Where To Find Aluminum Scraps In Fallout 76

Where To Find Aluminum In Fallout 76
Aluminum is a very valuable resource material that you need for many crafting recipes. This guide will tell you Where To Find Aluminum Scraps In Fallout 76 so you can get to repairing your weapons, crafting new tools and increasing your stockpile of Aluminum.

Like most of the crafting materials in Fallout 76, there are many different ways to obtain a lot of Aluminum. You can trade with various trade bots, scavenge certain items and dismantle others, there’s a lot of different ways. However, there is a more guaranteed way to get some Aluminum if you’re stockpile is a little short.

Where To Find Aluminum In Fallout 76

Where To Find Aluminum In Fallout 76 Location
Robotic enemies are one of the best sources of Aluminum in Fallout 76. Well, not always enemies as the nearly defenseless Mr Farmhand’s provide a fantastic source of Aluminum and they can be taken out with a single swipe of a melee weapon.

Mr Farmhands can be found in various locations but if you’re following the story quests of Fallout 76, there’s a particular area you can search where you will find plenty. The Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center, South of Vault 76, has a number of Mr Farmhand’s in the area that you can destroy and salvage for Aluminum. There is also an event here which causes even more to spawn.

That’s Where To Find Aluminum Scraps In Fallout 76.

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