What Skill To Pick First In The Division 2

What Skill To Pick First In The Division 2
At the start of The Division 2, you’re able to unlock a single skill. This guide will explain the basics of each skill so you know What Skill To Pick First In The Division 2. While initially you’re only able to unlock one skill, you do receive additional skill points as you progress so more skills become available.

Each skill that you can unlock in The Division 2 has different levels. Each level of skill adds different abilities to that specific skill. However, in this guide we will be covering just the choice at the start which is the very basic level of each skill you can unlock.

What Skill To Pick First In The Division 2

The pulse acts as a scanner. It highlights enemies on your HUD

Self explanatory. You place a turret that automatically targets and shoots at hostiles.

Works similar to a land mine. If you can lure an enemy close, it launches multiple projectiles.

Chem Launcher
The first level of the Chem Launcher launches a small cloud of healing gas that heals both health and armor.

The Firefly is an automatically controlled Drone that blinds enemies.

Seeker Mine
The Seeker mine is a small drone you drop on the floor. It automatically tracks hostiles and explodes when in close proximity.

The Striker drone automatically tracks targets and fires on hostiles. High rate of fire, low rate of damage.

You can block enemy fire as you walk around using a shield. You can only use sidearms while the shield is equipped.

There is no right or wrong choice with What Skill To Pick First In The Division 2. Pick whatever compliments your play style, and choose based on your allies abilities, if you’re playing with friends. For example, Johnny was using a shotgun so I went with the Chem Launcher to heal him as he got up close with enemies.

What skill did you pick first?

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