes Pizepi upset, but she still joins your team if you want her.

Arrest Vic
He surrenders and you arrest him. You send him back to HQ and complete part of you main story. He will be locked up at your HQ along with Ash if you arrest him. The Patriarch is happy with your choice to arrest Vic instead of killing him.

Angela Deth Choices

Fight Patriarch Or Side With Patriarch

Fight Patriarch
Angela Deth will give you the location of the Liberty. Lucia Wesson will tell you that she will turn on you if you follow through with this.

We’re not buying it
You still get Liberty’s location because she needs to be stopped. Angela leaves without a fight.

Yuma County Choices

The Mechanic Choices
If you bring Cordite with you, the Mechanic won’t work with you.

Sorry Cordite
If you tell Cordite you want to hear the mechanic out, Cordite will leave and you can speak with the Mechanic. Cordite is one of my main fighters so I went with the other route.

We’re with Cordite
You start a fight with the Mechanic and his robots in the area. This will most likely put you second in the initiative order. This is how you put Cordite in charge of the Scar Collectors. After you beat the Mechanic, Cordite will tell you he has to defeat someone to become the leader. Cordite has to face off with Steel-trap to become the ruler of the Scar Collectors.

One Of Us Choices
In order for Cordite to take over the Scars, you need to complete a test.

Accept Bio Mod
This will put some internal bleeding on one of you members, but they will get the perk Cyborg Tech. This perk will let you equip Cyborg Mods. Whoever you give the mod to, they will lose 50 Con and get -35% to healing for about an hour.

Kill rebellious slave
I had a hard time targeting the slave and had to use my flamethrower to actually get him. It is enough to get you accepted so you can stay in camp.

Liberty Buchanan Choices
This is one of the last choices you will make in the game.

Kiss Ass 10
This option will allow you to ally yourself with Liberty. Cordite will not stand for this and he will fight you if you choose this option. If you choose a partnership, Liberty will attack you and try to kill you. If you agree to join her, Cordite won’t allow it and forces you to fight her. If you have Cordite with you, this option is pointless.

Hard Ass 10
This is a quick and easy way to arrest Liberty without a big fight. She says she will remain your prisoner until you deal with her father.

Nerd Stuff 10
You will disable her power armor and she will lose control of her drones. This will force a fight with Liberty but the big robots will be on your team for two turns. When you get Liberty down to about 1/3 of her HP, she will surrender and you can arrest her or kill her.

If you arrest Liberty, you will send her back to your HQ and complete the quest. If you have Cordite with you, he will say it is time to bring down the Patriarch. You can then tell Cordite to bring his new gangs with him, or attack the place with just your crew and allies. She will remain locked up for the rest of the game.

Bring The Scar Gangs
Cordite tells you they can come, but he won’t be able to control them from going on a rampage. If you choose to bring them, Lucia will not come with you and leave your party.

Don’t bring the Scar Gangs
Cordite will join you and Lucia won’t leave, but the gangs stay behind.

Downtown Showdown Choices

We’re with you
Angela Deth will wait for you in Colorado Springs, but the Patriarch somehow knows you are turning on him. When you get to HQ, some of your recruits are fighting against you.

Marshal Kwon
If you decide to fight against the Patriarch, Kwon will not join you. If you let him go, he will fight against you. You can either arrest him or kill him.

The bullet
Kwon says he figured, and Deth puts him down.

Lucia Wesson
If you are against the Patriarch, Lucia will join you if you talk to her father. She will realize that the Patriarch is as corrupt as everyone else and she will help you fight him.

Scotchmo will stay with you because he wants to get his booze back.

Cordite depends on what you are doing. If you are fighting against the Patriarch, he will gladly join you in the battle. If you are for the Patriarch, he will have to be put down or arrested.

Pizepi will stay with you as long as you agree to complete the mission and send supplies to Arizona.

Jodie will go back to Arizona if you are fighting the Patriarch. She thinks you are not gonna get the supplies back to the Rangers down south.

Fish-lips is in, as long as you agree to kill the Patriarch.

Patriarch Choices
If you fight the Patriarch, you will have some choices to make at the end.



Hand to the mob
The mob has a trial for the Patriarch, and leave him to die of exposure in the square.


Angela Deth End Game Choices
If you fight the Patriarch, you will have some choices to make at the end.

Invite Woodson
If you invite Woodson, Angela Deth will start to move on since her and Woodson don’t get along. If you have Kiss Ass 9 you can convince her to stay, but I didn’t have it sadly. The Rangers come to join you in Colorado. Deth sets of to east to find others to help.

Send supplies to Arizona but stay

Take Supplies and go back to Arizona

Gonna keep heading east

Check back soon for more Wasteland 3 guides.

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