What Choices To Make At The Start Of Kingdom Come Deliverance

What Choices To Make At The Start Of Kingdom Come Deliverance
At the beginning of the game you are given the opportunity to make two decisions. This guide will help you to decide What Choices To Make At The Start Of Kingdom Come Deliverance so that you can start off with stats that compliment your play style and give you a nice boost to any stats of your choosing.

After the first cut-scene, Henry is speaking with his mother. At this point she asks you a number of questions, some of which are directly tied to the starting stats in specific areas. The first round of questions your mother asks are the following:

  • We were chatting in the tavern (Speech)
  • I was dancing (Agility)
  • I was with Bianca (Vitality)
  • I was working at the forge (Strength)

Depending on what (Stat) is tied to your answer, you will get a bonus in that particular attribute. For example, if you choose to tell your mother you were dancing – you will have a higher starting agility level.

Following the first question are another round of questions, although the (Stat) options are the same.

  • Why would I be interested in sword fighting? (Speech)
  • Matthias was teaching me archery (Agility)
  • I was with Bianca (Vitality)
  • What does it matter? (Strength)

The choices you make here only really impact the first few hours of the game. Depending on what you choose, you get a small bonus to that particular stat. However, this does not decrease any other stats or impact the maximum level of stats. To put it simply, choose what you are going to do for the first 3-4 hours.

One stat choice will give you one level in that stat. Stacking two will still only give you one level. For example, choosing the (Speech) option both times will only increase your Speech to level 1 and a bit. For that reason it’s likely better to pick two different (Stat) responses.

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