What House To Choose In Fire Emblem Three Houses

What House To Choose In Fire Emblem Three Fates
You can choose your house in Fire Emblem Three Houses and it’s an important choice. This guide will help you figure out What House To Choose In Fire Emblem Three Houses by listing all of the different characters in each house as well as their starting classes and strengths.

There are three different houses in Fire Emblem Three Houses, go figure. Each comes with its own battalion of interesting characters, abilities and challenges to overcome. We’ve broken down each of the three houses to show what characters are in what houses and what abilities they bring to the fray.

What House To Choose In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Unlike many of Fire Emblems Three Houses choices and consequences, the decision of which house to choose is not a right/wrong decision. It will drastically impact your experience through the game as while you can later recruit students from other houses, the house leader and at least one other character cannot be recruited to other houses.

Below is a breakdown of every character in each of the three houses. We list the characters base starting class, their strengths and details on their abilities. Try to find a house with skills and abilities that suit your personal play style. Failing that, pick the one with the coolest characters (that’s totally Blue Lions by the way).

Choose Black Eagles

Character NameAbilityClassStrengths
EdelgardImperial Lineage1.2 XP MultiplierNobleSword, Axe, Authority, Heavy Armor
HubertOfficer DutyGrants Mt+5 With GambitsNobleBow, Magic, Authority
FerdinandConfidenceGrants Hit/Avo +15 when at full HPNobleSword, Spear, Axe, Mounted
LinhardtCatnapRecovers 10% HP if no action givenNobleMagic, Healing
CasparBorn FighterAdjacent foes suffer -10 Avo during combatNobleAxe, Brawler
BernadettaPersecution ComplexGrants Atk+5 when unit is not full HPNobleSpear, Bow
DorotheaSongstressAdjacent allies recover up to 10% max hp each turnNobleSword, Magic
PetraHunters BoonGrants Crit +20 when foes HP is under 50%CommonerSword, Axe, Bow, Pegasus Knight

Choose Blue Lions

Character NameAbilityClassStrengths
DimitriRoyal Lineage1.2 XP MultiplierNobleSword, Spear, Authority
DedueStaunch ShieldIf unit takes no action, def+4 for one turnCommonerSpear, Axe, Brawler, Heavy Armor
FelixLone WolfUnits deals 5 extra damage with no battalionNobleSword, Bow, Brawler
AsheLockpickAllows units to open doors without keysCommonerAxe, Bow
SylvainPhilandererIf female is adjacent, unit deals more damage and takes lessNobleSpear, Axe, Mounted
MercedesLive To ServeWhen healing unit with white magic, unit recovers the sameCommonerWhite Magic, Magic
AnnettePerseveranceUse Rally to grant +4 str to allyNobleAxe, Magic, Authority
IngridLady KnightGrats mt+3 and Hit +5 with gambitsCommonerSword, Spear, Mounted, Pegasus Knight

Choose Golden Deer

Character NameAbilityClassStrengths
ClaudeLeicester Lineage1.2 XP MultiplierNobleSword, Bow, Authority, Pegasus Knight
LorenzDistinguished HouseUnit deals 2 additional damage while in formationNobleSpear, Magic, Mounted
RaphaelGoody BasketChance to recover 10% of max HP each turnCommonerAxe, Brawler, Heavy Armor
IgnatzWatchful EyeGrants Hit +20CommonerSword, Bow, Authority
LysitheaMastermindDoubles skill experience earned in battleNobleMagic, Healing, Authority
MarianneAnimal FriendUnit recovers 20% Max HP at start of each turn when next to cavalryNobleSword, Healing, Mounted, Pegasus Knight
HildaAdvocateAdjacent male allies deal 3 extra damageNobleSpear, Axe
LeonieRivalryIf male ally is adjacent, deals more and takes less damageCommonerSpear, Bow, Mounted
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