Where To Claim Your DLC Items In Red Dead Redemption 2

Where To Claim Your DLC Items In Red Dead Redemption 2
For anyone who has DLC items for Red Dead 2, you might be wondering where you get them. Check out this article to find out where to claim your DLC items in Red Dead Redemption 2. Wouldn’t want to miss out on your free items.

Where To Claim Your DLC Items In Red Dead 2

Just making a quick note here, I had a review code so I got to play early. Because of this I don’t know when EVERYTHING unlocks because I didn’t gain access to these items until the game launched. I know where they are though, so I will add them.

There are multiple items you will have access to AFTER you complete the tutorial. This means AFTER you leave the snowy mountain. The clothes are in Arthurs chest at his tent, they are already made outfits so check there. The food, cash and healing items will be given to you when you go to the first camp out of the snow. The horse is a bit more tricky. It is in the town of Valentine at the stables. The stables cannot be accessed until you go there with Hosea during a hunting mission, it is pretty early outside the tutorial. When you get into the stables you have to select buy horses to see them. They are free so don’t worry. I had the ultimate edition so I had two horses, the special edition only has one.

Horse DLC Red Dead 2

The one thing I am not sure about is when you can get the guns. I know there is a mission where you go into the gun store to buy a gun but the gun store is also open right away. The guns you get for pre order will be free I know that much, I just don’t know if they are open as soon as you get to Valentine.

If you look through the window in that back room, you see 3 NPCs (2 outlaw types) doing some money laundering activity. Hold up the store or intimidate the store keeper to taking you to the back room. After you clear it of the NPCs, the golden revolver will be right there on the table (in the same box you found it in GTAO)

On the hatchet: it’s located at an Indian burial ground NW of Elizabeth and due north of a big lake to west of Elizabeth. There is a huge cross like symbol on the ground made from stones at the site. So you can’t miss it. The hatchet will be right there in the open. Thanks to Skyrim4Ever for the comment.

The big one I am missing currently is the treasure map. It isn’t in my bag and people online are also searching for it. I am trying to figure it out but if you know where it is, drop us a comment.

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