What’s In The Lockers – Yakuza Kiwami Guide

What's In The Lockers - Yakuza Kiwami Guide
A new feature introduced to Yakuza in Yakuza Kiwami is the Lockers. Scattered throughout the city you find Locker Keys that are used to open Lockers. This Yakuza Kiwami Guide lists the contents of every single locker so you can look for items that you may need to complete quests or help you put the beat down on your enemies.

The rewards for the boxes are not random. Each one contains the same reward each play through. Many of the items are used for selling, others help with mini-games or provide weapons for you to battle with.


A1 – Medieval Silver Coin
A2 – Buddhist Statue
A3 – Dinosaur Fossil
A4 – Clay Figurine
A5 – Meteor Fragment


B1 – Sacrifice Stone
B2 – Brass Knuckles
B3 – Scotch Whisky
B4 – All Ones Charm
B5 – Medieval Painting


C1 – Dagger
C2 – Dagger
C3 – 1-2-3 Gum
C4 – Trips Yokan
C5 – Staminan Spark


D1 – Binding
D2 – Bloody Binding
D3 – Fighters Binding
D4 – Metal Jacket
D5 – Springy Arm Guards


E1 – Gentlemans Umbrella
E2 – Tauriner Maxiumum
E3 – Piss Mountain Stone
E4 – Even Goro’s Beads
E5 – Cool Striker (Pocket Circuit Car)


F1 – Golden Blackjack
F2 – Repair Kit
F3 – Lopsided Cigarette
F4 – Bankers Piece
F5 – Toughness Infinity


G1 – Blackjack
G2 – Players Piece
G3 – Blackjack Amulet
G4 – Bust Amulet
G5 – Stone of Enduring


H1 – Stun Gun
H2 – Black Jewel
H3 – Royal Joker Card
H4 – Lucky Hanafuda Card
H5 – Ruby Plate


I1 – Zero Jewel
I2 – Lucky Tile
I3 – Modified Model Gun
I4 – Marble Sphere
I5 – 10-10-1 Charm


J1 – Metal Bat
J2 – Metal Frame
J3 – Give Up Piece
J4 – Diamond Plate
J5 – Charismatic Photo

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