Where To Find EXP Share In Temtem

Where To Find EXP Share In Temtem
EXP share is an item you can find while you are exploring Temtem. Check out this guide to find out where to find EXP share in Temtem. With this, you can have Temtem you aren’t using in battle get Exp as if they were fighting.

Where To Find The Cowards Cloak In Temtem

The EXP share item in Temtem is called the Coward’s Cloak. In order to get this, you will have to have the surfboard. When you have the surfboard, return to the fort where you rescued Sophia and head to the third basement floor. This is the floor with the cells in it and some water you can surf on. Surf out on the water and exit the west exit in the water and you will be outside.

Cowards Cloak Location Temtem

You will want to head to this little patch of land here on the map. You will need to do four fights before you can get the chest there. In that chest you will find the Coward’s Cloak (EXP share). You need to equip it on a Temtem and it will gain Exp as if it was fighting.

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