Where To Find Gears In Fallout 76

Where To Find Gears In Fallout 76
Gears are one of the most important components in Fallout 76. Gears can be used to create new power armor pieces and build base parts. Check out this guide to find out where to find gears in Fallout 76.

Where To Find Gears In Fallout 76

The gears are most easily found from the Mole Miners creatures that inhabit mines around the game. They are durable and hit hard, but their outfits have gears and titanium attached to them. You can find them in a few spots on the map but we have found them consistently here on the map. Enter the mines to find more of them as well. You want to loot the Miner Suit Scrap from the Mole Miners, that has the gears and black titanium on them.

Fallout 76 gear locations 1

Fallout 76 gear locations 2

You can also find gears inside of desk fans, pocket watches and wrenches so be sure to grab them. Check back soon for more Fallout 76 guides.

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