Where To Claim DLC Items In Dragon Age 2

Where To Claim DLC Items In Dragon Age 2

Alright I’ve been asked this a few times by a few different people that see me playing Dragon Age 2 on my console. Where do I get my DLC items in Dragon Age 2? Even I was curious about where to pick them up when I started. Minor spoilers ahead!

Dragon Age 2 has a prologue of sorts before you get to the main setting called Kirkwall. After completing it you are thrown into the very beginning of Kirkwall which has almost no exploration. You side with someone and complete a couple quests then a year passes. This is when the real Dragon Age 2 begins. You will have a set main quest you must do to continue the game but for now you can explore the city and its outskirts.

First thing you will want to do is visit you Uncle Gamlin’s house and check the chest there. Where do I get my dlc items for Dragon Age 2? Well right here of course and if your like me you should have plenty. One for beating the Dragon Age 2 demo, Two things for a million people playing the demo, and whatever your DLC was you got with the game. If you bought Dead Space 2 you will also get a set of armor from that. Also if you want a free staff go and sign up for the official newsletter here http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/info/parthalan/ and get a belt for signing up for the Penny Arcade one as well.


Enjoy the game and happy hunting!

  • jack

    1 thing is i got blood dragon armour in dragon age: origins and 1 dlc for dragon age 2 is “have the blood dragon armour in dragon age: origins” but i have not received the item… help?

  • Did you have the data still on the system? It should be in the chest if you have it unlocked.

  • Larry

    This was exactly what I was lookingh for. I am very glad that I found this blog it was most interesting and very insightful.


  • I am playing Dragon Age 2 for the second time and i have been leveling up my char to the best i can. I have been using the Rogue Char, but ii can’t seem to find all the armor and weapons that i have been told about. i would like to know if there is a guide that i can download to help with this process. I am deployed over seas and the internet is very slow when it does work. I would like some help if you are able to give any. Thank you for the time. Merillat