Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy

Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy
World of Final Fantasy comes with an exciting array of unique and special items for those that pre-ordered the game or purchased the Day One Edition, although they’re not available as soon as you might expect. This Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy will tell you where you have to go and how far you have to progress to find all of your pre-order or DLC items for World of Final Fantasy.

Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy

If you pre-ordered World of Final Fantasy or picked up the special Day One Edition you’re treated to a variety of special items that you can use in-game. These include:

  • Cactuar Johnny
  • Crimson Armor
  • Sephiroth Summon
  • Red Bonnetberry
  • White Chocobo
  • Glow Moogle

While some of these, Crimson Armor, may appear to be items or things you can equip early on, they are not. With the exception of the Sephiroth Summon, which is actually a summon, the rest of the items are all exclusive to the World of Final Fantasy Coliseum. You unlock this after a couple of hours of game time, you can’t miss it. A Tonberry will appear and introduce you to the Coliseum. Likewise with the Sephiroth summon, it is not available until you’re introduced to the Girl Who Forgot Her Name. Both of these are integral parts of the main story so you cannot miss them. If you’re still looking to find your DLC items just push through a couple of dungeons and you’ll get there.

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  • Jonathan Templeton

    Not related to the specific guide, but the Cerberus in the picture; is there a special way to capture it? I must have fought it for close to 40 minutes, continually prismtunity’ing it (with the 3 elemental spells it requires) and keeping it at 1hp, the capture failed close to a hundred times. Is it just that low of a chance or is there something to improve it?

    • If you’ve already got to the point where the Prismtunity is available, it’s just a splash of luck from there. I just caught the Phoenix in 1 try whereas a turtle took me about 20 minutes >.<

      I do think certain status ailments help. Sleep seems to do well. I've got a guide covering most of the Mirages in the game so far, may help you out further down the line 😀


      Also, be sure to use the R1 button to speed up battles in case you haven't been using it. Makes the Prism spam easier 😀

  • What about the Japanese VO? I can’t enable it in the config menu.

    • disqusit

      You get a code with your first edition artbook or case. Claim that code with PS code claims and you’ll get the option to download it.

      • yeah actually It’s already downloaded and installed along with the other addons. I have a notification of it but I still can’t turn on the Japanese VO.

        • Pearacidic

          You have to enable it from the title menu. If you’ve downloaded it, that’s where the toggle is under config.

          • Oh yeah It shows a blank list in the DLC menu. must be with the connection?

          • Pearacidic

            Its at the bottom of the game options at the bottom of the config options on the title screen. Hitting up is a faster way to get to it.

          • Yeah and I can’t toggle it. It stays at “off”. Never mind I’ll just play it in English. I got the limited edition for Sephiroth anyway. No biggie.

          • Pearacidic
          • I did everything I can to troubleshoot. I have the option and I CAN put it in Japanese but I can’t turn the Voiced Dialogue ON, my mistake for not clarifying it. Also, whenever I press left it stays at OFF and there’s an error sound.

            Here’s what I did:
            1. bought the game (disc) and put it in my ps4
            2. redeemed the code, the DLCs started downloading (including the JP VO)
            3. after it finished downloading, I started the game, a popup appeared telling me that all the DLCs were installed
            4. and now I can’t turn ON the japanese Voiced Dialogue in the config menu.
            5. played for a bit and I can confirm that the other DLCs were installed just fine. Just the JP VO is not working.

  • Rik’kia Alexander

    I unlocked the coliseum and the girl who forgot her name, yet I still don’t have Sephiroth or any of the other bonuses. I have been playing with the Japanese VO since day one though

  • Oggy

    How do i know if any of the DLC is installed

  • Benjamin Trosclair

    My Sephiroth summon disappeared after having not played for a few months…