Where & How To Fish In RE: Legend

Where & How To Fish In RE Legend
Fishing is a fun and rewarding mini-game in RE: Legend but it’s not explained well. This Where & How To Fish In RE: Legend guide will tell you everything you need to know for where to find fish and how to catch them in the game.

You receive a fishing rod right at the start of the game, and you don’t require any bait in RE: Legend. Awesome, right? However, despite receiving the rod very early, you are not able to fish until you follow the main story far enough so that you’re able to leave the town and enter the Coastal map.

Where & How To Fish In RE: Legend

Although both the town and Coastal map are awash with bodies of water, you cannot fish in most of them. In RE: Legend, you are only able to fish in very specific locations. Obviously you need water, but there also has to be a fish visible in the area and the fishing icon above your head.

Fishing Location #1
Fishing Location #1
This first one is on Puffy Path. You must complete the story quest to stop the two sides fighting. Once that is complete you can access this area. Check the body of water on the Western edge of Puffy Path.
Fishing Location #2
Fishing Location #2
You can find the second location at Pincer Patch, East of the Campsite. On the far Eastern edge of the area there is a body of water. You can fish there.

There are, of course, more fishing areas to discover as you progress but introducing you to these first two should give you enough information to identify future fishing spots as you progress. Once you have found the fish, it’s as simple as equipping a rod and casting it into the water. If you’re struggling with the mini-game, check out our guide on how to catch fish in RE: Legend.

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