Wasteland 3 Satoshi’s Mysterious Case Guide

Wasteland 3 Satoshi's Mysterious Case Guide
Satoshi gives you a mysterious case but do you open it or keep it? This Wasteland 3 Satoshi’s Mysterious Case Guide will tell you where to find Satoshi and what you should do with the Mysterious Case but here’s a spoiler, do not open the case under any circumstances.

During one of the many side missions in Colorado Springs, you will be sent to an apartment block to deal with some strange noises. This is where you recruit a special doctor that allows you to make clones to bring into combat. Anyway, Satoshi is in one of these rooms. He stands dressed from head to toe in a white robe and speaks mostly in computer jargon. However, he also hands you a Mysterious Case and asks you to look after it for him. If you open the case, you get some junk to sell, and that’s it.

Wasteland 3 Satoshi’s Mysterious Case Guide

Mysterious Case Guide
Right near the end of the game, after you deal with Victory, as you attempt to leave Yuma County Speedway, you will spot Satoshi standing around with some robots. Approach him and speak with him. He will ask if you still have the case and if so, ask you to hand it over.

Nuclear Armor set with 35 Armor on the Chest, 15 on the Pants and 15 on the Helmet. This is the strongest armor in the entire game in terms of raw armor value, so if you’ve saved the case up until this point, it’s going to pay off.

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