Wasteland 3 Heads Or Tails Guide

Wasteland 3 Heads Or Tails Guide
Do you go to the Homestead of the Arapaho Caravan? This Wasteland 3 Heads Or Tails Guide tells you what happens if you choose to save the Hoon Homestead or if you decide to go and visit the Arapaho Caravan, so you can make the decision for yourself.

When you reach the World Map there are a lot of random events, Secondary Missions, and places you can explore. They are not always identical, sometimes missions become available earlier than other times. However, eventually, there’s a good chance that you will encounter the Heads or Tails Secondary Mission, one that gives you the choice of visiting two locations. You may only visit one, once you’ve completed one of the objectives, the fate of the other is sealed.

If You Choose The Hoon Homestead

If You Choose The Hoon Homestead
If you choose to head to the Hoon Homestead, it’s not far, just slightly East of Ranger HQ. When you arrive a group of Dorsey’s are harassing the family inside. You’ll be attacked by a large number of Dorseys but it’s not a very difficult fight. You can convince them to leave if you have the required skills.

You get Erastus Dorseys helm as an ornament for your vehicle, looting the bodies after the fight. Then, head inside and speak with the Hoon family. You get an Infantry Mans Bible, a Skill Book with +1 to Automatic Weapons. You can also take an Assault Rifle off the mantle, Hoon’s Prize Rifle. However, if you take the rifle, you have to fight the old people and Lucia Wesson and Marshal Kwon, who will both die.

The rifle is 8-10 Damage x3 with the Unload ability, firing twice as many shots but with -35% Hit Chance. Probably not worth killing two allies over. You also hear over the radio that the Arapaho Caravan was ambushed and the mutants escaped with the Power Armor, promising to attack Colorado Springs later.

If You Choose Arapaho Caravan

If You Choose Arapaho Caravan
The Arapaho Caravan is a short distance South West of the Ranger HQ. When you arrive a group of Scar Collectors are attacking a caravan. This may be your first encounter with Mutants. Take out the bomber enemies, the ones with the large container on their head, and then focus the ones wielding guns. Save first as things can go very wrong here, very fast.

The loot is very average but there is a Skill Book behind a level 5 Lockpicking door in one of the buildings, The Red Wire Or The Blue Wire (+1 to Explosives). After clearing out all of the enemies speak to the surviving human. She asks you to find her friends. There’s a driver laying down next to the fire and another injured human nearby. Use the items suggested to heal them both. Then caravan will then, after a short time, arrive at Colorado Springs and provide some of the Marshals with Power Armor.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, if you can live with the moral guilt of allowing a family to get slaughtered, choosing the Arapaho Caravan and then heading to the Hoon Homestead afterwards, offers the greatest rewards.

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